What Is A Group Of Chickens Called? Check It Out 

All animals have a unique name used for identification purposes. Chickens have their unique names; owls do, and so are other creatures. And you dare not call a turkey a chicken to the hearing of other people.

Again, when animals come together, their names change. Since they’re from one family, a specific name is given to the group of animals.

Furthermore, knowing what a group of a specific animal is important for knowledge’s sake. So, let’s answer the following question.

What is a group of chickens called? 

Like most birds, a group of chickens is referred to as a flock. It can also be called a brood. However, we use brood more specifically for a group of hens. Hens are female chickens.

Read on for more information about these domestic birds.

What Is A Group Of Chickens Called?

Even though most people refer to any group of chickens as a flock, the word most accurately describes a group of chickens that live together. Clutch is the name given to a group of eggs that were laid at the same time.

A clutch usually consists of 12-15 eggs, and a hen will lay a new one every day until the clutch is up to 12 or 15. At that point, she will sit on the eggs and incubate them.

A group of chicks that are being raised together is referred to as a brood.

The chicks can be in a brooder, or they are with a broody hen. If the brood is raised with the flock, they become part of the flock in no time.

If all the chickens are kept together in the same coop, and they are raised, that means you maintain a flock. In an instance whereby you have two different groups of chickens that no do interact, you have two flocks.

Every will has its hierarchy or pecking order, with some chickens dominating the others. Whenever a new chicken is introduced to the flock, the flock adjusts its social structure to accommodate the new chicken.

An adult group of chickens is referred to as a flock. We can also refer to a group of chickens that are of mixed age as a flock. A group of chickens lives together, in a coop, and they have already established a pecking order.

Once a group of chickens has lived together for a while, they become a flock so that you can add a new bird to an already-existing flock. However, it will require a natural readjustment because these birds have to find their new social hierarchy.

You should also know that the first thing chicks do when they hatch from their eggs is to peep out, and this is why they are sometimes referred to as peeps. For fun, you can call your group of chickens a peep.

People might have chosen peep because of how the chicks seem to peep around the corners of their coop when they are being herded inside. They might have also chosen that because of how their noise sounds.

What Is A Group Of Roosters Called?

If a group of hens is referred to as a brood and a group of chickens is called a flock, what do we call a group of roosters? Sadly, roosters do not have a special name for their group, so they are also referred to as a flock.

Also, a group of chickens that includes roosters and hens is referred to as a flock. We can use “flock” for just about any group of birds regardless of the genders that make up the group.

What Do You Call A Group of Birds?

These animals have a great number of odd collective names. A group of owls is a peck, though they can also be called a parliament or a study. These names better reflect their wise nature.

As for emus, a gathering of these birds is called a mob. This name makes sense when one considers how they kick animals to death when they are threatened.

Eagles gather in informal congregations or aeries, which is sometimes spelled “eyrie.” Aerie is a Latin word that means flat ground. This word describes the flat area on mountains where the birds build their nests.

What Do You Call A Group Of Birds Flying Together?

A group of birds flying together is called a murmuration. If you have ever seen a murmuration, you would know it. Hundreds, or on some occasions, thousands of birds flying together in a whirling pattern is a sight no one can ever forget.

People who are lucky enough to witness a murmuration find the experience amazing.

What Are The Other Terminology And Collective Nouns For Chickens?

Below are the many collective nouns, technical jargon for chickens.

  • A mature female chicken is referred to as a hen.
  • A mature male chicken is referred to as a cock or a rooster
  • An immature female chicken is a pullet
  • An immature male chicken is referred to as a cockerel
  • A baby chicken is referred to as a chick
  • A neutered rooster is a capon
  • A hen that is ready to lay eggs is referred to as a point-of-lay chicken
  • A group of hens is a brood
  • A group of chickens is referred to as a flock
  • A group of chicks is referred to as a peep or a clutch
  • A slang term for a chicken is a chook

The term used for all domestic birds, such as chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, and others, is poultry. These domestic birds are raised for their eggs and meat.

Why Is There No Name For A Group Of Roosters?

Roosters have no group name, probably because a group of roosters is not easy to come by. It is quite common to find a group of hens as they get along well and enjoy spending time in a group.

On the other hand, roosters do not always get along well. These birds can be territorial and protective over their territory and the hens they consider “theirs.”

Also, backyard chicken farmers and keepers typically have a rooster per ten or more hens. It is possible to keep three or more roosters without issues. However, that’s only when there are no hens.

Perhaps, there is no name for a group of roosters because roosters usually do not form a group. People are not used to seeing a group of male chickens.

How Many Chickens Are Needed To Create A Flock?

The number of chickens needed depends on several factors. The factor is your budget. But after your budget comes other factors to make your chicken keeping project more successful. 

Chickens are very social animals, so isolating them from others will not help them. These birds are flock-oriented, which means that you can start with no fewer than three for starters.

If you start with three laying hens, you should be able to collect about a dozen eggs. A flock of six hens is a great choice for a big family. However, eight to ten or more will thrive.

Is Raising Chickens Fulfilling?

A beginner has a lot of factors to consider before starting a backyard chicken project. Each has a massive role to play in determining the number of birds you are planning to keep. 

Chicken keeping is a fulfilling hobby and a lucrative business. If you are keeping chickens as a business, you will keep account of each penny you spend as you anticipate your profit in the future.

You will also have to strategize on how to keep your chickens secure, safe, in good health, and productive. If you do this, nothing will stop you from raring your chickens. This project, however, requires commitment. 

A vital factor that shouldn’t be ignored when you are setting up your backyard poultry is space. Space entails a lot here; it could mean the inside of the coop or the outside.

How Much Is Needed To Start A Backyard Chicken-Keeping Business? 

You need money to start keeping chickens. You will spend money on getting the materials needed to build and furnish your chicken coop. Overall; you may need between $400 and $800 to start. The cost depends on the flock, run, and coop size.

Is Keeping Chickens A Difficult Task?

Keeping chickens is not easy work. It is hard and dirty and not to be taken lightly. The birds require water, food, and grit to survive. Grit is a pebble-like substance that allows easy digestion.

Chickens also need a safe and cozy coop. Space should be ventilated and sunny.

What Is The Name Given To A Group Of Ducks?

A group of ducks can be referred to as a raft of ducks. Some people also call it a paddling of ducks or a team of ducks. Flying waterfowls, including ducks, coots, and geese in a group, are referred to as a string, skein, or team. 

Also, a group of waterfowls swimming in the water are referred to as a bunch, raft, or paddling.

What Is The Name Given To A Group Of Turkeys?

A group of turkeys is referred to as a rafter or a flock. As you already know, a flock is a collective noun that we can use to describe a group of birds that live together. Some people also call a group of turkeys a gang.


If you’ve been wondering what a group of chickens is called, you have your answer. A group of chickens is called a flock. Many people do not know that the word “chicken” is for both hens and roosters.

You can call both roosters and hens chickens because the word is gender-neutral. However, if you want to buy backyard chickens, you would have to specify if you want a cockerel or a pullet.

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