9 Steps To A Healthy Relationship When Chasing Dreams

What I found is that once you get into a relationship with another person, it’s very easy to let the fear of “not being enough” or “not living to the fullest” that you may have felt before, creep up and become a big “enough or not enough” question that you may be asking yourself every day.

Having a love interest, you would think that you would have all of your time to spend with them, but when you have a job, you just can’t afford to let go of that and to spend more time with them.

I started this blog to document my journey but once I started making money from it I had to make it even more personal and make it a bit more “self development”.

How to Have A Healthy Relationship When Chasing Your Dreams

Relationships become complicated when you try and find your dream job and you start looking for work that involves more than being at a desk all day, every day.

If you can work well for 8 hours a day, you can spend the additional 6 hours on them and still get ahead.

Your time and money is precious, you should do whatever it takes to get results and you cannot afford to waste it.

I’m always chasing my dreams but I’m very happy with the relationship I have with my boyfriend. I have everything I could ever want and if I had to give everything up for it, I probably wouldn’t be as happy as I am which is really important to me.

1. Respect Your Partner

To have a successful relationship you need to respect your partner and also they just need to respect you. It helps for you to get things done and do them successfully!

If you are going to be disrespectful towards anyone, you should be prepared for the consequences. If you are a parent, you should be a guide, not a dictator. And if you are a teacher, you should be there to help, not to bully.

2. Stay Productive & Be Able to Make Time for Them

There are some things that I would recommend to any man interested in a long term relationship to consider, especially if he doesn’t have some experience with being in a long term relationship already.

If you want to develop a closer relationship with your wife, try not to waste your time on things that will not move you closer to your goal.

3. Make Sure they Understand Your Goals

A good partner makes you understand the goals, ambitions and achievements that you are striving for in life. After spending the time in a full-on relationship, you will see that the more you express your thoughts, feelings and dreams, the more you will be able to accomplish it.

If, on the other hand, they actually knew what you were trying to achieve, and supported you with your endeavors, then you know they would be able to be more understanding whenever you tell them that you might not be able to attend them, and you can maybe reschedule between you.

People who don’t know anything about the current circumstances of their partner can take them for granted and not see that they’re being “picky” or “controlling.” This can be a dangerous situation for a relationship, even if one partner is being controlling.

4. Listen to Your Partner’s Opinions

Talk with your partner about potential issues that they face and you may be able to solve them.

When you have a lot of ambition, you need to make a lot of changes and there is a constant need to improve upon your life, this requires an amount of communication.

5. Take the Relationship Seriously

Not taking the relationship seriously means that you will always be busy with your own pursuits and your partner will be left out.

If you want to have a healthy relationship, you need to be clear with everything. Lay all the cards down. Understand how your partner feels.

6. Set Some Relationship Goals

Just like when you’re in school, set some relationship goals. Setting goals helps you understand where you want to get to both short term and long term and helps keep you on track with everything.

This is the reason that you’re working on a side project. It’s your career, and it’s important that you’re constantly growing.

If your relationship is something important to you, then this will help you have a happy relationship.

7. Find Someone With Similar Ambitions to You

If you’re interested in a relationship with someone, there are some other things you can do to make sure you’re not too similar to each other. While you may be similar, there are ways to make sure you’re not too similar in the things you both enjoy. You can meet people online and keep an open mind.

In the end, if you can make your dreams come true, and your dreams are ones that you are passionate about, finding people who are passionate about doing the same things, the rest will fall into place.

So, if you love travelling together, it is the perfect combination.

8. Think Carefully Before You Act

People have said bad things about their partner, and then react when their partner says something back. They do not think through what they are saying.

If you find yourself struggling with communication issues, it could be a sign that you are becoming too obsessive and attached. This could lead you to over-analyse things, and this is not a healthy way to communicate, especially with someone that you care about.

9. Be Certain You’re Ready for a Relationship

If you’re questioning whether you’re ready for someone to have the same ambitious goals and ambitions as you, then you’re not ready to be with.

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Be clear about whether you’re ready for something before you do it. If not, don’t do it.

Recapping on the 9 Steps

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