Alternative Ways to Treat Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, there are many alternative ways to treat anxiety, including herbs, diet, and exercise. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of some of these options.

In addition to helping you overcome your fears, essential oils are a great natural way to relieve stress. Not only can they calm the mind, but they can also boost your mood and repel insects.

You can use a few drops of your favorite essential oil in your daily routine to relieve anxiety and other symptoms.


Regular exercise helps people deal with anxiety and reduce symptoms. Physical activity such as mild exercise and yoga increases the release of endorphins in the body, which are responsible for boosting mood and relieving pain. Regardless of fitness level, you can start with a light jog or even an online pilates class.

If you’re too sedentary to exercise, try swimming laps in a pool. Begin slowly and build up to longer sessions.

Researchers have found that participants who engaged in exercise on a daily basis experienced significant reductions in anxiety levels. These results may be due to the fact that exercise provides a time out from daily worries.

In addition to this, physical exercise and meditation may also improve the functioning of brain systems that play a role in mood regulation. Further research on the effects of exercise on self-efficacy will help us better understand how exercise can reduce anxiety.

A study published in the National Library of Medicine found that employees who performed relaxation exercises in their workplace had a lower level of anxiety and increased vitality. Practicing stretches each day helps to loosen tight muscles, improve blood circulation, and sends a signal to the brain that the body is relaxed.

This breaks the anxiety cycle. Some examples of yoga exercises include the cat-cow, downward dog, and pigeon pose.


Although some of the most effective natural remedies for treating anxiety can be found in the form of vitamins, supplements can also be effective in relieving symptoms. A supplement containing Vitamin B6 may help with methylation, which is essential for the production of serotonin. 

In addition, it may help with iron deficiencies. Assembled in the right dosage, B complex vitamins may help the symptoms of anxiety. Ashwagandha is also a potent herb in Ayurvedic healing and is known as Indian ginseng. Its benefits include reducing anxiety without drowsiness and stabilizing the body’s reaction to stress.

A gluten-free diet may also reduce anxiety symptoms in celiac patients. In addition, a gluten-free diet may help improve gut health, which is a crucial part of metabolic treatments for anxiety. Furthermore, there’s a link between gluten-free diets and zonulin, a chemical messenger that has been linked to anxiety. And a high-fiber diet may help your body detoxify itself and feel less anxious.


Adaptogens are plant-based compounds that help the body bounce back from stressful situations including anxiety. A good example are compounds from hybrid strains. These compounds are known to affect the HPA axis, the same system responsible for the production of stress hormones like cortisol.

By regulating this system, these adaptogens can help your body achieve balance and avoid symptoms like sleepiness, fatigue, and stress. If you want to experience the benefits of adaptogens, you should choose a high-quality supplement. This adaptogen is used to improve hormonal balance and reduce the effects of anxiety.

In addition, adaptogens can enhance the body’s nonspecific resistance to stress and anxiety. While research has been limited in terms of the benefits of adaptogens, advocates say that these plants act as a natural training method for the body to cope with stress.

Specifically, they promote neuroprotection, antidepressive, and anxiolytic activity. These compounds also increase mental work capacity and tolerance to mental exhaustion. Recent pharmacological studies provide molecular rationalization for these effects.

You can find adaptogens in a variety of forms. Some are sold as a powder, while others are a part of teas and smoothies. For example, holy basil can be used in place of the traditional basil in a pesto or added to soups. Schizandra berries are a traditional Chinese adaptogen.

You can also buy them frozen or use them in soups. Astragalus root is also available as a tea or astragalus berry powder. You can also buy liquid tinctures of these herbs and mix them into your favorite beverage.

Bottom Line

Often, the root cause of anxiety is an experience in the past. Past events like physical abuse, neglect, and social exclusion may have a negative impact on the sufferer’s life. Other situations in life, such as money issues, loneliness, or job-related problems, may also be the source of anxiety.

Whatever the cause, there are many alternative ways to treat anxiety and other psychological disorders. And with the right kind of these alternative ways, even mild anxiety can be reduced.

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