Bow Wow Net Worth

Bow Wow has a net worth of $85 Million dollars.


As of August 2017, Bow Wow has 2.7 Million followers on Instagram.

Bow Wow released his first recording, Beware of Dog, when he was just in grade eleven, he released his second album, named Doggy Bag, which was released when he was only 13 years old.

Released in 2003 Bow Wow’s fourth album was Unleashed. He used the name Bow Wow to make a comeback after the success of his third album, he didn’t want to have a problem with the record company and the name Bow Wow would go with his acting careers.

Early Life

Moss is a guitarist, musician, composer, and lead vocalist for the band Shoddy.

He was raised in Reynoldsburg and his father, Alfonso Preston Moss, abandoned the family and Shad never saw him since his birth.
After leaving Cleveland State, Shad Moss studied business and graduated from the University of Dayton in 1997. He later obtained a master of business administration degree from the University of Akron.

He began his singing career at age seven with a performance on the hit television show The Mickey Mouse Club. He later appeared on the Disney hit cartoon show The Little Mermaid and he was a background dancer in the 1994 film adaptation of the classic fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast.


Lil Bow Wow’s first album was a hit. His second album Lil’ Bow Wow with Xscape, released in 2004, also became a huge success and he appeared on the cover of Vibe magazine. He has been working on his album ‘Lil’ Bow Wow’ under the label of Universal Records.

In 2002, he released his second album ‘Doggy Bag’ which sold more than 1.1 copies in the US. The album included hit songs like ‘Take Ya Home’ and ‘Thank You’ including his ‘Basketball’ song that featured in the soundtrack of his film ‘Like Mike’.

In 2012, he released the album ‘Love of My Life’ which featured the hit songs “Love of My Life” and “I Want To Give Your Love a Name”.

In 2006, Kanye West signed with Def Jam Recordings, a label known for its big budget marketing campaigns, but was disappointed with the lack of promotion and the album’s poor sales (approximately 10 million copies sold).

As Bow Wow has released different albums, he has become a popular rapper. Not only that, Bow Wow has made numerous appearances on shows such as ‘Live in Front of A Studio Audience’, and has appeared on the cover of various magazines.

Bow Wow is a rapper and his net worth is estimated to be $1.5 Million.


A few of the best highlights of Bow Wow’s career are:

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Favorite Quotes from Bow Wow 

CFY – We know you are passionate about technology and also we know you are a computer addict. We want to give you a chance to create your own technology program that will help others in your community.

3 Humbling Lessons from Bow Wow 

I believe the key to living a fulfilling life is spending your time in the present and to never allow your past to haunt you.

1. Build the Lifestyle You Want

I’m not going to define myself as an artist – whether you are a musician or you are a writer, you have to define yourself as an artist. Be really honest with yourself and think about what your goals are. The first thing that you need to do is start with yourself. If you have something that you like to do, then you probably have the potential to do some great things.

2. Respect Your Craft

 Bow Wow is also cool with being independent from a business standpoint because Bow Wow knows that his fanbase is loyal and if he does things right, they’ll always be there supporting him.

3. Believe In Your Music

Just write the songs that you want to write, create the art that you want to create, produce the movies that you want to produce and eventually you will get your desired outcome.


He is famous for his released hip-hop albums and mixtapes which have won many golds and platinum certifications and has ranked on Billboards Top 200 and Top 100 charts. He is also a producer and a songwriter.

Bow Wow has achieved a lot of fame and stardom through his acting skills as well as being quite a good rapper.

Bow Wow’s net worth has been estimated to be around $1.5 million.

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