Tom Macdonald Net Worth

Tom has an estimated net worth of $40 million dollars.


Tom MacDonald is one of the richest celebrities in the world. His net worth is $100 thousand.

He is a Canadian rapper that writes songs about his own sexuality.

He started the YouTube channel in 2008 while he was doing his studies in the UK and while working as a waiter. His videos have become so popular worldwide that they have more than 7 million subscribers on the channel.

Early Life 

At the age of 11 he knew he liked rap but he didn’t know what kind of music he wanted to be in.

He’s also not afraid to sing about issues in society. His songs often contain strong language, and are often not politically correct.


Tom MacDonald’s debut album has been one hell of a ride this year. After his first single, ‘Everybody Hates Me’, Tom released a couple more singles. And then he released his self-titled album. ‘If I was Black’ is quite different from his other projects.

During April 2020, he released 2 singles, ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Coronavirus’, which were big hits.

In his music, he doesn’t only make songs but he also talks about different topics. One of the topics which he talks about is the economy of the country and the current political situation.

MacDonald is constantly trying to share his own beliefs and struggles with the public. As a result, he has made a name for himself as a singer who is outspoken about his beliefs.

Tom’s lastest singles ‘Clown World’ and ‘Fake Woke’ and ‘Dear Slim’ which incorporated a beat produced the one and only Eminem.

He became popular on YouTube by posting videos of him playing the piano and singing.

In July 2022, Tom MacDonald’s net worth had grown to $100 thousand.


Tom MacDonald finished his career with 12 points (5 goals, 7 assists) for the University of Victoria Vikes, which allowed him to get a spot on an NCAA Division I roster.

Favorite Quotes From Tom MacDonald 

The future of music is in digital sales alone. For artists to survive and for the music industry to thrive, we need to embrace all platforms equally rather than fight against them. We can’t control how people consume music, but we do know that the best way to build a healthy and sustainable business for our artists is to take advantage of all platforms equally.

“It’s hard to explain, but I knew that when I got to that point it would feel right so I just kind of made a decision and went with it.” – Tom MacDonald

The video features many shots in which Tom MacDonald is seen playing the instrument while simultaneously performing.

1 Life Lesson From Tom MacDonald

If you are looking to earn your money quickly, and for long-lasting success; you need to have more than the average person.

1. Be Yourself 

Don’t feel guilty for your mistakes. Be honest with those you love, and never stop loving yourself…


Tom MacDonald grew up listening to hip-hop music. It was this culture that fueled his fire for art, poetry, and music. Tom MacDonald is an artist that is full of passion and passion for everything he does.

As of 20 July 2022: Tom MacDonald is worth $100,000.00.

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