How to Gain Subscribers on YouTube

Due to quarantine, even more people began to think about how to make money online. One way is to create your own YouTube channel. But the question arises of how to attract an audience and gain subscribers?

Of course, many bloggers use the simplest and most effective way to buy YouTube comments to promote themselves. They buy YouTube subscribers and enjoy life after that. However, despite the benefits of this method, you need to somehow retain the audience. And for this you need to develop your channel and make it better every day.

In the article, we will analyze several ways to attract users to your channel and make them regular viewers. 

1. Optimize your channel and videos

To attract an audience to the channel, optimize it as much as possible for the request of the target audience. What to pay attention to we will say below.

Channel design

The desire to subscribe is influenced not only by the content of the videos, but also by the design. A beautiful, well-designed channel inspires confidence and the feeling that the author is serious about the matter. What is included in the design:

Main photo. This is usually where the company logo or personal photo is located. We advise you to choose a recognizable picture without small details.

The header is the first thing people see when they go to the homepage of any YouTube channel. They can also follow you there. The profile header should answer the 2 main questions of the viewer: what is this channel about and why should they subscribe to it.

Tip: add a call to subscribe there. Do not forget to include links to your social networks and website (if any).

Video covers. People can click on a video without even reading the title if the video has an attractive and informative cover. It must match the theme of the video.

Keyword selection

Keywords affect the promotion of the channel and individual videos in Google search and YouTube itself. You need to learn how to write headlines and descriptions correctly, select tags and hashtags, analyze statistics in order to understand where the viewers came from and for what queries. If some keywords bring in the most viewers, then you need to use them and shoot more videos on this topic.

This is how users can accidentally find your video among hundreds of others and watch it. At best, you should buy real YouTube subscribers to get good statistics in the first hours after the video is published. And then your videos will be among the first to appear by keywords in front of users.

2. Run ads

This includes any free and paid advertising methods that will help you gain subscribers on YouTube:

  • advertising a channel or video within YouTube;
  • advertising with bloggers (mention in their video or link to your channel);
  • mutual PR;
  • advertising on websites;
  • video reposts;
  • complex promotion from the agency (you can contact freelancers).

3. Place the link everywhere (website, social networks, email newsletter)

If you have other resources where you already have an audience, then you can drive traffic back and forth. Be sure to post the link on your personal website (if any), on all your social networks, in email or push mailing lists and ask them to subscribe to your channel.

4. Attract from Tik-Tok

TikTok allows you to get a large amount of traffic and subscribers in a short time, thus increasing the subscription base there, you can gain subscribers on YouTube. To specify a channel in the profile, you need to add a link to the YouTube channel there.

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