Kenworth Vs. Freightliner: See What Differentiates Both Trucks

There are diverse heavy-duty truck brands out there. But Kenworth and Freightliner have made a name for themselves in the market. Both truck-producing companies have churned out a considerable amount of high-quality and well-designed trucks since inception.  

One major similarity between Kenworth and Freightliner is that both are U.S-based truck manufacturing companies. Kenworth Trucks, Inc. was established in 1923 by Louis Gerlinger, Jr. and George T. Gerlinger. 

On the other hand, Freightliner was established in 1942 by Leland James. So, both companies have been around for decades. Thus, they have tremendous experience in the truck-making business and a solid reputation.

Nevertheless, truck buying is a huge investment. So, there’s a need for potential buyers to ask all the necessary questions before splashing the cash. 

This post discusses the differences between Kenworth and Freightliner. Read to know more about both brands. 

Kenworth Vs. Freightliner Differences

Trucks are trucks, though some could boast multiple functions. But the basic thing is that a quality truck should be able to handle tasks thrown at it. 

When comparing trucks, the primary difference that comes to mind is space. It’s safe to say that some trucks have more room than others. But that’s not the only comparison.

Let’s discuss the comparison between the Kenworth and Freightliner.  

The Kenworth Trucks

For over 92 years, Kenworth has been manufacturing heavy-duty trucks. The company claims it uses the latest applications and technology to produce trucks, making their trucks a much better option than many brands on the market.

So, what are those features that set Kenworth trucks apart? Let’s figure it out. 

Special consideration for the driver: 

Kenworth highway trucks often come with sleeper cabs for lengthy trips. And they are primarily aerodynamic. A good example is the Kenworth T680 model. 

The sleeper cabs usually have enough room for the driver to stay comfortable throughout the trip. Additionally, the truck’s installed navigation system is Google enabled. And this technology makes the navigation system a breeze to use.

The latest Kenworth models have what every modern truck should have and look like. And there’s no doubt that the trucks could be in vogue for many years.

Why does the Kenworth truck spot a futuristic look? Well, it’s mainly because of the navigation system, tech advancement, and overall interior design. 

The truck even boasts pre-installed management software. Click here for more. Divers can even keep tabs on fuel usage, time for maintenance, etc. 

Cost of Maintenance: 

The Kenworth truck is so technically advanced that drivers can discover issues with their trucks while driving. The trucks also allow web-based diagnosis even while the truck is in motion. 

After finding out the issue, the driver can now take the truck to any dealerships within the country. 

A Handy Tip: You can check for the nearest dealership to your location with the pre-installed repair and maintenance app. 

Power train/ Engine: 

Kenworth Trucks use a PACCAR powertrain to make their trucks work effectively. The engines, axles, and the transmission all work together effectively, thanks to the PACCAR Powertrain. 

The trucks’ engines get tested multiple times for any underlying issue. Additionally, Kenworth trucks can handle heavy loads and minimize fuel consumption, making maintenance quite pocket-friendly. 

Fuel mileage: 

Kenworth engineers have tested and noted that their trucks’ fuel mileage is 7.69 miles per gallon. And a Kenworth T680 can hold up to 100 gallons of fuel.    

Safety feature: 

Safety is a crucial factor to consider when buying an automobile. The driver’s or passenger’s life depends heavily on the truck’s safety features. 

Like every other truck manufacturing company, Kenworth always seeks ways to improve their trucks’ safety apparatus. And the hard work seems to be paying off. 

The T680 and T880, for example, feature the radar-based safety system. This technology offers cruise control, collision mitigation, including forwarding collision warnings.   

Is Kenworth popular? 

Yes, Kenworth trucks are famous around the globe. However, they’re not as popular as the Freightliner in the United States. Freightliners are loved because they’re more aerodynamically efficient.  

The Freightliner Trucks

Freightliner is another top truck-making company, and they’re one of Kenworth’s biggest rivals. They have been in the truck-making business for over 75 years now and haven’t shown any sign of slowing down. 

