20 Ridiculous Reasons Why People Never Take Action

I decided to make the best out of my life, with an attitude of gratitude and kindness.

And it’s better than anything else.

 The only thing more annoying than people that are so scared of the future they can’t act in accordance with their ideals and values and actually do something about it is the people who don’t think they’ll ever reach a certain level of responsibility and therefore never do.

20 Reasons Why People Never Take Action

I thought that I had to be this one thing in order to be successful in life. After doing some research on the internet and talking to people, I have realized that there is no one specific thing you have to do in order to achieve success in life.

The 20 reasons why people don’t work on their dreams. Don’t let these hold you back from your goals.

1. They Fall Victim to Others Opinions

I really like the education system in the United States because in order to apply for college, there are standardized tests you have to take before applying.

In a recent study, we found that while college graduates make $100,000 more in their lifetimes, the average student loan, and the burden of that debt, isn’t too difficult to pay back.

The one thing they forgot to mention in that first stat – half the people you see on reddit just couldn’t be bothered to put any effort into their future.

If you just take the number of non-uni people who aspire to make a lot of money, they probably earn more than the graduates.

I like the idea of using the whole seat as a little foot peice like you did. I just don’t know what color you’d want to use. I have a few left over from another project. If you want I can just go buy some and color it up and send it back to you.

Don’t listen to others opinions. They might have been doing the same thing and had the same setbacks as you. Don’t let their experiences make you feel bad about yourself.

2. Their Friends Don’t Have the Same Aspirations

If you want to make friends, you should spend time with people from all sorts of different backgrounds and all age groups. You never know what you’re going to learn when you meet someone new.

Many people don’t start their own dream because they aren’t sure if anyone else does or if the dream is achievable by others.

The way people get sucked into other people’s ideas or projects is by the influence of friends. The people that you are surrounded by, whether online or in real life, influence you, change you, even if you don’t realize it.

I think that’s the problem with being friends with other adults. It can be hard to find people that will share the same common goals as you.

I’m just saying that if you work at Valve and do something that is awesome, your friends will support you even if you aren’t Valve.

3. They Only Listen to the Opportunities That Are Given to Them

Well, I was about to go on a date, but unfortunately I was late, and as a result have been standing here for ten minutes in the rain.

What I realized is how I was feeling and what I was thinking was only going to bring me some kind of hardship. But my life experiences taught me to look for a way to make it easier for me to succeed.

And there it was, a path that would allow me to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty. It was a pathway to prosperity. But my story didn’t end there. It actually took me on quite a journey.

I think that there’s a lot of opportunity in life. There’s a lot of opportunity when you’re young and when you’re old. But it’s not a case of there’s no opportunity for you. It is a case of the opportunities are there but you have to be a bit more proactive in order to be prepared.

When people come to you for something, that is the moment you must let them know there is something available.

For the average person that is not an expert, it would be better to find a small opportunity every day from your community or around you, and to just implement it.

4. They Don’t Believe That They’re Smart Enough

You know the feeling when someone’s talking to you and they start to share all this powerful knowledge with you, only some of which makes sense? Like the time we went to a party and she told me about a new girl she was meeting that night? No wait, that happened. She told me about a new girl she was meeting the next week. No wait, the week after that. Then she got all excited about a girl she had met three weeks ago and was now talking to all the time.

The problem is that many people don’t understand what it takes to be good, so they don’t understand the work that it takes to be good at something. It’s something that I’ve been doing a lot in my life.

All the knowledge and wisdom that flows from a large and deep well just happens to be stored in the head of the person who has it.
But you can make your own knowledge and wisdom come alive.
You can tap into the source of all knowledge.

Behind this person is a human being capable of more than most. They can do the unthinkable, they can feel the emotions most can only dream of and they’ve learned more than enough to survive.

Success is an emotional journey. Learning is a marathon and not a sprint. We must always keep in mind that the journey is not only about the destination, but also about the experience of getting there.

5. They Can’t Be Bothered

I also said that the majority of people who don’t go to university or college are still just as likely to do ambitious things as other people are.

As far as I can tell it says there will only be 3 of them.

I’m not sure if it’s the right move – but maybe it is because:

If there were to be a mass exodus of the French, I believe it would
have a huge impact on the game – possibly even to the point that the
current game would not be sustainable – it’d be a domino effect.

6. Their Idea Seems Too Ambitious

I have had my ideas of mine and it does not seem like to be ambitious enough.

I think that if you really want something bad enough, then there are things that you can learn and apply to make your own success possible. If you don’t like the way things are turning out, then take action and do something about it.

Some ideas are worth pursuing because we can’t imagine a world without them.

There are two things that you need to know for this idea to become a reality: 1) money. 2) hard work. It is very difficult to put your hands in someone’s pocket if they don’t have any money. It is much more difficult to build an airplane if you don’t have the necessary tools and a steady supply of cheap materials.

I don’t care what your ideas may be, “limits” are being broken every day by people around the world. Are you really going to rule yourself out right from the off?

But you’ve got to care about the people you have in your organisation, your family, your friends, and your acquaintances. And it also matters because you’re the one who’s going to get the consequences of having broken some of these norms.

