78 Famous Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

I found Gandhi quotes are too much. So, I don’t think they have very much value.
If you don’t have any in Hindi, you don’t get much benefit.
So, I have my favorite quotes, but I have different collections.

Mahatma Gandhi was the leader of the Indian independence movement. Gandhi inspired movements for civil rights and freedom worldwide. As a result of his leadership, India became independent.

He did not use violence when he was a freedom fighter, but he made his own rules when he started a group called the Indian National Congress. They wanted to use violence against the British government.

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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”.

78 Famous Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

A “No” uttered from deep conviction is better than a “Yes” uttered merely to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.

2. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Question 2


I am a practicing Hindu but that doesn’t mean I hate other religions. I want us all to learn from each other and respect each other.

Gandhi’s teaching was to learn and practice “non-violence”. He said, “Nobody can hurt me without my permission.” We do not need to defend ourselves to anyone and we do not need to harm anyone to protect ourselves. Instead, we need to be aware of other people as valuable friends not enemies. We need to protect the weak because we have been “taught” to be like this.

The good man is the kind of human being who cares for all the living things.

A lot of people are in prison because they haven’t thought. When you’re in prison, you have time to think. If you never thought about anything, you would never do anything.

If anyone deserves punishment, it’s the rapist. However, I don’t think anyone should get raped.

Happiness means when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

9th of 78 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

> I am going to live as if I were to die tomorrow. I am going to learn as if I were to live forever.

This was one of those quotes that kind of just stuck with me. And I think it’s really true, because I’m so physically strong, and I can run and lift and all of that, but my physical strength hasn’t really been the result of lots of training, but the result of just keeping going and trying harder and more often.

You are not just making this up; it is what you have been telling me, even the way you have been dressing. No, not dressing, but dressing up. In this way, I have found out what is truth.

What do we learn from these stories? We learn that every human being is the same. We all have the same hopes & dreams, desire the same things, and love the same ideals.

This is one of the most profound things I have ever heard.

It is better to be violent if your heart is violent. It is better to not be violent if you are impotent or weak. I think.

The concept of peace is a powerful weapon of mankind, and the way you can make a difference is by creating peace.

Just because you lose your patience, it doesn’t mean you give up. You may or may not have a battle but you need to keep fighting.

A man is the sum of his actions. This applies to himself as much as to another man.

You must accept the things you cannot change. Stop being greedy and start seeking peace.

If I believe that I can accomplish this goal, I will surely be able to do it even if I don’t have the ability to start.

There is nothing wrong with the heart, but there is more of an issue in the mind.

21st of 78 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

Forgiveness is really a strong characteristic only of the strong. It is hard to forgive people who have hurt you. It is easy to forgive people who have not hurt you.

It is so easy to judge others and label them as being imperfect. We would never stand for it ourselves, because that is where the greatest level of perfection is found. This is also why we must always strive for perfection. The greatest level of perfection is only achieved by working through each and every moment.

There are times when you can’t let go of the truth. You can’t ignore what is right.

If you want true peace in the world, start with the children and be a child yourself.

In a society that doesn’t care for animals, we can see the society has been living in the dark ages.

The political violence and riots of the past few days of the Indian political system is a result of the political system being morally bankrupt and intellectually barren.

The people who have this kind of passion or enthusiasm will make sure that history repeats itself.

We must avoid a situation where a person goes to a counselor for guidance and counseling, but does not agree with the counsel and advice given. If we blindly agree with the counsel for counseling, a person may go away with the wrong impression.

Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most influential and celebrated human beings who have ever lived.

One needs to be careful not to form an opinion because they are afraid of what someone will say. If you do, you are putting yourself in a situation where you are more likely to be wrong.

31st Mahatma Gandhi Quote

To believe in something that is not real, and not to live the real thing is dishonest.

When leaders act against the promptings of their own conscience, they are useless and are doing more harm to their country and their people than good. As long as leaders are not accountable for their actions, no one will follow and obey their orders. Therefore, leaders need to be held accountable for their actions.

Gandhi’s comment is based on the idea that every great civilization has been started by a difference. The Greeks gave birth to western civilization, while the Chinese are great at their civilization. The Romans helped spread Christianity and the Spanish brought the Renaissance to Europe. We are all the descendants of the civilizations that arose based on the differences in human history.

I object to violence because the evil is never permanent. The good can be fleeting when the violence occurs, and if violence persists in the environment the good will eventually be permanent and will replace the evil.

Non-violence is a powerful weapon of the strong. It is only when the powerful use this weapon, and when they do so with restraint, they will never lose.

