57 Kevin Gates Quotes About Music, Success & Life

I love Kevin Gates because he talks about a lot of different songs and he’s fun, he’s a rapper, and he has a lot of crazy stories.

Kevin Gates is an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur. He’s currently signed to Dead Game Records and Atlantic Records, and has his own record label called Bread Winners’ Association.

His first official studio album, Islah, was released in January 2016. He also had a number of mixtapes, 3 of which peaked in the top 40 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Kevin Gates has a successful music career, and we know it! He talks about it in this collection of quotes, as well as his style, the music industry, and life in general.

57 Kevin Gates Quotes

Gates also spoke about how he was signed with Atlantic Records in 2011, stating that he had an album on the way; however, Atlantic Records abruptly dropped him without any official explanation.

It is important to be able to take the blame for your life. When you are upset, ask yourself, “What is my reaction telling me about me?” and “What does this tell me about me?” It is often true that when you blame someone else or complain about your circumstances, you are really only blaming yourself.

He said that he doesn’t care about the sales and only cares about the music. He doesn’t really care about making money.

Kevin Gates said that he went through “psychiatric evaluation” when he was growing up and he discovered that he has unresolved grief. He also discussed the experience of finding out that you are not having bipolar disorder, which may be related to unresolved grief.

The artist said he has no other outlet for his emotions besides music. Music is his therapy. It helps him get rid of his emotional issues.

He says he gets depressed when he’s not performing. If you’re depressed by the things that’s going on in your life, it’s still part of your life and you still have to deal with it. His music is a way for him to keep things going.

The ones that hate you most are usually the ones you know.

You can’t become successful without being proactive and looking out for your best interests.

Kevin Gates’ is one of the most lyrically gifted MC’s of this generation, and there is no doubt that he is one of the most “Money” MC’s in Hip Hop today. He is also a very skilled lyricist, capable of delivering his lyrics with grace, dexterity and precision. His rap is filled with metaphors, double-meanings and complex concepts. These are some of the things we picked out of Kevin’s lyrics.

I don’t know this guy but I hope he is a major artist.

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Being successful in life requires a clear understanding of why you’re successful.
Without understanding why you’re successful, then you can’t appreciate what you’re lacking.

People are always searching for something to fulfill them. They look for fulfillment in money, love, power, and status. But if all they want is to receive love, money, power, and status, they will never be truly fulfilled.

Kevin Gates admitted that his life is very interesting to a lot of people. He said that his life is so interesting that there is a lot of people that interview him about his life and the things that he does. He stated that he is growing and maturing. This is because of the things that he had to overcome. In that growth and the maturity he realized that the people who interview him do not have similar lifestyles to his.

Kevin Gates was getting lots of jobs for a while and he claimed that he didn’t get tired from it.

I live by the ten percent rule, I would rather lose a thousand than one.

I’m a big skeptic so I won’t just go off what an individual may tell me. I gotta do the research. I’ma get different literature on that one subject and just compare and contrast. I do my own selective studies.

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“I stand alone.”
“I stand alone.”
“I stand alone.”
“I stand alone.”
Kevin Gates has been touring for a while. There’s a bit of a gap between when he finished his 2015 album Let That Shit Fall: The Album and when this interview was shot. Let That Shit Fall: The Album came out in April 2016. A year and a half later, the interviewer asks him about his life.

Change is constant in life, but a lot of people choose to stay the same.

In a conversation with GQ, Kevin Gates says that music is the best form of releasing his depression. This statement has been controversial as well as it is being said for a while now. However, Kevin says in the video that when they are in one of their darkest times, he uses his guitar and recorder as a form of therapy.

I’m currently reading a book called ” The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” by Mark Manson and I’m liking it a lot. It’s a book centered around the idea of being “free to give” instead of being “free to receive.” I think it’s an extremely important point. To help me focus even more on the idea of “giving” and “not giving.” I’ve been thinking about “giving” a lot lately.

Kevin Gates started rapping at the age of twelve, and by the time he was 17, he was signed to Atlantic Records. His first album, I Don’t Like…
He continued to release a series of albums, which allowed him to share his experiences and the world that he grew up in, along with his experiences of being an artist.

The most powerful thing about music is that it gives you the ability to think positively and gives you the energy to think positively.

Kevin Gates is a former gangster member from Detroit, Michigan. He has been in jail numerous times and was recently convicted for murder and armed robbery.

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Gates has said he finds himself inspired by things that go on around him, like how his family and friends have shaped him or the struggles faced by those he’s seen.

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In his new album, Kevin Gates goes back to his hip-hop roots and drops this song. You can tell by his accent that he’s still from the New Orleans.

28. The best friendships and relationships are based on love. This is one of the main reasons I enjoy spending time with people. The other reasons are honesty, loyalty, respect, and the ability to be open and genuine.

