50 Famous Evander Holyfield Quotes & Sayings

I love his first quote. Even though he didn’t win, he didn’t lose either. Evander Holyfield is my hero.

Holyfield was the 1984 U.S. Olympic Boxing Team member who retired in 1996 with a professional boxing record of 60-5-3 with 21 knockouts and is the only U.S. Olympian to win the world heavyweight championships (WBC) six times.

Holyfield is regarded as one of the best boxers of all time and a lot of people will attest to the fact that in the early days, he was the boxing hero of many people who had no idea about the sport of boxing.

Evander Holyfield is one of the greatest Heavyweights in the history of the heavyweight division.
He may not be the best boxer, but the best puncher.

50 Famous Evander Holyfield Quotes & Sayings

If you aren’t delighted by your work, then you’ve already lost.

Holyfield said that people ask if he would have fought Tyson. The answer is that he would have if Bruno had knocked out the first guy. That would have been enough for him. If they had fought each other then Holyfield would have knocked Tyson out.

If you get mad every time something doesn’t go your way, then you’ll be mad all through your life.

Bruce Lee had great agility and speed, but was a smaller man than his opponents. He could be the biggest guy, but he could go against the largest and most powerful man. He was strong, disciplined, and used a unique approach to martial arts that became a hallmark of the sport.

Don’t be a wimp. There is no perfect performance, so don’t take any chances, it’s just the way it is. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try hard, but you can’t please everyone. You can be yourself, express yourself, and have fun with it. You don’t always have to be perfect.

The best way to get over your fear of starting something is to go ahead and do it. This applies to all types of fear including fear of public speaking!

Holyfield was able to dance in the Olympics thanks to having some experience in martial arts. He said he enjoyed dancing and that it wasn’t as hard as he thought it would be.

A lot of people thought that it would be amazing to box Holyfield, but this is what I always wanted. I’d love to say that it’s a shame, because he’d be really good in a rematch with George Foreman, but I’m not. Holyfield is really bad, and he makes the most money of any boxer. His work ethic is horrible, and he never shows up to fights. But I can’t deny that I’ve always wanted to see him and George do a rematch. They would be a great fight. I wish I could be there.

Holyfield has suffered from a variety of injuries over the years and his fights have always been close affairs. To win an Olympic medal and to claim a world title, the great heavyweight needed adjustments before each bout.

10th of 50 Evander Holyfield Quotes

Holyfield was talking about his boxing matches and said the style of fighting in a boxing match wasn’t for him. Fighting is not easy and he said he needed a lot of things in his favor in order to win.

Tyson was real sweet. He was like a teddy bear. The first time I met him was when I was about 26 years old. I was at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles. I went to the room where he was being held and when I entered the room he was in he said, “I heard you’re the future heavyweight champion of the world,” and he shook my hand and that was the first time I met him. It was a magical night. I remember walking out of the room and that was the first time I ever saw him.

Holyfield says that the pain he felt when he got his ear cut off did not match the pain that Tyson felt, and that the pain felt by Tyson could not compare to the pain that he felt.
[Interpretation]: Holyfield says that Tyson felt nothing when he cut his ear off, which meant that the pain was unbearable for him.

Holyfield wants to get into the wrestling ring as a regular, and is looking for all the training he can get.

Holyfield tells us that he had a great life following his religion and instincts.

When someone says ‘no one has freedom of speech or opinion’, they are not only ignoring the vast majority of people who are free to exercise their right to speak out, but they are also putting a very narrow, limited view on what freedom of speech really means.

When you take the time and effort to show people who you are, you are a champion. You show your worth by stepping up and doing things in a way that takes confidence and courage.

Holyfield has boxed in over 80 fights, defeating some of the greatest boxers of his time. The former world champion also owns a career professional record of 50 wins and just one loss. When he is not in the ring, Holyfield has found success in other industries, like hosting reality show The Contender in 2003, and having his own talk show.

Bruno Sammartino was a real man of iron. He was not afraid of anything. He had a great sense of responsibility. He was a true professional. After all, he was the champion of the world. And he deserved respect. I wanted to remind him of that. But it was so long ago. And it didn’t seem like I could make any impression on him. I didn’t feel comfortable telling him about boxing.

I was just another guy in the room.

Holyfield set the goal of being the undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World.

20th of 50 Evander Holyfield Quotes

I want to rejuvenate and refresh myself on the court, and also on the life.

Holyfield is now retired from boxing and doing well as a business owner. He says his decision to avoid politics has been the right one.

Success is the best form of failure because it’s how you get back up. Failure is the best way to grow and to develop.

When a person opens his heart to others, he shows the true value of his character.

Evander Holyfield said that the word of God keeps him grounded and gives him the strength to endure and overcome all the trials and tribulations that he had to endure while competing in the boxing ring.

I make sure I have the proper amount of protein before I exercise because I don’t want to get stranded.

