Henri Pfr Net Worth

Henri Pfr is a french athlete with an estimated net worth of $400,000.

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Henri Pfri is a musician who has composed music for films and TV shows.

His musical influence, his training in theory, are clear in his music. He has spent most of his life training in piano and studying music theory. He also spent a lot of time playing in bands.

Then he discovered hiphop when he was 13 and a half years old.

Early Life 

He studied acting in the Netherlands at the Leiden University.


‘Wave Goodbye’ is a mix of electronic and acoustic sounds, as well as some vocal samples. It features a string solo and piano in the background, with the drum and bass beat being the foreground.

Peiffer’s music was later released on Sony Music, with ‘One People’ and ‘Home’ and remained at the top of the Belgian charts for a few months, and platinum in Belgium.

He is the first person born, raised and registered in the city of Brussels to be so honored. In his speech during the ceremony, he thanked his mother and father who had encouraged him to be independent, to be himself and to follow his passions. He emphasized the importance of being true to himself.

It was the year that people all across the world started calling him the King of Trance and he was honoured for that.


Favorite Quotes From Henri Pfr

His real name is Henry Pfr. He simply removed vowels in his last name and used some special software to make the PFR. However, it’s annoying sometimes as people sometimes say his name as Henry and they mix up the letters.

I think I’d like to thank my dad, for being my biggest fan.
It’s also a great honour to get my father to come along for this one, this really is a father/son moment.
So I’m really so excited that my dad’s here with me.
[Henri Pfr]: He has been travelling all the way from Spain to be here in the studio with me right now. I am so proud of him.

“I’m doing fine, thank you! I was a bit down in October, and I think it’s important to talk about it. I thought I should not lie to my community and insist on the fact you shouldn’t be afraid to talk or seek help if you need to.”

For the sake of completeness (as someone pointed out in the comments), I will add an example of a (very) non-paraphrase.

3 Lessons From Henri Pfr

In life, we must always work hard, give it our best, never give up, and enjoy every moment, we must always love ourselves, and be kind to everyone around us.

1. Appreciate 

When you give someone the gift of appreciation for a job well done or a happy occasion, you show them the beauty of the world.

2. Be Friends With the Right People 

By surrounding yourself with people who have goals and dreams, the you will become the best you can be.

3. Stress Away 

This is not the first time that you have told me about this.
I don’t know what you need to do about this, but this is something that you need to help you with.


Seed: One of the most underrated producers of the scene, Seed is an extremely versatile DJ who goes as hard as he can. He’s not afraid to take risks, play the kind of electronic music that others don’t, and has a great passion for house music.

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