Why Is Dallas Called The Triple D? Check Out The Shocking Reason

Dallas is one of the most interesting destinations to visit in the United States of America. Popularly known as the city of the triple D, Dallas is the third-largest city in Texas after San Antonio and Houston. 

Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) boasts plenty of nicknames. Some call her the city of hate, while others call her the triple D.

Other names Dallas is called include the big D, Cowtown, Funky-town, and Metroplex. Furthermore, Dallas is famous for her Cowboys and the Texas Rangers.

However, one name that has struck many is the Triple D. Most people wonder why Dallas has that name. If you’re here to find the same answer, this post is for you. Keep reading! 

Why is Dallas called the triple D?

The triple D is extracted from the popular Dallas utility logo, with three (3) D’s on it. Instead of saying three D’s, people quickly adapted to calling her the triple D. So, that’s why they call Dallas the city of the triple D to date.

As time went by, people from the city started popularizing the name “city of the triple D.” Gangsters started referring to the name during their conversations and songs. This caused the name to gain wide recognition and acceptance. 

When asked the common question, where are you from? Gangs from Dallas will reply, “I’m from the city of the triple D; I rep the hood.”

Clothing lines, including designer logos, started encrypting the logo “triple D” on their brands. Barbecues, restaurants, and night clubs began to customize the name triple D as the city of Dallas.

Furthermore, people also began to call the triple D in Dallas; dirty, dirty Dallas. 

Keep reading as we discuss the various names Dallas goes by. 

The Big D:

Whenever you come across the phrase, ‘the big D,’ of course you should know it’s the city of Dallas. 

This name gained huge popularity after the song titled ‘Big D,’ by Bing Crosby, came out in the 1950s. Coincidentally, around the same time, the popular Dallas morning news writer Paul Crume usually wrote ‘Big D’ until the city picked up its slogan, which read “Dallas: Big things happen here.”


Still unsure how the name came about? It is closely associated with the name “Arlington,” a suburb in DFW and home to the popular University of Texas (UTA). It is also notorious for some gangster rival fights.

City of Hate:

This name doesn’t portray a good light to the city of Dallas. And it’s not the reason why Dallas is the city of the triple D. 

The event of November 22, 1973, solidifies the name “city of hate.” Before the assassination of President John F Kennedy in Dallas, the city had already started witnessing widespread notorious political movements and gangsters activities.


Some of you may have come across the phrase ‘funky-town is Fort Worth, TX bitch’. Funky-town is just another nickname that illustrates the city of Dallas as the city of players and pimps. 

The funky lifestyles of DFW, including the party, grooves, barbecue, stripper clubs, give some genuineness to the name. 

So, calling Dallas the “funky-town” is justifiable because everything in and around the city is just funky and fun.


In early 1970, Dallas and Fort Worth decided to develop a new name for the newly merged metropolitan town. 

They wanted to move from the old name called DFW. Interestingly, estate marketers and media houses coined the name Metroplex. 

Jerry World:

Jerry World is an 80,000 (expandable to 105,000) sitting capacity stadium, home to the Dallas Cowboys team. This venue is always jam-packed at weekends as the cowboys’ team play hosts to other visiting teams.

This stadium was named after Jerry Jones, the cowboy team’s original owner. Jerry world holds the Guinness world record for the largest HD Video Display. The video display board was bigger than the court.

Jerry World is a famous ground for several breathtaking sporting competitions. The venue has played host to several major sporting activities such as basketball, soccer, boxing, Wrestle Mania, etc.

You want to witness how much Dallasites love sport, visit Jerry World on the weekend. You’ll witness thousands of people in and around this venue. It’s always so when the Cowboys play host to any team. Dallasites love to cheer their team up.  

Music And Nightlife In Dallas: 

New York and Las Vegas come to mind whenever a reference to the city with the most vibrant nightlife is mentioned. 

But the truth is, Dallas is among the most vibrant cities in that regard. That’s why it’s widely classified as the Big D. 

Dallas is a top destination for club-goers and cocktail lovers. It features tons of pubs and restaurants scattered across the city. This city suits any lifestyle, and you’ll enjoy the activities during the night when the world is asleep.

Some Fascinating Things About Dallas You May Not Know

  • Mariano Martinez, a restaurateur, invented the first frozen margarita machine in Dallas in 1971. Margarita lovers will agree that that machine is a gift from Dallas to the world. It’s a convenient and fun way to enjoy the cocktail. 
  • The United States’ largest urban arts district is unarguably the Dallas art district.
  • In 1958, a TI Engineer named Jack Kilby invented the chip. The microchip went on to revolutionize the world of electronics, including computers. And to think that this amazing invention came from Dallas shows that good things can come from the amazing city. 
  • The state fair of Texas has been held annually since 1886 in Dallas. And since that time, the city has only missed hosting the event five times. This was because of the 1918 WW1 and 1942-45 WW2. 
  • Before 1972, no one took cheerleading as a profession or serious enterprise. Dallas came up with the first professional team of cheerleaders called the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Now, hundreds of women across the US want to belong to a team of cheerleaders.
  • Most of us still fantasize about our childhood memories of Barney & Friends. This fascinating television show captivates the minds of kids. Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez got their major break into Hollywood via this show. And excitingly, the show was created in Dallas.
  • Dallas is also credited for inventing the automated teller machine ATM. It was an invention aimed at helping banks to prevent too many crowds in banking premises.
  • We also can’t forget that JFK, one of America’s most loved presidents, got assassinated in this city. 


There are different names designated to this great city, each having its significance. In all, we have provided the answer to the question, why is Dallas called the triple D. Some folks prefer to call her the ‘dirty, dirty Dallas.’ 

However, we all know that triple D was coined from the city’s utility logo, which has three Ds.

So whatever name you choose to call Dallas, always know it’s a place to call home. Dallas is a city for every lifestyle. 

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