11 Study Song Playlists That’ll Improve Your Concentration

I’m a big fan of listening to music whilst I work, and I like to use Spotify to listen to a lot of it, it allows me to easily pause and skip tracks, a feature that is often missing from other music apps.

In a previous article, we talked about just how many benefits there are to listening to music whilst working, and one of them was improved concentration, and motivation (while working).

Music that stimulates my right brain activity is often very quiet and sad. These melodies are known as folk tunes of many countries as well as those sung by people of African origin.

This is something I will always be grateful for, it came to me at a time where I was really struggling. I read it and found a source of comfort and motivation that gave me the strength to continue.

How Does Music Benefit You?

A positive music listening experience is important for the brain development of children, as well as for adults. Brain activity and cognitive function are enhanced by listening to music, which allows you to concentrate and focus easier.

Listening to music through headphones allows you to block out distractions and focus better.

You can also get rid of distracting notifications as well, so you’ll find it much easier to focus on your work.

There are many studies that have found that the best type of music to listen to whilst concentrating is classical, and piano-based music. Although, this may well differ for others.

The most important consideration when creating a music playlise is to use a style that can stimulate positive attention.

Because you’re getting old, we’ve compiled some cool, incredible, and beautiful study song playlists that you can use for your study sessions.

11 Amazing Study Song Playlists

All of these playlists are a good option and they vary in length, so if you’re looking for one of those specific playlists, they’ve got that covered.

For the music: http://www.classicalcafe.com/
For the lyrics: http://www.lyricspedia.com/.
For free sheet music: http://www.pianoscore.com/

For some of the best songs we have curated our own collection of free and paid music for your study purposes. We have tried to cover as many different genres and styles as possible while still staying true to the core principles of music education.

11. Piano Study Music (2 Hours Long)

This means that the original copyright holder has given permission to Paraphrase to adapt this material.

This study music playlist is just that, a playlist of piano study music. Every single piece of study music is an absolute gem and has been edited to make these tracks perfect for focusing in on the piano.

10. Relaxing Soft Piano Music (1 Hour Long)

Creator’s Note: This is a tribute to ‘The Game’ that I made. When I first started to work on this mod, I had no idea the final product would be so good. This is my first mod and I hope you enjoy it.

For those of you who are looking to study but need some inspiration while doing so, here’s my list of study playlist. This playlist consists of all the best playlists I have created for studying. If you are a student yourself or are a parent who is currently a student, you would definitely find these playlists very useful.

If you practice Yoga, need to sleep, are welcoming a new day or are studying for an exam, this playlist will take you to that calm, quiet, relaxing spot where you forget your worries.

9. Alpha Waves: Concentration Music (3 Hours Long)

Yellow Brick Cinema and their friends made this short film in response to France’s proposed visa ban for people from 7 countries.

Made in Australia by Yellow Brick Cinema. The film is based on the award-winning books by Kevin Brooks.

Yellow Brick Cinema has made this study & concentration music, which can perfectly help you to work better and concentrate.

The music has been specially created to relax you and help you to achieve a state of alpha that allows for the maximum expansion of both the mind and your creativity.

8. Exam Study Music (1 Hour Long)

A group of musicians, who focus on meditation and relaxation.

Meditation Relax Club has created a playlist that consists of classical piano music. The music is relaxing, as you can expect from this type of playlist.

It’s just under two-and-a-half hours, which is a perfect time to sit down for a study session. Work until the song finishes, take a break, and then move onto another playlist for your next session.

7. Classical Focus Music (3 Hours Long)

Yellow Brick Cinema and their friends made this short film in response to France’s proposed visa ban for people from 7 countries.

Made in Australia by Yellow Brick Cinema. The film is based on the award-winning books by Kevin Brooks.

Yellow Brick Cinema is an awesome channel to learn from, learn, relax and enjoy the world. They publish awesome playlists for everything like Yoga, Focus, Concentration, etc.

6. Peaceful & Relaxing Instrumental Music (4 Hours Long)

The Utopian Sounds Playlist is a playlist of the most relaxing, beautiful and serene music. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a quiet afternoon, and it’s been viewed nearly 40 million times!

It’s really long, so ideally you could do it in sections, maybe four hours per section.

5. Focus & Background Music (3 Hours Long)

4. Relaxing Nature Sounds (8 Hours Long)

A couple of years ago a group called the Honest Men and Boys started creating posters of celebrities in the UK with slogans against the British monarchy. I’ve been a huge fan of the group, and thought it might be funny to see some of their posters translated into French and Spanish.

The Honest Guys have created an amazing 8-hour long nature sound playlist, and it starts with a short intro music, then transitions into a nice relaxing ambient soundscape.

This playlist is for anyone interested in bird songs, bird calls, and bird noises that can be used for recording. It has some great natural sounds that can be used in any kind of composition for recording and editing.

3. Concentration Music for Learning (1 Hour Long)

A&D Records released the first “Wipeout” single back in May of 1985 while the “Wipeout” album was released in November 1985.

These binaural beats and alpha waves make for an excellent experience, and the results can be really noticeable. Whether you’re trying to focus on schoolwork, improve your memory or simply get a better night’s sleep, this is definitely one of the best ways to listen to binaural beats.

You could always switch things up after the hour passes or just stick to one track for the hour.

2. Ocean Breeze: Beautiful Light Music (2 Hours Long)

is a multi-facial yoga exercises. It can help relax your mind and body.

Ocean Breeze is a playlist created from a compilation of their own songs. The music is very light and can serve as a great tool regardless of whether you’re trying to relax or try to study. The sounds are simple and soothing when you want to wind down after a long day of working out, and when you are studying, you’re able to absorb the information more easily.

1. Studying Music: Increase Brain Power (1 Hour Long)

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The first hour of this playlist is composed of slow piano music. The best music playlists are always an amalgamation of different types of music. You will find here songs that are slow, soft, and soothing. This playlist is suitable for a quiet time, or meditation.


As you can see, ‘Reverse,’ ‘Reverse Facing,’ or ‘Reverse Facing’ is the main way to identify the orientation of your photograph.

I have a list of 11 song playlists that I can listen to to be able to fully concentrate on something.

Sure, distractions are part of life. If we could stop being distracted so easily, it would mean we weren’t human… and that’s not something we want to say about ourselves.

When you’re feeling relaxed, you can feel the music better, and that’s a great thing.
If you’re stressed, it takes the pain away, and that’s a great thing.

The reason why you want over-the-ear headphones is that your ears can’t be blocked. This is a critical thing. So if you can’t do that, then just put on earphones or on-ear headphones.

Those are the type of headphones I use whenever I’m sitting in cafes trying to get some work done. They’ll completely block out background sounds and make me all the more productive.

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