Evander Holyfield Net Worth

Holyfield has a net worth of $150 million. He earned that net worth by being one of the world’s best boxers over the years. While he didn’t become the heavyweight champion until 1991, he was a world champ until he retired in 2001.


Holyfield became a professional boxer and earned the WBA world heavyweight championship belt in the process.

The boxer was born on 12 March 1973 in Jamaica. He won his first world title in 1996 when he won the WBC championship. The boxer won a second title in 2001 and a third title in 2011.

On November 11, 1992, he lost the titles to James Toney.

Evander Holyfield is estimated to be wealthy with a net worth between $1 and $10 million.

Evander Holyfield in the year 2020 had a net worth of approximately $1 million dollars.

Early Life 

Holyfield played football in school but was later forced to drop out due to a broken ankle. He started working at a local gas station and became good friends with one of the owners, who helped Holyfield start a wrestling training school.

Holyfield began boxing when he was seven years old. By the time he was 15, he had won the junior boxing tournament. At 17, he became the Southeastern Regional Champion. At 24, he earned a total of 160 wins.


He was the champion of the cruiserweight division for two years, and he even fought for the World Championship in 1985. At that time, he fought two title fights. After making a few unsuccessful attempts, he won the WBA title on November 15, 1986 in a fight against Dwight Muhammad Qawi.

Holyfield got his first victory as a heavyweight as he defeated Buster Douglas in 1988. Then in 1992, he lost against Riddick Bowe but regained the title the next year.

Holyfield had many noteworthy victories against notable fighters such as George Foreman, Larry Holmes, Riddick Bowe, Ray Mercer, Michael Tyson, Mike Moorer, John Ruiz, Michael Dokes, and Hasim Rahman.

In 2001, he became the first heavyweight champion to win a rematch after losing to Tyson. The fight was won by Lennox Lewis after knocking out Michael Grant.

He retired when he was 45 and, according to the Ring Magazine, he was ranked 77th on their list of ‘100 Greatest Punchers of All Time’. He is now in the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

It is estimated that after the retirement of boxing superstar Evander Holyfield, his net worth will decline to $800,000.

How Does Evander Holyfield Spend His Money? 

Evander Holyfield has had a tough time budgeting his money. He has bought a few nice new cars and watches.

Evander Holyfield’s Vehicles 

Holyfield says he has a garage full of cars, and most of them are classic cars. He’s got a Hummer, a Ducati, and a Bentley Continental T.

Evander Holyfield’s Watches 

I have a very special watch and I would like to give it to you for
Christmas. And you can’t have it. Oh, that’s a shame, because I want
to take this watch with me.


Evander Holyfield had some fun with the media as he was leaving the ring after a career that included wins over the likes of Larry Holmes, Leon Spinks, Thomas Hearns, James Toney, and Riddick Bowe.

Favorite Quotes from Evander Holyfield

The absence of boxing on television in the U.S. in the past twenty years doesn’t reflect the current state of our boxing community. The reason we don’t see boxing on TV anymore is because it’s a dying sport, and I am glad to report that in this regard we are catching up to the world.

When it comes to having an amazing boxing career, nothing compares to what Evander Holyfield has accomplished. No one had even imagined that the greatest heavyweight champion that the world has ever seen would start his boxing career so early in the day. But on October 31, 1984, Evander Holyfield stepped into the ring and defeated a fighter named Lionel Byarm. Byarm was not only a tough opponent, he was a real boxer who knew what he was doing. He attacked Holyfield from the first minute, trying to take the title from him.

5 Life Lessons from Evander Holyfield

Here are some lessons we can learn from Evander Holyfield’s life and business: You too can achieve great financial security by focusing on your personal strengths and becoming a master of those strengths. You should strive to be better today than you were yesterday. You never know what career path will pay off the best; therefore, you have to be versatile and adaptable.

1. Face Your Fears 

When you start to face your fears at a young age, that makes a difference if you are a champion or not.

2. Setbacks 

That is something good but not great.

3. Do What’s Necessary 

Having a sound mind isn’t enough. Having a good mind means you don’t need to do a lot of the things you need to do.

4. Respect Yourself 

The reason this issue is so important is that it’s the beginning of life. I mean, if you could have a baby without using a condom or birth control, it’d be like, hey, you can do anything. Even though there’s a risk, you can pretty much do your thing and have a kid, and that’s really important.

5.  Take Chances 

A good singer
will definitely hit the high note.
So, I think,
when it comes to music,
we all try to take chances.
We try to sing our songs best
to our audience in hopes that we will be successful.

The key is for us to enjoy it.

I love hearing how they play together so much.


In the beginning of his boxing career, Evander Holyfield was a well-known boxer. He was also an undisputed champion in the cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions. In 1984, he won a bronze medal and fought undefeated in his professional career.

Evander Holyfield is estimated to be wealthy with a net worth between $1 and $10 million.

Evander Holyfield in the year 2020 had a net worth of approximately $1 million dollars.

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