How Successful People Spend The First Hour Of The Day

I used to wonder how successful people spend their first hour of work. But now there is an app that helps you do that: Timeful.

You have 86400 seconds in a day, meaning you have 86,400 seconds to accomplish a task. This means that your time management is critical for your success and how well you will finish the task at hand.

If you use the first hour of your day, you can still use that time productively to do a few things that most people wouldn’t be doing because they’re either still asleep, or just waiting until they have to go to work.

How Successful People Spend the First Hour of the Day

This is from Tim Ferris. I’m just reading through his book, but there is a chapter called, “8 Ways to Start The Day”. For example, he has an alarm clock that uses infrared motion sensors. That is awesome. He also goes with the method of meditation. He has to go to a different office everyday to meditate for 10 minutes.

1. Meditation

By starting the day off with meditation, it helps you to clear your mind from the stress and negativity of the last days of the week and allows you to focus on what the day holds for you.

You can’t sit in meditation and not think anything, but you can focus on your breathing to help you calm and release yourself. With that said, when you release yourself and let go of the thoughts that are popping into your head, you will end up falling into deeper states of meditation.

An often overlooked resource when it comes to working on this is, of course, meditation. As we know, meditation helps you become more aware of your emotions and the situations that cause them. However, it can also be useful for improving your concentration, learning to understand and change your mind, improving relationships, and improving your health.

2. Exercise

If you think that exercise is a bad idea, then think twice. There are many more benefits of exercise than just the physical fitness. There are many side-effects of exercise, too. For example:

* The way one feels after exercising is very similar to that of meditation.
* Exercise is usually better for your mental health, too.

Some people feel that it wastes their energy because it makes them too tired so that they have less energy to complete their work.

Although having those people successfully exercising every morning might just be an excuse that prevents them from putting in more effort into things later in the day.

Exercise is so important because it is a way of getting rid of stress, and in the initial hours of the day, your mind is not as cluttered as it is after a long day has passed.

3. Preparation & Planning

While there is value in spending the first hour of the day preparing, there is also value in getting out of the house. Spending the first hour of the day with your family or reading a book is also valuable.
One of the important values of morning pages is being able to spend time in private, undisturbed, to get focused.

When you use the Pomodoro technique, you take that first hour to prepare your morning/day. You plan your first task list. You have to plan your day and the next few days, so that you schedule what you need to in your first hour. Don’t do any more than you need to, to avoid burn-out. Don’t try and do everything, start with what you need to do. If you can knock it out in an hour, then wonderful. If you can’t, then find a better way.

Now think of all the things you need to do before an exam, from clearing your desk to writing out your notes to buying your revision books. Now, once you are at home and you start to actually start on this list you will realise that you are missing out one thing. You weren’t planning enough. You should have planned more, you should have prepared more, you should have written out your plans more. You should have made sure that you covered all your bases and not left a single stone unturned.

4. Menial Tasks

Once menial tasks such as making coffee and washing the dishes are out of the way, you won’t have to think about them for the rest of the day. So if you can get them over with earlier in the day, you can clear your head of them sooner and spend more time on the important stuff.

You can often complete these tasks faster if you get them out of the way of waking up. Things like cleaning your room, taking the trash out, preparing your lunch, sorting through documents.

So, if you’re reading this, or even if you’re not, go and start working on your very first hour. Forget about everything else. You don’t need a schedule, or any sort of motivation, just do it.

5. Relaxation

The only way to stop being stressed and get back to peace is to stop doing things that stress you out and get back to the basics. Start by taking a few minutes to focus on breathing, deep breathing to help get rid of some of the anxiety and worries.

If you are anything like me, you probably wake up grumpy and don’t really want to do anything. This is one way to start of your morning and wake yourself up a little.

6. Hour of Power

Tony Robbins calls this the “Hour of Power”, whereby he spends time motivating himself with various motivational quotes, and then spending the rest of the time visualising, by making a picture in his mind of the desired result.

There are 4 key questions I ask myself every morning and every evening. These questions help me clear out my head and get ready to enter the day with a clear mind, positive attitude and a clear vision of where I want to end up in the future. This helps my mind and body prepare for my day and keep me moving forward.

> Sometimes, even the most experienced and accomplished people do the
> wrong thing, and it causes them to perform poorly.

7. Ask Yourself

I’m pretty sure this is because he’s the founder after all. I think the real reason this is such a popular idea is because it’s easy to remember.

The CEO of Apple knows that the company needs to keep expanding its market. If you can find more people to hire, great. If you can find more talent to recruit, great. The problem is the opposite.


This is how you could spend the first hour of the day. There’s no limit to how you could use this time and there are so many productive ways that you could use this time.

You should learn something that will help you in life. Like, for example, I’ll list a couple of things.

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