Holyfield won the world heavyweight championship three times. He was the first boxer to win both the Olympic gold and World championship titles, and the only man to win the Olympic gold twice. He also won three heavyweight titles, before losing to Tyson in the first round of their rematch in 1997 at the Mike Tyson-Mike Jacobs fight. He said that he never won one fight that he didn’t expect to win, and that he always made the right decisions.

Holyfield mentions two things during the interview. First, people keep reminding him that he’s turning 41 next month. He then says that boxing is brutal.

As you can tell from the title of the chapter, the chapter is about envy. People who are jealous of your success are also not willing to do the work that is necessary to get what you want.

In another example, there is a chapter entitled “Who’s Your Daddy?”. It’s interesting because it refers to the idea of having or feeling like having a father figure to guide you.

Holyfield was a relatively unknown heavyweight prospect when he first fought at Madison Square Garden. But he fought his guts out for a decision victory against former world champion Lionel Byarm. He would later become the undisputed Heavyweight champion of the world. The win also came on an HBO fight card, the first time the network would air boxing pay-per-view events.

30th of 50 Evander Holyfield Quotes

In a fight, a fighter might come across as unfazed even when his opponent starts to hurt him. It is because he thinks that the other guy is being over exaggerated or not even that hurt. Once you see a fighter like this, it’s time to get worried, because he’s hiding something.

When it comes to training, you need to stay agile in your workouts. Keep your feet moving quickly and don’t allow yourself to be complacent.

Tyson may be bigger and more powerful, but there are a lot of things about Toney that Tyson doesn’t understand. Toney is a real fighter. I’m not sure I can beat him, but I’m going to try.

Tyson’s training style
[Tyson]: When the big fight comes, I will have to fight smarter, as I am right now, because I’m fighting for my life. I need to keep my speed and I need to box smart because he’s fighting for his life, too.

There are a few things in life that make me sick in the gut. One of them is leaving the gym feeling like you’ve never been there before. Another is not feeling the same about the way you look as you did before the workout.

The way Holyfield says “fighters find it hard to give up” makes me wonder if he thinks that fighters are forced to do what they do because that’s who they are. It’s that mindset that keeps fighters in the business.

Evander Holyfield states one of the biggest problems when it comes to boxing in the United States is the lack of interest. Because of this there are a lot of people who are not as interested in the sport and thus they have much less knowledge of the sport and in turn this makes finding information and information about the sport difficult.

As a fighter, when the pressure hits it is a moment of truth. If your mind can overcome that pressure it proves that you can compete at any level.

If Evander Holyfield was a real champion you know what he would be. I think it is a shame the drug was legalized. I feel that if it hadn’t been for steroids all these years, we would have more champions. It would be fun to see someone kick your ass in the ring.

I’m saying, if you quit, you’re just gonna have to live with the fact you didn’t quit. Life sucks. If you quit, well, you just gotta deal with living with the fact that you didn’t quit.

Holyfield is a former world heavyweight champion who was raised by foster parents. He was once reported as having been whipped by his mother for being disrespectful to her.

40th of 50 Evander Holyfield Quotes

Having a sound mind leads to doing what must be done in our personal lives.

A man could say this about his mother, but his mother had already beaten him up and made him a good man.

The US team didn’t even show up for their first Olympic since 1968. But what were the Americans thinking? Why did they boycott the games? Many suspected that the US was being punished for its mistreatment of African-American citizens during the Civil Rights Movement. For example, some Americans were forced to sit at the back of the bus before they were allowed to go to school or go to church.

Holyfield said that in the heavyweight division, people think you can only have a title if you beat all the other champions, which isn’t the case. He said he would beat all the champion but it doesn’t matter if you beat a lot because no one is going to remember.

I think that I can now forgive him for the things he did to me, I am now a forgiving person. I have learned from my mistakes.

Holyfield started boxing in a gym in the projects. He didn’t have a good education. He was a born fighter. Everything starts with confidence.

Holyfield’s father was a sharecropper. His mother didn’t have any formal education, but she taught Holyfield self-reliance and hard work. They also made sure Holyfield read the bible.

Holyfield said he has seen everything in boxing and he knows this business better than anyone. So he lives and dies by his own decisions.

Holyfield was talking about his fighter, George Foreman. At the time, Holyfield was fighting Foreman. Foreman was one of those fighters who would try to be the hardest and meanest.

Evander Holyfield was a boxer who was born in Mississippi in 1960. He became world champion in 1988 and in 1991 and retired in 1996. He became more famous after appearing in the movie Rocky V, which included a part where he beat a fighter in the middle of the ring. He was also featured on the TV show Iron Chef as well as the movie, The Rock, that featured him as a main character. He is an African American and grew up with his mother. He grew up in the projects in Philadelphia, Mississippi where he was raised by his mom. He would beat up anyone who tried to fight him as he told the story in his autobiography.

Young Indian boxers have started to do well on the world stage. Although they have been gaining the attention of the general public.


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