I hate to think of the pain you must be feeling, not only for yourself, but for the rest of us. I wish I could take that pain away with words, but I can’t. All I can do is wish you peace and happiness, and I hope you will find it.

37th of 78 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

When we do nothing, nothing changes. We can’t expect to change the world. But we have to try, because if we don’t, there will be no change.

Just as I’ve heard the saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, I want to be careful that I don’t do something now that might prevent me from doing something later.

If we can believe in the potential of people, that we can become what we want to be, we can also imagine the potential of the people of China. This is not just the wish of Mahatma Gandhi but the hope of the whole humanity.

Love is the strongest force the world possesses and is the humblest imaginable.

I like the part where he says “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.

No matter what you have done, your works will never be important. However, if you do it, your actions will have some influence.

Always think about the best outcome for the relationship and you will find harmony in your thoughts and actions.

44th Mahatma Gandhi Quote

This is not a good approach.
This is not how we should talk about our code.

It is best to keep your business dealings honest, but this is not always the case.

In the face of fear your only option is to choose love, and love will always be stronger than fear.

It is cowardly and self-destructive to retaliate against the relatives of the wrongdoer.

In the year 1885, Britain and Germany signed the Berlin agreement on March 20th.
This was to strengthen German trade and British interests in the Pacific.
It also stipulated that Britain retained the right to exclude all other countries from the area.

If the freedom of others is dear to you, you have to sacrifice your own freedom.
The choice is yours.

Friendship is easy, it is true, but to have genuine friendships in life is quite another matter. It is important to remember that friendship can be reciprocal.

51st of 78 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

If you try to do something and you can never fail, then you won’t achieve success. If your efforts are without any result, then you won’t get the satisfaction that you desire.

The one who is victorious through violence is a loser. It is the person who wins through peace. The person who conquers through violence is a loser.

If you are writing a paper and you are trying to convince your reader that your proposition is true, then you will want to be as accurate and thorough as possible.

Life must not be ruled by fear. The person must be allowed to make mistakes.

If you are too sure of your own wisdom, you might fail to recognize someone else’s wisdom. If you are too confident of your own actions, you might be taken by surprise by someone else’s actions.

As the saying goes “To do the best you can, is everything”. I would like to think this was said by someone like Gandhi.

A true leader understands that it’s not the time to hoard wealth, resources, real estate and land. The time has come for us to pass on everything. In other words, the land that we have must be passed on to the next generation.

We can’t always get what we want, but we can always get what we need.

If faith cannot withstand the most difficult of tests, it would be very difficult to call it real faith.

We all believe that democracy is the best form of government. We all believe that there are many ways to achieve democracy. We all believe that we should be tolerant of our opponents and opponents, even those who are wrong, but we don’t tolerate their intolerance. We all also believe that tolerance is key to a flourishing free and democratic society. We believe that we must be tolerant of each other, of our opponents and even of those who are wrong.

It’s important to have peace between nations, but it’s more important to have peace within each one.

One act of compassion gives pleasure for the lifetime of a person, whereas thousands of acts of prayer, will not give pleasure to the God.

63rd of 78 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes.

The difference between needs and wants is real. Wanting something is an artificial need. Artificial wants can be controlled.

I wish to make all of you change your minds about your weaknesses, to understand my message, not just kill you for them.

Faith in God is necessary for non-violence. Faith in man is required to see how God can be found in human beings.

I have observed and witnessed many people who hate the people who disagree with me or what I do. When I’m surrounded by these people, I try not to hate myself. But, I’m also not going to be an extension and a reflection of that hater.

The thoughts that flow through the mind are transformed into words, words are transformed into actions, actions are transformed into habits and habits into values. The values we choose (or not choose) become our destiny.

Anger is the enemy of non violence. Pride is a monster that swallows it up. The one who is angry is a monster when he gets to the point of no return. That is why Gandhi says, “Anger is the enemy of non-violence.” And pride is the monster that swallows up anger.

70th Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

People often hold different views and values. The point isn’t to agree or disagree with people, but to understand their reasoning.

Gandhi said, “My life is my message.” It’s up to the recipients to evaluate and respond to the message.

The difference between what we are doing and what we could do is sufficient to solve most of the world’s problems.

When we want to find God as he is, the only unavoidable means is love, that is non-violence.

If we have anything that gives us meaning or purpose, keep doing it.

Gandhi didn’t want war, but he didn’t want anyone to do or say anything that would lead to war. He didn’t want to kill anyone, but he didn’t want war either.

It is impossible for a nation to have success if the people who live within its borders are not included.

You depend on the way you live today. The future is in your hands.

I’ve always been impressed by the way Gandhi was able to come out of the most difficult situations in life, using loving actions towards the other party and not violence.


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