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Pinault is the founder of Kering, which owns Gucci and other luxury goods brands.
Pinault is also ranked number 26 on Forbes Magazine’s Billionaires List.

Pinault is one of the richest businessmen in the world. His net worth is more than $18 billion. He is an art collector and he collects Van Gogh’s painting.

Early Life 

François-Henri Pinault was born as the son of François Pinault and Louise Gautier. He attended the prestigious international business school ‘HEC School of Management,’ located in Paris, France. In 1997, Pinault along with two other individuals co-founded the company Kering, an international clothing line.

His studies didn’t only focus on his scientific interests, but also on the world around him. He wanted to understand people and their behavior.


Pinault joined the ‘PPR’ group in 1987. This group was founded by his father in 1963. Pinault later joined the group ‘Dassault-Delamarche’ in 1997.

He was also the chairman of the board of directors of the group, and led the company through a difficult period as he faced a variety of challenges and had to address the growing instability of the world economy in the early 2000s.

The Fnac company was a shareholder in PPR, which created the company’s luxury division. This was one of the reasons why he was named the CEO.

In a press release, he announced “I consider that the Pinault group is at a crossroads in the world of luxury, and I wish to play a central role in the next development of the group, to continue to give it that ambition, that entrepreneurialism, that dynamism”.

Mr. Pinault said that he believes that he will outdo Louis Vuitton in the coming years. He also said that the LVMH Group wanted to focus on the luxury sector, which is why Kering’s sports & lifestyle division was sold.

Francois Pinault is the third richest person in France.


Pinault is one of the biggest names in the film industry, but his career has been a rocky road. He started as a businessman with a company called Artemis, which manufactured cameras and lenses and was one of the first companies to start selling digital cameras.

Favorite Quotes from Francois Pinault 

As a founder of Kering, Mr. Pinault’s confidence that the future will be dominated by those that understand sustainability stems from his knowledge that his company understands the power of the future. In doing so, he has enabled Kering to develop sustainable models of production and consumption, which has made Kering’s companies far more innovative.

If the church is a place where you go to feel the warmth of community and belonging, and to express your faith, art is a great place to do that. I am so inspired by artists and their work. They have a deep passion for their subjects and I love their sincerity. They share a deep faith in their subjects and share their faith with the world through their work. They are a great inspiration, and they keep me inspired.

3 Business Lessons from Francois Pinault and Kering

Success is about work, and nothing more.

Never stop learning from people who have gone before you, and it’s only through persistence that you will achieve any level of success.

Always make time for your people, because they have a valuable asset that you don’t.

The biggest asset you can have is your team, and they should always be given the respect and appreciation they deserve.

1. It All Starts With the CEO 

Pinault’s passion for sustainability created a great opportunity for Daveu. At Kering, sustainability is an opportunity. Sustainability creates value.

We believe sustainability to be a new paradigm in the energy industry. When we say paradigm shift we are talking about a change in the way we do business.

2. We Are The Best, But We Can Do Better 

One of the key principles behind the strategy at Kering is putting “the customer first.” Kering has spent countless millions of euros creating the brands that it sells.

With the group now being published on the public stock exchange with the new code of conduct and code of ethics in place, it has a strong foundation upon which to build a continued improvement process. This is further emphasized by the fact that a global environmental business strategy that incorporates sustainability at the core has been in place for many years now by Puma. Furthermore, Puma has also set in place a sustainability committee at Puma, consisting of external advisors who help with the process of improving and developing the company’s sustainability commitment.

3. Sustainable Business Requires Green Manpower 

Kering’s Sustainability department has 50 people in total. Kering has different people that come from different different areas in terms of industry. For instance, Kering has a person from a textile firm, a person from the luxury goods sector, a person from the food industry, a person from the electronics sector, a person from the fashion sector and a person from logistics. All these people are involved in coming up with Kering’s sustainability policy.


He is the president of two prestigious Parisian institutions – the Institut du Monde Arabe (Ima) and the Institute of Contemporary Music (IMO). He is also the president of a cultural foundation (Fondation Pinault de l’Institut de France) whose mission is to support and promote the diffusion of classical music and ballet.

French billionaire businessman François Pinault is now worth 50 billion dollars.

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