7 Negative Attitudes People Have Towards Success

English-speaking people usually have a tendency to focus on the process of making their lives filled with happiness and success, but Chinese people are not that good at looking at the problem, that it’s hard to solve.

There’s a saying in Chinese: The problem is never just the problem, it’s how to solve the problem. The way you think and use your brain power, the way you use your willpower to solve the problem, the way you use your attitude to solve the problem.

This one is really hard for me; I’m an Asian and I haven’t really lived in any different countries than here, so I just don’t see that much of what people in other countries have to deal with.

Yes, I am successful, but I am also successful at not being successful.

7 Negative Attitudes People Have Towards Success

These bad attitudes and the fear of failure, develop in many different situations. Many people have not reached their goals in life yet because they have not been able to overcome the fear of failure.

The best way to stay in touch with people is to let loose and be yourself and not worry about what they think and don’t worry about the other person’s reactions. If you’re concerned about what someone else is going to think, you will never find true intimacy and that’s what life is all about.

* Success is a good thing.
* Success is a personal thing.
* Success is not for everyone.
* Success will bring you unhappiness.
* Success will make you unhappy.
* Success is a trap.
* Success is an illusion.

1. Over-Confidence

It can be the downfall of many. I’ve seen many people who were convinced they could do some incredible things, who fell victim to self-delusion. Some of them got hurt, and others learned from their mistakes.

Knowing that you’re overconfident on something you’re doing can leave you open to criticism and weaknesses in yourself and your business.

If you are confident in your business or your knowledge, you’re unable to work on your weaknesses and areas where you can improve (There will always be some areas that you will need to work on).

It’s imperative to always consider the areas where you can still improve and to keep striving to get better. No matter what it may be, every little detail pushes you forward and closer to success.

2. Greed

This happens to people when they become rich and successful. Greed is one of those negative attitudes people have normally. Money and power goes to their head, which eventually leads to them chasing more of it and completely disregarding their original goals.

I think I’ve gotten a lot of useful, thought-provoking feedback from the community here. I’ll try to apply it to the next project I make. Thanks to everyone for your ideas.

But you can really go out of your way if you wanted to. I would even say that it’s the smart thing to do since the more money you make the less people are going to try and steal it from you.

Most people are not passionate about helping others when they achieve success. Instead they seek to maintain the happiness they feel in their personal lives and so don’t tend to be too engaged in other people’s problems.

I have two goals, the first one is to get better at the game and then to make more money so I can help my family.

3. Impatience

Some people will get pissed off and will want to fight someone.
Some people will try to get away from something and will try to run away.
Some people will become very tense and will try to avoid things or get rid of them as soon as possible.

When you’re not naturally a fast worker, you get more things done slower than others.

1) This is important.
2) This is important.
3) This is important etc.

This could be a lot of work but it’s better than nothing. And we can always add more to it.

I would say that the other downside is that people who have this quality, are the people who tend to just give up on their business and move on.

I do understand why that’s irritating, and that’s why it’s important to learn patience. You can’t keep making these changes and expecting to see a different result.

4. Stubbornness

If a person is being stubborn and unwilling to listen to any advice about their shortcomings, they might end up with a career that is not as productive as they can be. If someone is not willing to admit when they are making mistakes, it can make it hard to reach the level of professional success their potential can allow them to reach.

This is usually good advice, as long as you don’t have too high expectations for it. It can be good to have high expectations, but you should always make sure you’re realistic about what you’re aiming for. Sometimes it’s necessary to have high expectations because it’ll push you into action mode and motivate you to do things you normally wouldn’t do.

A downside of being stubborn is that people are less likely to take other people’s advice, or even want other people’s help. It also has the potential to make someone narrow minded and unable to see past what they focus on, which is an advantage, and a disadvantage.

Visibility may make people less focused, but having something to focus on is a good thing.

5. Laziness

I have been learning about laziness a lot the past week, so I guess I am starting to recognize it in myself. It usually takes me no effort to avoid any action, so I think that makes me a really lazy person. I just have to really want to do something to get myself to do it. I also really have to want to do something to make sure that I do it, even if all I have to do is look into the mirror. This also explains my tendency to procrastinate. Laziness is definitely in the top three reasons for procrastination, and I have quite a bit to work on.

I believe it is because laziness is one of the biggest impediments to achieving success.

Maybe it’s time to get a lawyer, just to be on the safe side.

6. Disbelief

The reason they aren’t effective is because they can be applied in a very effective way. If you look at the list, they are all useful things to remember.
But when it comes to actually taking action, they don’t apply because you’re already moving towards the outcome.
In fact, I think you know what the outcome is: The person you care about is falling in love with you.

But this is where the ‘magic of the internet’ comes in. There is a community of people with similar aspirations, who all share their experiences and tips. It’s the only community of its kind that exists online, and it gives people a chance to feel like they’re not alone.

One of the the most important thing to remember is that some of the most successful people in the world came from backgrounds where most people think it could never be done, until they did what they couldn’t before.

When he was a small boy he played soccer for fun but his father and friends discouraged the idea he would become a professional athlete.

Even if his wife was German, his mother was Italian and he had an American accent, he made a successful career in Hollywood and became the governor of California. He had become a global icon in the movie industry, and his fame transcended national boundaries.

Believe that anything can happen.

7. Ignorance

Being lazy will keep you from learning what you need to be successful, while being stubborn will keep you from learning the things that lead to being successful.

You need to know everything about a process and that can only be achieved by staying informed. Knowledge is power and it will give you control over the process.

Some people don’t prepare at all, because they just don’t think they need to and so they are not open to potential questions or scenarios that they are unable to answer or navigate their way through.

When people try to make you feel bad or worse about yourself, don’t let them. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but the best response is to treat them as you would someone treating you badly.


People think about this constantly, and the answer varies depending on your goals and what you want to do. You must also consider the situation you’re in, how much effort you put into this, and what your goals are.

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