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Well, I’m really just starting out. I’m not rich or anything but I have enough money to pay for my living expenses (laughs).


According to the last game update, The Game makes approximately $10 Million per year.

Jayceon Taylor is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, actor and record producer. He is recognized to be one of the most important figures in the West Coast hip hop scene.

His first appearance in the media came when he was in a collaboration with Dr. Dre.

Early Life

He was born on November 29, 1979 in Los Angeles California. He got in touch with the city street gangs when he lived in the neighborhood of Compton and he was very much involved in the crimes.

Being raised in a home with drug addicts and neglect led to a troubled childhood for Michael. When he was seven years old, Michael was placed into foster care and eventually reunified with his mother Lynette Taylor, but his foster care didn’t last a long time and he was taken from her.

Sebastian was a young man who had great potential. He attended Compton High School and became an athlete at the school. He was involved in basketball and track and field.

He got shot at and remained in a coma, and woke up and found his love for hip-hop. Soon, he started writing and recording songs himself and released his first rap album in May of 2014, “Dont Know Me.” He followed that up by releasing four more albums.

However, because of his past life, he was not able to enter many venues where he could perform and eventually became homeless again.


The Game initially signed to No Limit Records in 1998 and was one of the first people on the label to develop an international name for himself.

And several weeks after that he linked up with fellow West Coast label Universal Records and made a move for the West Coast.

Dr. Dre had his first appearance after leaving Death Row Records when he collaborated with The Game and 50 Cent on the song “Been Around the World (The Cyco Song)”. Dr. Dre released the song in 2003 and it was featured on a Game video. This song also gained attention from Eminem.

In 2004 R&B singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jay-Z released his debut album titled ‘The Black Album.’ It became a huge success, selling more than 6 million albums worldwide and won him two Grammy Awards.

Soon after this The Game was signed by Geffen Records. He released a mixtape called, The Return Of The B.I.G. in 2007 and his first official album, Till I Collapse, was released in 2008.

In 2008 he released the song ‘Better on the other side’ which was a tribute to Michael Jackson who had passed only a few days before. For him to honor the memory of Michael he put out a song that is similar to his previous hits.

After being out of the industry for a few years, The Game made a return to the game industry with his mixtape ‘Operation Kill Everything’ in 2012.

Meek Mill has released a diss track ’92 Bars’ in response to Drake’s ‘Back to Back’ diss track. He’s called out Drake for lying and accused him of stealing his beat in the same way Kanye West stole his ‘808’ sample. This is Meek Mill’s reaction to the Drake diss.

As of May 14th, The Game’s net worth is $12 Million.

As of June of 2019, The Game’s net worth is $5 Million.


The Game’s career ended up being full of controversy. His drug use was the talk of the town, and it was not a pleasant topic.


Favorite Quotes from The Game

Rap is a very ego-centric and narcissistic business, but The Game is the exception. He has a very genuine, humble and down-to-earth demeanor.

The Game has some very unique ideas and visions about what makes a great game. You can see how he is a great communicator in his videos. He comes across as very open, honest and transparent. I think The Game’s enthusiasm about what he can do with games is reflected in his attitude towards the game industry. Having worked with him, I respect and admire the person The Game is and hope to work with him some time in the future.

The Game’s character, C.J, doesn’t mean anything to most people, but if you’re into it then you know what I’m saying!

3 Rules for Success from The Game

You can never tell how much you can accomplish until you achieve some great success. This is a great lesson that many people can appreciate. The Game is a great example of how a simple dream can turn into one of the greatest success stories ever told.

1. Push your limits.

Pushing your limits means when you are motivated enough to do something and are willing to work hard enough for it you have to go where you never thought you would be.

2. Make a difference in your lifetime.

Don’t just be some person that goes with the current.
You should be doing everything in your power to make a difference and leave the world a better place.

3. Don’t change who you are for anyone.

You are who you are and you shouldn’t change yourself for anyone. Always stay true to yourself, you got all you need to become who you really want to be.


His rapping has left an impact on the entertainment world because his rapping is really hard to imitate. So many people have tried to copy his style and raps but it just didn’t work. His acting was so good that he got the part of Bruce Wayne. He was able to act like a billionaire so well that the audiences thought that Bruce Wayne is a real person.

As of May 14th, The Game’s net worth is $12 Million.

As of June of 2019, The Game’s net worth is $5 Million.

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