7 More Tips To Stay Laser Focused On Your Goals

This is a great example of how great photographers work together in a team – both the photographer and the assistant’s work together to take a great shot.

He’s in flow, and his mind is so focused on snapping that he probably doesn’t even realize that the lady to his left is doing her shopping in-between pictures.

7 More Tips to Stay Laser Focused on Your Goals

 I think it would be great if you could be that focused.

You start your day by setting a goal to complete all your tasks in a single day, you then begin doing everything that needs to be done to complete that goal.

Okay! This is going to take some time to do, but with some repetition, you’ll get it down.

1. Write down your goals twice a day

You need a vision that is clear enough to see, but vivid enough to feel
You need a strategy to bring your vision to life
You need an execution plan designed to get you there.

When I started writing down my goals, and sticking to them, I realized something amazing. My focus and determination became sharp like a samurai sword.

Especially because I’ve started writing down my goals not once, but twice a day. Once in the morning and once before I go to bed. But when you’re doing this, you have to be prepared to be patient. If you only do this for a month or two, your goals will only be achieved. You won’t get anywhere.

Whether you do this once or twice a day, make sure to write your goals down. It really does help keep you focused on your goals.

2. Keep your goals within reach

You want to do something better, something bigger, something amazing, right? But just keep it within reach. It might be something you want to do this year or in three years, and it may just be a matter of you. You’ll never know until you start your goal.

If you have a goal of getting fit or losing weight or a goal of finding your purpose in life, it’s helpful to write your goals down, so you read them, check them, or edit them, at least occasionally.

So that you can reach them and be happy.

3. State your goals on a daily basis

I take it you know how to listen, right? Well that’s what I mean by keep your thoughts on your goals. Keep your thoughts on your goals.

As long as you don’t say them out loud to other people while on the street. And, of course, I’m joking. But seriously, this has been helpful for me.

4. Write down what you’re willing to give up

to eat junk food, to drink soda or eat ice cream, to watch TV, to play video games, to do anything to distract you from your goals? If the answer is no, then you have already begun to focus on your goals. You have already begun to get out of the way. You have already begun to make your goal a reality.

5. The secret behind a great game is not knowing the best way to play it.

If you wish to be successful in your career, you must break free from the confines of “you’ve always done it this way” and take a chance on things you’ve never done before.

It doesn’t matter if you think it’s a big deal or not because it is. You’ve got to find out what you’re giving up; then decide if it’s worth it or not. Once you commit to it, you can’t waver.

5. Talk about your goals with like minded people

If you’re not a friend, or family member, or business partner, or somebody you can trust, then the answer is no.

When you talk to people of the same mind, it gets you pumped up and motivated to take action. You leave the conversation feeling excited, energetic, enthusiastic, optimistic, and excited to accomplish big things.

What’s really amazing about your goals is that they are so well defined and concrete and clear to you. They are written down. What’s really amazing is that you have the ability to write them down. You are able to set realistic deadlines, and break them down into smaller chunks. You can do whatever it takes to get the job done, including allocating block and time to the process.

6. Create and review your plan of action

“You have a plan for your life. Now you just need to find it.”- Jim Rohn

The most important thing we have is our relationship with God.

If you don’t plan, you end up fitting into somebody else’s plan. You don’t want to be falling into somebody else’s plan. You need your own!
And that’s just what planning to do with your business is about. You need to get yourself out there in the business world and make something of yourself, not just for yourself, but for people that you’re related to as well. And it is not easy. It takes work. And it takes planning, but so worth it.

1) Learn English first.
2) Practice a lot.
3) Start speaking Spanish with native speakers to get better.
4) Do Spanish everyday on your phone.

In order to get the best results, you need to know the exact steps you need to take. It’s important to break your bigger goal into smaller goals.

7. Consistently take action

The best way to do this is to have a set daily routine that you follow, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. This will give you a consistent flow of success and momentum. And you’ll be able to get everything done that needs to be done, with less stress.

Not that I have an answer for that. But I would argue that this is what is going to be necessary for achieving the same levels of success. Being conscious of what time it is and how to manage your goals isn’t an accomplishment of mine.

The more we do, the safer we are of having a bad week, because if we take the time to do what needs to be done, we won’t have a bad week. If we take time to plan out our week, we can make more consistent progress.

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This is really common in the United States because you have a lot of people who are focused on their career and not on family. But Obama grew up in a very wealthy family with a strong family structure. So from a very young age he had a strong role model who was very smart and successful academically. He had the confidence and the self-assurance to know that he could do something with his life. Even if it was something really tough, he wouldn’t be afraid to try it because he had a strong role model.

If you remember that the number 7 is the only one that you could actually keep doing more than that, that’s the one you should use.

Wrapping Up

There are things in life that have a way of taking your focus off your dreams, and they can happen every day.

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