Like Kenworth, Freightliner boasts trucks for different types of demanding jobs. And this ranges from heavy-duty to medium-duty trucks.    

On-highway trucks: 

It’s interesting to note that Freightliner’s on-highway trucks come with crew cabs, sleeper cabs, and day cabs options. They also boast a unique design that allows the truck to carry different types of loads for longer trips. 

Severe duty trucks: 

As the name suggests, severe-duty trucks can pack a severe punch. These trucks literally enjoy hauling more oversized loads, as they can handle up to 33,001 pounds. 

Medium duty: 

Generally, medium-duty trucks are flexible and versatile. You can use them for truck and tractor loads. Additionally, these trucks are ideal for light to medium-sized loads. And they’re the best option for small businesses. 

The Freightliner’s M2 106 can haul up to 66,000 pounds of load. 

Now, let’s check out some Freightliner. 

Fuel mileage: 

A test carried out on the Freightliner Cascadia transporting cargo weighing 76,000 shows how fuel-efficient the company’s trucks are. The truck recorded 10 miles per gallon. So, in terms of fuel efficiency, Freightliner trucks are a much better option. 

Fuel type: 

The day cab and sleeper cab edition of the on-highway Freightliner trucks can use other fueling options. They can also use natural gas. 

Now, this feature is a huge plus, as it would not only conserve fuel but allow the truck to leave a reduced carbon imprint. 

Safety feature: 

Freightliner has also made several improvements in the area of safety. For example, the Freightliner Cascadia Evolution boasts adaptive cruise control, active brake assist, optional side object detection, and lane departure warning. 

Cost of maintenance: 

The cost of maintenance is a crucial factor to consider when buying a truck. That’s because trucks travel long distances and haul heavy loads. 

However, Freightliner trucks are not only reasonably priced compared to a range of options out there. Maintaining Freightliner trucks is also lighter on the wallet. 

So, Freightliner trucks are one of the cheapest to operate.  

Company With The Highest Yearly Sales Between Kenworth And Freightliner 

For over ten years, Freightliner has consistently recorded more sales than Kenworth trucks. 

In 2018, Freightliner sold about 100,000 in a year, while Kenworth made about 38,000 truck sales. 

Currently, Freightliner is leading the class 8 truck market in the United States. 

Why Are Freightliner Recording More Yearly Sales? 

Kenworth trucks are famous for having some of the best truck designs. Their trucks’ designs are top class and among the most sought after.

Some other trucks are popular for their usage of alternative fuels—for example, Peterbilt trucks. 

Freightliners are popular for several things that truckers find appealing. Plus, the company takes pride in churning out job-grade trucks. Any of the Freightliner models can handle a wide range of jobs. 

Freightliner trucks rank high on the list of fuel-efficient, cost-effective, and well-designed trucks. 

Considering all these, Freightliner appears to be one of the best and most practical choices for truckers. Their trucks are aerodynamically efficient. 

Additionally, the Freightliner Cascadia is one of the most recognized trucks on the highway. 

Kenworth T680 Vs. Freightliner Cascadia 

The Kenworth T680 model and the Freightliner Cascadia are amongst the most popular models from both manufacturers. However, the 2021 Kenworth T680 cost about $150,000 to- $170,000. 

The T680 boasts a unique combination of effective PACCAR, fantastic craftsmanship, an aerodynamic design, and luxury. 

It’s one of the most popular Kenworth trucks and one of the most advanced trucks made by the company. 

On the other hand, the Freightliner Cascadia costs about $132,000 to $150,000. The Freightliner Cascadia is one of the most advanced on-highway trucks on the market. And the truck is driver-friendly. 

The truck’s comfortability, fuel efficiency, easy maintenance, versatility, and price point put them on the list of best trucks for the money. 


Truck drivers have their preferred truck manufacturers and so do business owners. The varying choices are often based on personal preferences and a tiny difference in truck features. 

This article unraveled the differences and similarities between Kenworth and Freightliner. They’re both American-based truck makers. However, Freightliner boasts better MPG (mileage per gallon) than Kenworth. It’s also easy to operate and has reasonable price points.    

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