10 Things to Consider When Buying a Memory Foam Mattress

Buying a mattress is a puzzling process that requires some serious thought. There are so many types and choices available online that you can easily get confused. The internet is filled with misinformation while manufacturers use marketing ploys to trick customers. Then there is the pricing factor that further complicates the decision-making process.

Customers easily fall victim to sale campaigns because they buy mattresses infrequently. Most of us don’t buy a mattress unless the previous one becomes saggy or lumpy.

That’s why paying attention to key features is important even if you know how to get the best price. Otherwise, your bed routine can turn into a scary night story. By following the below points, you can get good value while you are buying a quality memory mattress.

Pick Type of Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses come in different types with each offering unique benefits. If you are unaware of these, there are three major types to choose from.

Traditional Memory Foam

This is the memory foam that took the mattress industry by storm. Both the material quality and long-time endurance give it the edge over spring types. Traditional memory foam responds to your body weight and shape. It also improves circulation and reduces stress on your joints.

However, you must know that traditional memory mattresses absorb heat. So, if you sleep hot or like a warm bed, this is not a good choice for you.

Gel Memory Foam

A gel memory foam mattress excels where the traditional memory foams lake. The gel technology not only stops heat absorption but also prevents motion transfer. So, you get to enjoy a cozy sleep without disturbing your partner. However, bear in mind that gel foam mattresses can only absorb heat up to a certain point. They may heat up and cause overheating if you sleep for long hours.

Consider Your Sleeping Position

If it cannot offer a peaceful sleep, there is no point in spending money on a mattress. The best way to ensure s peaceful sleep is to buy a mattress that suits your sleeping position. You should buy an original mattress according to your body weight and sleeping position.

Memory foam mattresses are normally designed for back, stomach, and side sleepers. A firm or hybrid mattress is an ideal choice for back sleepers. A firm mattress is good for stomach sleepers because it can support the spine. For side sleepers, soft memory foam is the best option as it can provide a cushion.

However, there are quality mattresses that are designed to support all sleep positions. An original mattress offers you the comfort and quality you need for years to come.

Determine the Density Rating

The density of a mattress is a great way to identify its quality. Manufacturers categorized their products as either high, medium, or low density and rate them accordingly. High-density mattresses are more durable and contain less air and more foam. Low-density foams weigh less and contain more air inside the mattresses. These are more suitable for people with low body mass index (BMI).

Medium-density foams are ideal for customers who share their mattresses with partners. These offer optimal motion isolation to ensure you get better sleep.

Consider Foam Thickness

Mattress thickness of memory foam is associated with the level of comfort you want and your body weight. There are plenty of options between 6 and 15 inches. However, putting your money on a thin mattress does not mean that you are compromising on comfort. Memory mattresses normally have more layers and each adds extra softness.

Choose Your Mattress Size

The size of your new mattress depends on your room size, budget, and personal requirements. There are a number of standard sizes available in the market. You can get a king, queen, full, or twin-size mattress. You can even get a large deluxe California king size if you have extra cash to burn.

Think About the Budget

This is a key factor that’s going to affect your mattress selection. The type of mattress, thickness, density, and size will impact the pricing. You surely don’t want to buy a low-quality mattress to save money, right? The better option here is to look for seasonal sales. You can save some cash and buy an original mattress during Black Friday or Christmas sales. 

Consider the Manufacturing

When you are shopping, don’t forget to check out the manufacturer. You can get good quality from a manufacturer who’s been into business for years or have a good name in the market. However, don’t fall for advertising campaigns as they can be misleading. Also, it’s better to buy from a local brand instead of a cheap Chinese company.

Look For Warranty

Most manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty to lure potential buyers. However, you must know that guarantees or warranties usually come with conditions. This is the point that you must clarify before making a purchase. Ask what kind of warranty the brand is offering and are there any hidden conditions.

Notice the Trial Period

Offering free sleep trials has become a norm in the mattress industry. This provides customers an extra layer of satisfaction for sure. You can get a 7 to 10 days free sleep trial to be sure of your mattress selection. This is a good way to check the overall quality of your new memory foam.

Go With Free Shipping

Free home delivery is an additional facility that can save you money. However, not all manufacturers are generous enough to offer free shipping. So, read and pay attention to the shipping and return policy of the manufacturer. See whether they are offering free delivery with insurance in your area.

Also, make sure you get white-glove service when you are buying an original mattress. This will offer extra protection and security to your package.

Takeaway Words

Buying a memory foam mattress is a long-term investment that is often expensive. So, make sure you are buying the right kind of mattress. An original mattress should support your sleeping position aside from offering comfort.  It should match your unique needs to ensure you get a good sleep every night.

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