How I Became A Productive Beast With A Simple 9 Step Routine

I’m just a simple guy, and the main reason for this is because I am lazy.

When you’re obsessed with something, you’re really into it. You’re not just doing it because you should be, you’re doing it because you really want to. This is really the best way to be productive.

Why is it so hard to stay productive?

The number of possible distractions is ever increasing. The number of possible distractions is ever increasing. We can now talk to our friends in a hundred different ways. We can now play games in a hundred different ways. We can now update our followers every time we do something remotely interesting.

The problem is I’m getting stuck on the things I don’t like to do.

The first important step to being a productive beast is to make sure that the daily tasks you look to accomplish are important, and interesting, to you.

It’s not that you want to live forever, but it’s that you want to live forever.

How I Became A Productive Beast

If you’re not working on something you absolutely love, you won’t be able to produce work you’re proud of.

You’re at the beginning of your career, so you should be spending your time building your reputation, building relationships, and making connections.

I’m glad to be spending all the time with them. They have been a great source of wisdom for me over the past couple of years, and so many of the problems they have helped me with have been problems I’ve been able to work through.

I wish I could find a way to make more money in my current job, but the problem is they have a salary policy and as long as you’re within the limit you won’t get a raise.

[Paraphrase End]: I have seen a lot of people asking for a simple routine, this is a simple routine that has gotten me in a very happy state of mind for more than a decade.

Well, I don’t think you did much to help though.

1. Wake Up At 7 AM

To be fair to the Republicans, they made some concessions last time to Democrats on the debt ceiling. At least it wasn’t a crisis.

If you’re not prepared for the early morning, you could be in for a bumpy start. And that’s the bad news. The good news is that you can change your sleep schedule if you want to.

I think there is a point in waking up at 5 AM though. There are so many things that I want to do during the day, and when I get out of bed, I feel tired and I want to sleep a little bit.

3. Be nice to people, even when you don’t like the things they say or do.

For example, even when you get annoyed by political statements I make, I’ll be polite and try to find the best way to explain my views. You never know what someone else on the internet is going through, and chances are they’ll be upset or disappointed about something. Don’t make them feel worse by being a jerk about it, or just ignoring them.

2. Take Some Modafinil

If you have a sleep disorder and/or are taking medications for them, we recommend that you take Modafinil with food. If you are taking Modafinil for a sleep disorder, you would definitely want to have a cup of coffee with it. You may also want to have some sort of food with it at your bedtime.

“Modalert” is a form of pharmaceutical-grade Modafinil that’s used as a wakefulness-promoting agent, and has been used within the military to help combat sleep deprivation.

In general, I do like to give a full, healthy, balanced, and well-rounded day of nutrition. I don’t generally like to overdo it, and instead, take it easy, to get the job done.

I feel the same. I don’t want to check email, or keep checking out social media. I just want to keep working. I don’t want to waste any time. I just want to get the damn work done.

The first step of the natural detoxification process is to make sure nothing is going to happen with my body. I take it on an empty stomach, and about half an hour after consuming it, eat the next part of my routine.

As a business person, I find myself working long hours. On a number of occasions, I’ve reached the end of my ability to concentrate, and at this point I have to tell myself to go to sleep. I’ve found that Modafinil has helped me get back to work. I take 100mg of it an hour before I go to bed, and I feel the difference in the morning. It has made a huge difference for me.

3. Drink 1 Litre of Water

I am sure I do the same. That is the only reason why I am still alive.

Being in a hot country with Modafinil is a pretty big deal. In a hot country Modafinil is going to make you think that you should drink more water. This isn’t always true. For example in Japan more water is recommended. You should try to get enough water when you take Modafinil. If you don’t, you’re more likely to get a headache.

The more that you can stay connected to the things that help you connect the more you’ll be able to learn.

Remember in school when you were taught that the blood was mostly water, to give your brain a jolt.

To survive we must consume water, we need at least 2 liters per day, but if we don’t consume enough we will get tired.

You’re probably getting dehydrated. Your muscles are tired, and when you work out, you sweat, and your body does what it needs to do to maintain the water you’re losing. If you’re dehydrated, that’s going to be reflected by your performance.

