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The world is fast-paced. People are constantly looking for easier ways to do both difficult and easy things. So, if it is difficult, they want to make it easy. And if it is easy, they want to make it easier. 

Telecommunication has come a long way, making communication and the transfer of information easy. But then, with the tech advancement thus far, people still want more ease. And the good news is tech inventors and developers seem capable of providing more ease. 

Texting has evolved over the years. And now, you can send media files, and text messages to several people at the same time. 

Let’s delve deeper. 

How You Can Send More Than 10 Messages At The Same Time

For most Android users, the process is uncomplicated. Here are the easy steps:

  • Press the message icon to open text messages
  • In the “enter recipient box or space,” choose all the contacts you want to send and enter the recipient. 
  • Please write your message and then send it. 

For iPhone/iPad users:

It is possible to send group texts with your iPhone or iPad. 

You need to make sure your Apple device has the latest iOS or iPadOS versions. 

If you’re using your iPad, make sure you sign in to your iMessage with your Apple ID. Here are easy steps to follow when sending group texts:

  • Open message and press compose 
  • You can either enter the names of the people you want to message or add them from your contact list. 
  • Type your message and then send. 

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Other Ways To Send More Than 10 Messages At The Same Time? 

With technological advancement, a whole lot of things are possible. Think of it this way, one person’s limit is the other person’s starting point. With your normal SMS function, you can send at most a hundred messages at once (some devices are less than fifty). But with developers always anticipating our technological needs, there are ways to send messages without worrying about numbers. Yeah! 

There are more flexible and time-saving ways to send bulk messages. Here are some Android apps to help you send messages in bulk:

Bulk SMS plan:

The bulk SMS plan allows you to easily send messages to at most 5000 of your contacts. This plan gives you different features to choose from. 

One of the app’s strong points is creating SMS templates that You can reuse for different contact groups. The sending of messages is dependent on your internet connection. 

This feature allows you to send texts at once rather than in groups. The messages are sent speedily and instantly. The app can also sort through your contact so that somebody with multiple numbers does not get a message more than once on their different numbers. 

Its unique features include managing your sender ID, message templates, messages, and history reports. Also, it allows you to add customized URLs and audio to their messages. 

You can have access to the customized URL in the URL Shortner icon. While you can access the voice note feature in the “manage media” options. 

Other additional features include sending a quick SMS and monitoring the cost of sending SMS. You can easily track your balance on the dashboard. 

The bulk SMS app is available for free download, but sending bulk messages costs money. 

Multi SMS sender:

The multi SMS sender apps allow you to send messages to not more than 6000 people on your contact list at once. 

Unlike many of these bulk SMS apps, the multi SMS sender allows you to update the contact groups you create anytime. That is, you can delete or add contacts to the list anytime you want without hassle. It is a seamless process. 

This app is programmed to give you real-time updates. It shows you the details about your messages, the time you sent them, and the time the recipient got the message. It also includes personalization and signature features, allowing you to customize your messages. 

When you sign into the app, you can create contact groups and name the groups whatever you like. You can also send a message to all of the groups you created, or you can choose to send a message to a particular group. 

If you do not want to create contact groups, you can manually pick contacts to message. This option does not form a group but instead sends the message to the people you specify, for that instance. 

Bulk SMS sender:

Remember, with technology, one person’s limitation is another person’s starting point. Most apps can support sending messages to numbers on a spreadsheet (excel). But the app’s main purpose is to allow you to send messages to numbers on a spreadsheet. This function is technology doing what it knows how to do best- make your life easy. 

Bulk SMS Sender allows you to create your contact group, export it as an Excel file, and read contacts from Excel or text files. 

Its extra features include allowing you to save your excel spreadsheet contact list to Dropbox for later use, and allowing you to text from your computer. If you don’t want to send the SMS from your phone, you can make a link that lets you send messages from your computer.

Like the multi SMS sender, the bulk SMS sender keeps you updated on your messages in real-time. You can have concrete details on the time your messages were sent and when the recipients received them. You can also see the messages that got delivered successfully and those that failed. 

The app allows you to send your text message instantly. However, you can schedule an SMS to be sent later by putting it on scheduled auto-send. This feature reminds you to send messages at particular times, which is brilliant, especially if you send texts regularly.

Group messaging:

The group messaging interface discourages many people from using it. If you can get past the unappealing interface, then you might be able to send thousands of messages at once. 

When you create a contact group in the Group Messaging app, your message is routed through the default SMS app. It’s an uncomplicated option with a straightforward user interface. 

Like the other apps, your contact group can have a unique name. This name makes it simple to confirm that you’re sending the correct message to the correct group of contacts. You can also delete a group, remove a recipient from it, or add more numbers.

How To Send Messages To Multiple Contacts On Whatsapp 

To send messages to several people via WhatsApp isn’t difficult. You can get this done by creating a group chat and sending your messages so that every member of the group can see it. 

You can take a different approach if you don’t want the people in the same group. The other option is sending a WhatsApp broadcast, Aka WhatsApp Bc. 

There is also the option of forwarding to as many people as you want by manually selecting your contact. This process is tedious when you want to send a message to a large number of people. 

How To Create A Whatsapp Group Chat On Your Android Phone 

Group chats allow you to send multiple messages at once, the people added. The member’s group can respond to your messages at any time. You can consider having a broadcast list if you don’t want the people you’re sending messages to know that they have been added to a group. Here are the easy steps:

  • Open WhatsApp on your device. 
  • Tap the three dots at the top of the right side of your screen. 
  • Tap “new group.” Tapping this leads you to your contact list. 
  • Select the contacts you want to send messages to. Whatsapp allows you ads 256 contacts to a group. (this means that you can send messages to 256 people at once) 
  • After selecting, tap the green arrow to save your group list. 
  • Type your group name/title. The name/title cannot exceed 25 characters.
  • To finalize the process, tap the green tick to create a group. 
  • You can now send messages to the group.

How To Create A Whatsapp Group Chat For iPad Users 

  • Open WhatsApp on your Apple device 
  • Tap the chat icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. 
  • Press the new message icon at the top right corner of your screen. 
  • Then press “new group.” It is right below the search bar. 
  • Choose the contacts you want to add by just tapping the contact. 
  • After choosing the contacts, you want to add to the group, tap next. 
  • Then type a name or title for the group. 
  • Tap the create icon at the top of the screen. 


Thanks to technological advancement, you can send any amount of messages you want to send at once. There are a myriad of options available for you to choose from. 

You just need to decide the number of people you want to text at once and how seamless you want the process to be. 

This post is an overview of how you can send many messages at once through different means. 

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