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Forbes: We don’t know her net worth, but the site is funded by the company, and the founders seem to be fairly well off.


As of today, Blippi’s wealth is $16 million.

His YouTube channel has over 200 million views (as of September 2019).

The Blippi videos are educational and appeal to young children. John portrays Blippi with a childlike, energetic and curious persona dressed in his blue and orange beanie cap, blue shirt, orange suspenders, and a bow tie.

Blippi – Key Facts

Early Life 

He is an extremely talented artist and has been awarded scholarships at the University of California, the University of Idaho, the University of Montana, and the Savannah College of Art and Design.


After military service, Blippi became a truck driver and later opened his own business driving trucks. In 2000, he took advantage of the economy and transitioned his business career by becoming a professional truck driver.

John had just moved to the United States and his nephew was fascinated by a video showing him dancing at the local soft play centre. He had asked him to record his voice and he had. Inspired by his nephew’s enthusiasm, John decided to create an animated series aimed at children.

John is a self-taught filmmaker, graphic designer and content creator. Although he is no longer in school, he is an avid reader and follows his passions on the internet.

The team would eventually expand from just Blippi to create a franchise with a dedicated website, toys, and more. Blippi has appeared on Nickelodeon and the Spanish channel Animax. Blippi has also been released in over 60 countries, appearing on VH1’s Top 20 Videos of All Time list.

Most of the net worth is from his businesses.


Blippi rose to prominence with his music videos which were posted on YouTube and have received over 20 million views. Blippi also has an official music channel which has more than 3,000,000 subscribers and he has also received 3 Grammy nominations and 2 Music Video Game Awards.

Favorite Quotes From Blippi 

“I feel like most of the things we do are [to entertain]. But I think that there’s a lot of hidden learning in them. I’m trying to teach kids to make better decisions by saying there’s a lot more to them and they can do more than just be entertained so that they can have something to fall back on and they can learn something while they’re doing it.” – Blippi.

“I am good at many things”, but the most important thing I know is the power of sharing love and excitement with children.

There’s a lot of discussion about this quote, and whether or not the author was actually saying that. For example, Blippi’s response :
[Response]: “There are two answers”, and “No, he is not”.

Watch as Blippi the monkey takes a trip through one of his favorite quotes or songs.

3 Life Lessons From Blippi 

In life, you need to treat people the same as you want to be treated. This way you will find success.

1. You Are Perfect 

2. Challenges 

Challenges are much nicer than problems.

3. Fear 

You never let fear control you. No matter what anyone tells you if you think you can do something you just get up and make it happen.

Blippi – Net Worth Over the Years


Blippi is a fun educational YouTube channel mainly doing kid-friendly content to help kids learn colors, shapes, numbers, letters, the alphabet and so much more. Its content consists of nursery rhymes, education songs and education videos.

Blippi is an extremely influential young male, who is very close to his fans and followers.

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