7 Signs That Tell You When It’s Time To Move On

If you have a smile on your face you probably feel great and you’d think that the world is a beautiful place and all of us are made to be happy.

It is not just about having people in your life. It’s about having people IN your life. It’s about being with and for people. It’s about a relationship with God.

I’m glad I can hear you say that.

If you are surrounded by people you love and love you back, you can be living in heaven or on Earth, be rich or poor and you are happy.

Living in a mansion and having lots of money and food is not the key to happiness. If you are alone and surrounded by people that do not care about you and you do not love you, you will be unhappy. There is a more substantial cause of unhappiness, which is that you have not found the one or the few people in your life that are so important to your happiness and satisfaction that you would do almost anything to have them in your life. Think about that.

7 Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Move On

Get in touch with your tribe, be with those who love and accept you no matter what. The first step in a happy and fulfilled life.

When you have a strong relationship with someone, you will appreciate the relationship more and more. When you have a weak relationship, you will suffer and fight to keep that relationship.

When you start to notice these signs, it’s time to think about moving on.

1. You feel you are the only one putting love, attention and time in the relationship

The thing that happens when you give is called a gift. The reward you get back is called love or friendship or respect. That’s what gives you your worth as a person. You don’t have to struggle because you can trust that your other half will give you what’s due.


This sentence is only right if the speaker assumes that the listener knows that the speaker is the only one giving and giving and giving. We usually assume this and are surprised when we find that someone else has also been doing the giving.

We are sometimes confused because there are some cases where we might assume that the speaker is speaking to the hearer.

I feel you are wasting your time focusing on something that is not real. Because a relationship, by definition, needs at least two parties to be involved.

2. Your voice is too rarely heard, and your opinions and views are not taken into consideration

The human beings thrive to feel that we’re a part of something big and important, and, unfortunately, often we are wrong. The sad thing is that we’ve got to live with the consequences of it, until we figure out the way to “be useful” without feeling included.

The planet Earth does not have enough of the resources to be able to sustain all the inhabitants of the world and therefore, there will be wars.

3. You are exhausted because the relationship feels more like a war zone than a place of comfort

You can try to make things work, but if the best you can do for your relationship is not enough, maybe you should move on and don’t blame yourself for it.

What you need is to break the relationship, and do it fast. Don’t wait till he is gone and you are alone in the world, because that will be the end of you. I know, I have been in your shoes.

Whether you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or heterosexual, we all need to know, love and accept people for who they are, not who they pretend to be. We should be treated like the equals we are or we should not exist.

4. You are not accepted as you are

When we feel we don’t have a loving God, we don’t feel we are the most valuable. We think we are worthless.

When you feel lovable and accepted, you feel good too, even if you are not perfect. The reason is because love is blind. You don’t see that your imperfections are tolerated.

You will be happier, if you can be at your best. No matter what you do, you will always be good enough.

At the time you feel like that, you don’t know how to talk to your partner about it, you don’t know how to be open and you don’t know how to ask for their help.

If you are not liked and accepted today, most probably, you will not be tomorrow either, no matter what you do. The one who is asking you to change will find another thing to criticize you about.

If someone is always nitpicking on you and they focus more on what’s wrong rather than what’s right, it means that they don’t SEE you.

5. Staying feels like a compromise

If you stay in a relationship for very long or if your partner doesn’t make you happy, the chances are that you will be miserable as well.

I have a bad habit of making compromises out of fear of starting over, or being alone. It’s time to stop doing that!

To get the most out of the relationship, set clear and high expectations, and don’t settle for anything less than what you want.

6. You are drowning into fulfilling the other person’s needs

If you get in a relationship with someone just to satisfy your selfish needs and you treat them like garbage for it, then you will lose yourself in the “relationship”. You need to understand that you are putting yourself in a relationship as a whole and that’s where you will lose yourself. You need to learn to treat others the way you want to be treated and accept that the other person will be doing the same.

You can do this in the same way you do it for your dog. You can do this for your family. You can be with them in your mind and body, you can send them love, you can speak to them, you can see them in your heart.

If you are doing things that don’t make you happy, that are hurting you or the people around you, you need to change that. You need to make positive decisions.

7. The other person doesn’t validate your dissatisfaction about how things are going between the two of you

When a marriage starts to have a problem, doesn’t mean the problems are just between you and your spouse.

It’s ok to say what you think, and it’s ok to ask for what you want. And it’s okay to make sure that your needs are met.


I used to think of relationships as one way streets and if you got out, it would be the end. I never thought it would mean the end of the relationship.

Therefore, allow yourself to grieve, to be sad, and to mourn because nothing is lost that cannot be gained. If nothing else, you are gaining a dream.

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