J.k Rowling Net Worth

It’s estimated to be 2.3 million dollars.


According to financial disclosures by the author, she earned around $9.8 million in 2017.

J.K. Rowling is an English author, best known for creating the Harry Potter franchise.

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Rowling started at the bottom of the pile in life. With hard work and dedication she rose to the top. She is an inspiration and a role model for many.

After facing so many problems in her life, J.K. Rowling went on to write some fabulous best selling fictional stories, and with her books being popular, she has made millions out of them.

Early life

This week, she was featured on the front cover of the Sunday Times’ new celebrity 100 rich list.

So she graduated from Exeter University. It’s a small private university.

She was offered a job after a year in Portugal. She worked as a researcher in London before moving to Manchester. Due to her expertise in the language, she was later enrolled in an advertising assignment which caused her to move to Portugal. She later married a Portuguese and had a daughter in the latter half of 1993.

J.K. Rowling returned to the UK to live with her sister. In order to get away from her abusive husband, she wanted to make a break in her life. It was a dark time for her. She started to feel depressed and was overwhelmed with sadness.

She had thought of suicide as the only way out for herself when she felt no life even after completing her graduation.

The dementor is a monster in the first Harry Potter book. According to J.K. Rowling, the dementor was based on her own thoughts that ran in her mind when she was battling with depression and suicidal tendencies.

She started writing at the age of 20. It seemed like she had been doing it all right, and after a while, she thought that she would never stop. She kept writing and writing and eventually came to know and love the medium. Her first novel was published when she was 27.


One reader recommended that she submit the manuscript with her husband, Steve Perry, to HarperCollins. She did and was later offered a book deal. At this point, she became a full-time writer and spent every waking minute writing a book. Her family was supportive, but they were not quite sure how to handle the sudden influx of money, because she was now going to be a full-time writer and was going to need to find a job as well.

In order to sell this book, it had to be published in the UK, which was a very difficult thing to do, because the publishers in London said that there were no women around who could write about magic. The publishers were just not interested in Harry Potter. But luckily, a few publishers did it anyway because they believed that they could make a lot of money.

The success of J.K. Rowling’s first book became so overwhelming that it was published in the USA under the name ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’. It was in 1997 that Rowling wrote the script of this book.

The movie series began with a little film called Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 2001, followed by Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in 2002, and then Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2007.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was released in the year 2000, and within the first 48 hours of its release, it sold 3 million copies, a new record for the fastest-selling book in the history of the world.

The fifth installment of the series ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ came out 3 years later making everyone think that Rowling had hit a writer block when she hadn’t.

The release of the last book in the series caused some delays to the development of the final episode of the game as the team were busy with the launch of the seventh installment of the saga.

Rowling made a lot of money off of the Harry Potter books. This made her a lot of money off of the movies and was a major success.

After many years of effort, the author finally reached an unimaginable career and income.


The Harry Potter series is a wizard fantasy series. It is a collection of seven novels and four non-fiction books. It is set in an ancient school, Hogwarts, and follows the story of Harry Potter.

Favorite Quotes from J.K. Rowling

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if we remember to turn on the light.

We can live in our dreams, but we should also live every moment.

It is our choices that manifest our personality and reveal our values.

Harry Potter’s friends always welcome him back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

There is nothing good or bad. Only power and those who lack it.

If you’ve got enough nerve, you can do anything and be anything.

The end of the world is a dark and sad time in which good and evil will be tested. You alone will have to choose between what is right and what is easy.

There was definitely a lot of talk about the importance of writing stories with a strong female protagonist. But I honestly don’t think that we’re seeing that in Harry Potter yet.


However, not only has she not lost her millionaire status, but she has still managed to make a small fortune for herself and her charitable activities. She is also known for her philanthropic efforts, particularly to the world at large.

One can only fight to overcome the struggles they face, even if they have nobody to fall back upon. For example, Rowling faced many challenges throughout her life.

Her mother’s death was one of the more important influences on her story-telling, but she did try to write it so that it had the effect of showing how her emotions were affected by the situation.

Although the Harry Potter saga is considered to be a masterpiece of story-telling, it could also be considered a classic case of storytelling done well.

If you’re a fan of “Harry Potter” who’s thinking about trying to make it big as a writer, you should consider how much you’ll get paid. That’s according to a report from Forbes.

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