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Anthony Joshua is a professional boxer from the United Kingdom. He was born in London on 13 June 1987 as Oluwafemi Sotunde Anthony Joshua. He holds the British and Commonwealth title of the world Boxing Super-Heavyweight champion and is ranked number three in the world by the International Boxing Federation.


He is the WBA, IBF and lineal Heavyweight champion of the world, winning the WBA belt at the 2019 World Boxing Super Series World Championships in New Zealand.

As of November 2017, Anthony Joshua’s net worth is $100 Million, making him the richest boxer in the world.

Early Life 

He was raised by his grandmother as his mother had passed away at the age of 8. With his grandmother, Joshua spent most of his time watching football, and eating. When he was 9 years old, his grandmother died, at the age of 62, and Joshua was brought to live in Lagos, the capital of Nigeria.

In September 1993, Joshua joined Watford Football Club and immediately impressed the Manager.
He earned a call up to the England National Schoolboys’ team, eventually becoming Captain in August 1997.


He beat people with the same name in the National Amateur Championships. He beat people he had no interest in fighting. He did well in the British and European Amateur Championships and he won the Junior British Title.

In June 2011, he beat Eric Berechlin and Cathal McMonagle, both Irish boxers. He was however interrupted by the Romanian Mihai Nistor.

At 32 years, he is the second youngest boxer at the London Olympics after Anthony Joshua.
[Original]: He is the first South African boxer to win Olympic boxing gold medals in 2012 and 2016.

The fight was the most important for Joshua. He was a young boxer looking to become part of boxing history.

He agreed to fight Joseph Parker after receiving the mandatory rematch. The fight was supposed to take place in December 2017. The fight was confirmed on 18 June 2017.

After defeating Jhonatan Romero in December 2014, Joshua successfully retained his WBA, IBF, and IBO belts.

In a recent interview, Canelo said that he didn’t want to fight at 155, he wanted a bigger, better fight. He wants the biggest one possible.

Anthony Joshua is an American heavyweight boxer. The net worth of Joshua is $80 Million.


Anthony Joshua has been one of the world’s best boxers since he started his professional career. He has also been a world champion and the IBF champion for 11 years.

Favorite Quotes from Anthony Joshua 

Anthony Joshua’s boxing career is the antithesis of the one most people imagine. He likes to let his opponents slip through his defenses with clever counters. He prefers to wait and shoot them down from a distance. It is the style of a sniper, and he’s a sniper.

I don’t know much about Anthony Joshua but his description of cardio as a thing to start the morning is exactly the thing I think about on days like this. I like to do some form of cardio in the morning but I don’t do it on the bike because there’s no way to do it with headphones on.

Anthony Joshua is currently the unified WBA/IBO/IBF, lineal IBO and WBA heavyweight champion. He made an appearance at WBA’s press conference today ahead of his title match with Joseph Parker in Auckland, New Zealand, on February 22. Parker is WBA’s mandatory challenger and Joshua has already beat WBA titlist Alexander Povetkin and IBF titleholder Beibut Shumenov.

In a way I think. When you pray you are mentally put in a position of surrender and you ask. You ask for a specific thing for a specific reason. You pray to gain insight into a situation in your life.

I’m always going to the ring with some level of butterflies, but I’m always going there excited about it, eager to prove a point. That makes it a lot easier.

3 Leadership Lessons from Anthony Joshua 

This is a great lesson for all leaders. Once you accomplish your goal, make sure the people you want to accomplish something with you, are behind you 100%. Keep them close and you will succeed like you have never before.

1. Highly Principled

After the fight, Joshua said he was happy to have reached the title despite the defeat, and that he respected his opponent.

I am so grateful that you fought against me in the ring. I am grateful that my faith was tested and strengthened by you. I am grateful that God allowed me to grow through the experience. I am grateful that God was with me every moment, until the very end.

He is already operating within a framework – a very explicit set of guidelines by which he operates. And so, when someone approaches him to do something – from a position of weakness – he does not hesitate to turn them away because he has already made a choice and that choice is to operate by the very principles that guide his life and are a core part of who he is, as opposed to being influenced by emotional pressure of any kind.

Great leaders get things done. Joshua led the Jewish people into their promised land.

2. Makes Contact

What we do as coaches here is to teach them how they can develop their own personal ability to connect in this way. This is the essence of communication.

3. True Learner

Josh is a pro at getting in the zone. He trains hard and box after box to get a win. He is a pro at putting the work in, getting in the zone and getting it done.


Anthony Joshua is a British professional boxer and a national champion in different weight divisions. In his boxing career, he has been represented by the British Olympic Team.

Joshua was never a favourite of many fighters in the UK. The lack of an opportunity to fight in a country where he had a following, made Joshua an outsider. This was one of the deciding factors that made Joshua an underdog.

The heavyweight champion is considered one of the most marketable boxers to the general public.

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