How to be Unique in a Photo?

With the arrival of warm weather changes our wardrobe — shorts, T-shirts and swimsuits and immediately the question of tan, because you want to have tanned beautiful legs. You can get a beautiful tan at the sea, but there is not always time and opportunity to go there, but now you can use the photo editor RetouchMe, which will make you the perfect tanning app.

Even at sea, it is not always possible to get a perfect tan, moreover, for some people, the sun is the worst friend, as it leaves burns on pale thin skin. There is also such a tool as a spray tan, but it stains your clothes and also spoils the skin.

Besides, it takes a long time, especially if you’re in a hurry to meet. Sometimes people use a solarium, but everyone knows its bad effect on health and especially on the skin. It is for such cases that the auto tanning function was created, thanks to which you will not look beautiful in the photo, without harming your skin.

Do you know what will decorate you even more? Of course, it is a tattoo on your body! You can use the special app to add tattoo If you are still thinking about whether or not to do a tattoo, then you definitely need to try it on in the RetouchMe app.

Spectacular summer photo

You decided to do a photo shoot on vacation, but you have an uneven tan with red cheeks, shoulders, and legs? What’s more, on this skin your tattoo looks bad? Then you really need to use a little life hack and use a photo editor:

  • Find the RetouchMe app in AppStore/PlayMarket and download it.
  • Open the app and upload your photo.
  • Choose the right skin color that suits you best, as well as close off your redness after an unsuccessful tan. You can also edit your tattoo or add some new ones if you don’t have them. In this photo editor, you will definitely find one that you like, because there is a huge selection of different styles and colors of tattoos.
  • After you have selected the appropriate settings — send your photo to our editors, who will send you a photo within 5 minutes. 

You don’t need to do anything and you don’t need Photoshop skills, because our professionals will do it for you. 

No problems with the innovative photo editor

Now you will definitely not worry about your skin color, especially in the summer, as now all colors are open to you. Moreover, if you decide to make your photo more spectacular and surprise your audience — then you can draw yourself a tattoo. We want to note that this editing is impossible to distinguish from the original, as in RetouchMe photos are retouched manually with the help of professional tools. Thanks to this, your photo will look as realistic as possible and at the same time will save all the details in the photo. So be sure that your photo will please everyone!

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