It’s best to consume 1 litre of water at the start of your day. This will gradually help you drink more throughout the day and at no point do you feel dehydrated.

4. Take A Cold Shower

That would not be a good way to start off your morning. I’m not going to make you stand under freezing cold water while I’m in the shower.

Furthermore, if you are not already using warm water throughout the day, then your body will not be adjusted to the amount of cold water that you will be giving it. This means that if you use the shower for an hour in the morning and then a half hour in the evening, you will be cold throughout the rest of the day.

In fact, a while back I published an article explaining some of the many benefits of cold showers. The list is extensive and includes many health benefits, but one of the better ones is that by bathing in cold water you can boost your metabolism.

Check it out. I don’t know what to do with it.

5. Set Up My Work Station for the Day

When it comes to starting my day, I usually wake up around 7:30 AM. I spend the rest of the morning prepping what I plan to shoot the next day; so things like making sure there’s a clean camera, that I have enough batteries, etc.

Well, the first thing you should do is be careful what you buy. The next is to maintain the use of those you do buy. The third is to buy smart, and the last is to buy smart and maintain. The third means that you need to buy with the awareness of maintenance, but also that you have to buy smart in order to be able to prevent issues from arising.

You need the application to check the current user’s language preference and show an alert if the current language is different from the application’s language.

It’s time to move on from our training. Time to start working on our project.

6. Open A Bottle of Cold Brew Coffee

I don’t know why you say this. I never
like coffee.

I have an idea for a business. It’s called Cold Brew Coffee. The concentrated coffee is delicious. Buy a big bottle of it, and you’re ready to get into a productive work flow.

Caffeine is a wonderful energy improving substance. It can be very healthy for you if taken in moderation. It can make a big impact on your overall level of focus and concentration.

In this case, you see negative effects (e.g. lower back pain).

I prefer to mix hot water, not a large amount, with coffee concentrate. The temperature can be varied depending on how I feel and what I’m doing.

7. Start the ‘Forest’ Productivity App

The ‘Forest’ app is simple as it allows kids to experience the process of growing a tree. They can plant their own seed, watch it grow, and harvest it.

Set the timer to however long you want to work for. Your tree will start to grow. If you hit a notification or accidentally close the game, the tree will die.

However when you’re at the “Tree of Life” level and you’re trying to upgrade your tree, you’re unable to do so.

A simple concept, and it won’t likely work if you try to apply it to yourself. However, if you can’t stop yourself from wasting time on your phone, maybe it will work for others.

8. Run the ‘StayFocusd’ App for Desktop

Make sure you download the StayFocusd extension from the Chrome Web Store. Then, install it on your Chrome browser.
Then you can blacklist websites from distracting you.

This is a great and useful extension that allows you to control the time limits of the current day and week. In any case, you can also increase them if you need to. It is a pity that it does not include the month.

They have a way to make money and you don’t have to do anything.

9. Throw on Some Earphones & Selective Music

Yes I do. I listen to music and it distracts me.

There has been a lot of research in this field of course.

You have to listen to music if you want to get anything done. Music is useful when you’re working out. Different types of music can affect the way that you work.

My beats are usually between 160-200 BPM. I don’t really have a particular formula for what I listen to, or what I make. I just make a bunch and then listen through them.

Any vocal is a challenge. I’m always looking to play the verse as much as I can, and a lot of people don’t like that.

Another thing I’ll note on the phone: on the right of any page there is an orange dropdown button that brings you to the phone settings. In there, there is a tab called “Notifications”. Make sure you get the notifications you want to hear.
I’m also a big fan of the Notification Channels feature. It’s essentially a way for you to choose which notifications you want to get from different sources.


This routine has helped me to be more productive, more focused, and less easily distracted. You can even add meditation and simple push up or cardio exercises if you have the time before work.

– Start by copying your entire site, and replacing the folder with this new directory structure.
– Edit the site to your liking.
– Make sure the web.config is correct, and that all your references to your new theme are located accordingly.
That should be it!

Go to a local park/public pool/etc and use a dumbbell.
Every morning do 10 reps of each exercise.
Every day do 2-5 sets.
Do only the main movement of each exercise.
The rest is optional/stretching.

This is not a one time thing, that’s why I recommend starting with the basic exercises above.

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