J Cole Net Worth

Cole is currently ranked at number 9 on the latest Forbes’ Rich 200 list.

J Cole has an estimated net worth of $60 million.

While the mainstream media might not know him in the same capacity as other rappers, he has been slowly building his fanbase over the years. He has been featured on many albums with popular artists, helping him to gain traction and a following.

And since he has earned a fair amount of money within past decade, he might as well start looking for a way to spend it.

Jermaine Cole was born in a low income home, and grew up with a father who was not well-educated. He attended a public school and was a fairly good student, but was also very much a target of gangs. After a few years of high school, he decided to join the military and enlist in the Marines on a path to a better life.

Early Life

Cole was born on a military base and he is also the only U.S. Military kid in the acting business. He was born in Frankfurt, Germany. His mother is a former postal worker, and his father was a former soldier for the U.S. Army. He was also the last child born in the house his family lived in, which has been torn down now.

When Cole was 12 years old, his mother bought him a music sampler for Christmas. It inspired him to start producing as well.

In May of 2015, J. Cole delivered his second studio album, The Fall Off. He attended St. John’s University.


At around the age of 13, Cole began writing his own lyrics and eventually started making beat-songs. He began producing beats using only a computer and a microphone. At this age, he had notebooks filled with lyrics and ideas.

He worked hard to become better at producing music at home. He played his songs on forums, and after a couple of years, his songs became more and more popular, until he was selling out concerts.

Jermaine released his debut mixtape in 2007, titled ‘The Come Up’. He followed up the release with ‘The Warm Up’ two years later. This time, his work was noticed by many, and he got an opportunity to collaborate on a track with Jay-Z.

With an eclectic back catalogue of records to his name, and his latest single ‘Summertime’ being certified platinum in the UK, you would think he might be ready to take over the world.

During his time off from music, Cole spent his years working at Home Depot, taking classes at NYU, and even getting married.

J Cole’s net worth is estimated to be $60 million and has accumulated while he has been making music since 2008.

J Cole has been earning the same amount which is $60 Million annually for the past 6 years.


Here’s a list of the best highlights of his career so far.

Favorite Quotes from J Cole

As much as I want to, I can’t get myself to care about how much time I spend outside. I can’t get myself to care about the seasons.

If you dream like you never seen obstacles then you’re always in a position to overcome them.

Don’t ever give up hope. Your life can change in a year. Even when it’s dark out, the sun is shining somewhere.

If you don’t like being yourself, than you have a problem, and not J Cole.

Pain is the only way a body learns and grows. Lose, don’t give in. Most of life’s lessons are learned in pain.

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3 Keys to Success from J Cole

1. Take A Chance on What You Love

Jay-Z is famous for the fact that he doesn’t reject people, his company is called Roc Nation. He also is famous for not being afraid to take chances on new talent.

2. Start Young

At the age of 12, Jermaine began to be interested in music, and he didn’t wait. He began to improve his producing skills, and writing songs. At age 14 he had a notebook filled with his own songs, and he was ready to begin his music career.

3. Always Be Learning

While J Cole’s work ethic was always there, he also learned to get his hands dirty. His efforts finally paid off, as he had his first major hit, 2014’s “Crooked Smile”.


I’m a successful recording artist and I have a lot of great quotes, and people love my quotes from Wealthy Gorilla.

J Cole’s net worth is estimated to be $60 million and has accumulated while he has been making music since 2008.

J Cole has been earning the same amount which is $60 Million annually for the past 6 years.

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