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[Rich Brian]: I wouldn’t say it’s bad. I’m an engineer, I’m an independent contractor, I’m not on any salary…. my business is growing, I’m really happy about that. I’m on a good trajectory.


In addition to his net worth, Rich Brian is worth around $1 million dollars, and has earned over $5 million in the last 5 years alone.

I think some people might not know about this rapper so I’ll introduce him here. He is from Indonesia and he has a very unique style of music. He has some catchy songs but I think he’s not as known as other Indonesian rappers.

Early Life 

He enjoyed studying the Chinese language at his primary school. He was an avid writer since elementary school that caused his family to encourage his writing skills.

His main hobbies were video games and internet. His parents were worried that he would spend his time playing video games and the internet instead of doing something useful.


A year later in 2016, his big break came on the music channel “Tunggu Musik” when he released his debut track “Rich Chigga (Living the Dream).” That track became an instant success with more than 2.5 million YouTube views in just two days.

Since then, he has gained a huge following. His music has been downloaded more than five million times in his native country. He also has over 20 million followers on Twitter and 50,000 followers on Instagram.

He was a big success in the US as well. After performing at the prestigious Grammys, the Grammy Awards, as the host of the show, he was invited to perform at the White House. With his star on the rise, he became one of the most influential and beloved musicians in the world.

The same month, Bad Bunny released the single, ‘Vete Con Dios,’ which featured fellow Dominican rapper Luny Tunes, making him only the second member of the duo to have a solo number one on the Latin charts.

He would be performing on the same stage as artists like Wale, Future, and J. Cole. He would be releasing the first single in the summer of 2018.

He also changed his stage name after signing a contract with SM Entertainment. He gave up his previous stage name “Brian” to make his fans take him more seriously. He also started his activities as a recording artist, and his name was changed to “Rich Brian” (리지 브라이).

In June 2018, the net worth of Rich Brian was $1 million.


Rich Brian has a resume that you’d be proud of. Rich Brian has had some of the most successful projects. Rich Brian has been involved in some very high-profile projects.

Favorite Quotes From Rich Brian 

I was homeschooled for two years. My parents did everything for me, which was sometimes nice, but it also sometimes made me really want to make my parents suffer. I wanted to be the one to decide everything, and I still do. My parents let me.

One thing that really helped me in my time at the U. I was always pretty shy, so I didn’t really really make close friends my freshmen year. However, I do realize that my English is bad, and it’s a problem, and I’m working on it. However, it definitely is improved by simply listening to music in other languages, and watching movies, etc.

Brian was very early in the game, and it wasn’t until he made a name for himself with his first single, “Dat $tick,” that he really started getting noticed. It’s probably safe to say that his success was a direct result of his online influence at the time. With over 10 million plays on Soundcloud, he’s certainly built a fan base and made a name for himself in the game.

3 Powerful Lessons From Rich Brian 

As you can see, you can achieve great success by using the best techniques and tools available to you.

1. Success

Success comes from hard work and effort.

2. Karma 

A man, when he comes into a situation that is beyond his control, does not seek to blame or hold others responsible, but takes full responsibility for the situation he finds himself in.

3. Ups and Downs 

Your life is not going to be a circle, your life is going to have ups and downs, and it will stop in a period.


The ‘Dat $tick’ singer rose to fame years ago, following the release of his debut single, ‘Dat $tick.’ The song was later certified “gold” by the ‘Recording Industry Association of America’.

He is one of the very few Indonesian musicians to achieve greater success in the American mainstream music industry.

In spite of the fact that the Rich Brian’s net worth is $1 Million, Rich Brian still lives from paycheck to paycheck.

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