You’re not perfect, and you’re not a perfectionist, so why do you need to be perfect?! You’re a great rapper and you’re a great person.

In his song “Dope on Them Bitch,” from his third studio album, See No More, Gates explains that music is part of his therapy and how he deals with everyday stress and grief.

Kevin Gates is a rapper living in Baltimore, Maryland who has been rapping for a long time. His debut album The Luca Brasi Story: The Godfather’s Guide, was released in February 2015 via Babygrande Records.

Kevin Gates says that his daily conversation at the time of starting a rap career consisted of hustle. He said he was sick and tired of struggle because he couldn’t make it as a popular rapper.

I feel like Kevin Gates is trying to say that despite dreaming of a better life, he still stays in the bad neighborhood that he grew up in.

To me, the definition of life would be if you can be self-sufficient. I can make a meal, I can make an outfit, but if I actually need to have a meal and have an outfit, that’s a bonus that I got. That’s a bonus for me. I’m good with that.

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There is a great deal of literature, both ancient and modern, which describes or analyzes the rise and fall of empires.

Physical activity is really important for overall health, then it’s extra important with psychological activity.

Kevin Gates doesn’t give anyone reasons to hate him, nor does he ask anyone to believe anything. His words are the opposite of idle: They are meant to inform and to be believed.

Gates is a rapper that I’ve been listening to since he was an MC in the Game Over and Ill Always Love U series. He’s also very honest about his mental health struggles and in the same interview he talked about how the bipolar disorder started when he was 19. For me, that’s just another example of how he’s dealing with his condition and how he views it.

Gates isn’t afraid to make fun of himself. He’s also not afraid to be himself. His songs don’t necessarily sound like any other rapper’s. They are more like the type of music he grew up listening to. He has a passion for what he does, and he’s not afraid to speak it.

Kevin Gates has never been what society wants.
Not only has he made a lot of money, but he has also been imprisoned several times. This
made him an outsider.
Kevin Gates is not a celebrity. He does not do drugs. He is not a sex symbol. He is a real person. He is one of many people who have experienced difficulties in their lives.

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Knowledge is available to those who need it, and only to those who need it.

46. You can take a look at it through our eyes. You can take it from my perspective. And then you can take it from an artist’s perspective.

As a rapper, you can tell if your fans have different energy depending on where you are. The vibe at a concert is different than the vibe at your album release party. The vibe at the club is different than the vibe at your house.

As I listen to Kevin Gates rap, it’s amazing to hear how much this record is about his relationship with his mother. It’s also interesting to me that he uses this in every single song. The last two, which I’ll do in this episode, are different from the rest, but I’m guessing the raps in the others will be about the same. The other thing I notice is that there’s some song samples in the middle of the last two songs. This is all I have on the topic for now, but this is going to be a good show.

Success is free, but I’d rather take my losses than have no wins.

You can’t make everybody else happy and still stay on top. You can’t go hard all the time if you wanna be the best.

Kevin Gates is locked in the studio, so he doesn’t get to see people who once rejected him. And even if he does see them, he wouldn’t even think of interacting with them, because he’s so focused on his music right now that he’ll ignore their existence entirely.

Kevin Gates is an American hip-hop artist and a member of the rap duo The Outlawz. He was raised in North Carolina by his grandmother. When he was 13 he joined a local gang and in the following two years he was forced to commit a number of robberies. He had a rough upbringing, but he says he managed to survive because he “read the Quran, Kabalah, and the Bible, and it brought me back on the straight and narrow.” The three basic principles mentioned by Gates are the same ones stated in the Quran, the Torah, and the New Testament.

If you’re afraid of anyone finding out your secrets, then you’re afraid of your self. And if you fear your self, then you cannot be happy.

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He is also inspired by various things that go on around him and pays attention to the details that most people don’t notice.

The best rappers always have a different style from the rest of the pack.

So, while I agree that the first two lines, the ones you quoted, are pretty damn good, the paraphrased one is pretty damn bad.


The problem here is, your paraphrase is quite simply, wrong.
The correct paraphrase is that he is making a political statement.

The idea of growth and maturity will always be important to anyone in hip hop. When it comes to a lyrical standpoint, it’s about knowing the audience and being able to relate to the people you’re talking to. At the same time, one thing you can’t lose in hip hop is the ability to use metaphors. The ability to understand the metaphor and take it to another level is something that everyone should be able to do.

And I’ve been listening to Kevin Gates as I write this, and I’m not sure I have an adequate grasp on that concept yet because it’s so foreign. I can’t really imagine what it would be like to be someone who I didn’t have to care about in order to be comfortable with them, because they can’t get comfortable with themselves.

Kevin Gates Motivational Video


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