7. They Think It’s Too Late

This isn’t true! You still got time, and you don’t have to keep waiting until you feel like “the world is too big”. You can start now, and have your dream come true. The way I have done it is to start small, and plan it out.

This is an open discussion.

It may seem like you can’t do anything right now, but you can still take action! You may have to wait a little while before you can do so, or have to make some changes to your daily routine, but it’s never too late.

Go out there and make things happen! You’ll get to be the person who is going to make things happen.

8. They Think Every Good Idea’s Already Been Done

You are a big deal on my site. I think you are the best!

There are lots of things that have been tried and tested. Therefore it is impossible to find the first idea.

They fail to create something original because they think that they can use the same formula over and over to create something new and improve upon what they already have.

If you have a problem with creative thinking, you’ll usually find the biggest problem is not that you can’t think of new ideas, it’s that your ideas are worthless and you have nothing to work with.

9. They Failed… Once

I’ve made a lot of money, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, I’m willing to make more, I’m willing to learn, but people always say, “I already failed once. Don’t do it again.”
I say, “Just because you failed once doesn’t mean you’ll fail again.” And you’ll fail again when it’s your best time to succeed.

They’re determined to avoid making the same mistakes they did in the past, which is why they’re determined to not even try.

They want the world to be a place where they can go, and not be a minority in a country that’s so different [from their own].

Tony Robbins said that he believes that not achieving your goal is part of life’s design and causes you to reach deep inside and create the best possible version of yourself.

Failure is a part of life’s design. It can help you learn and grow and get better and stronger with every try, but at some point you have to move on.

There’s no point in giving up after just one failure. You really should try harder next time!

10. They’re Scared of Failing

The question is, am I trying to do something I fear? Should I do something that scares me? Or should I just do what scares me. Because fear does not take up space in the mind, it just occupies it. And if you occupy a place in the mind, that place in the mind starts becoming your reality. If you occupy that space, you’re limiting yourself from the things you can do.

Les Brown explained that big companies, such as the one he is at, are always doing downsizing, but one company is not only offering employees $300,000 in compensation, but also giving a car, money for moving expenses, and a two year employment contract.

If the company would not have this kind of money, then the employees would lose their jobs because of the downsizing.

Only 50% of people have the desire to be free. 50% of people have the desire to limit themselves to only what others allow them to do. They are slaves to the system.

Maybe it’s a waste of time. We don’t know yet.

11. They Can’t Take Risks

And that’s kind of why I started doing a podcast. I had a dream of having a podcast business and I was very interested in how people took a risk and they were successful with their dream, so I really wanted to look at that and talk about that in detail.

And that’s why France has always been so strong.

People don’t do anything cause there’s always someone worse off than them that they can think about.

You see, this is how self-awareness works.

12. They Think It’s Too Early

This might be early in your life yet, but it’s never to late to start working on your dreams.

Maybe because when they don’t they aren’t welcome and when they do they’re forced to hide out of fear.

When you make a decision to try something new, it’s so much about psychology. You know? You’re so close to being successful, and then you fail, and then your mind becomes more focused on the things that are stopping that success.

In the end, it is not necessary to wait for a perfect time, you just need to do something.

13. They Lack Self-Confidence

Being unsure about who you are in this world affects your relationships and your career.

This is the key message we need to bring to people, when we grow up we often need to be forced to learn something.

I think it’s very important to be happy, to live a happy life.
I think we also need to have a good attitude, even if we’re not always happy.

If you aren’t considered cool in high school, or people give you a hard time because of the way you look; your confidence from that point on will be at an all time low.

But the only way that will happen is that they are going to stop playing for a while.

You can’t be sure about what you would have accomplished without the support of friends and family – and you need to really learn to appreciate and love the people around you, so the you can enjoy their time and energy.

If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will either. There’s no way of getting through life without you being your own biggest fan and supporter.

If you find yourself struggling with being confident and you can’t seem to step out of your shell, check out some challenges you can do every day to improve your self-confidence. I’ve been doing them for a while now and they make such a difference!

14. They “Don’t Have Time”

The problem is, people don’t have enough time, so they don’t have enough time to do their work.

I was told to “go get a job, and stop whining”.

As much as I wish it so, I can’t say the number 1 most effective technique that will keep you from watching T.V the entire night. The truth is…you never stop watching TV.

If you’re feeling a little under the weather and having a hard time getting started, think about those productivity killers–and commit to not doing them.

It’s true. If you don’t know why it’s true, we’re just going to have to agree to disagree.

In the end, we all want to make a difference. We all want to succeed. But for many people, the idea of putting the time and effort into something that we’re passionate about is just too scary. We’re afraid that we’re not good enough at it. We’re worried about everything from money, to fear of failure or criticism, to fear of rejection. So we stay stuck.

15. They Can’t See Past the Bad to Get the Good

I think that a lot of people are very hard on themselves, they look at their peers and feel like they aren’t as good as them or that they don’t have what it takes to get what they want.

Yeah, it’s so funny that they would say that. The only people who go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week are highschool students who need to get to class, and highschool students won’t eat clean.

They’d have to keep fighting all the way, all the way until they get whatever it is.

For me, to start all over again, I would be more focused on money and my family. I’d probably buy a house, or build a bigger house, get a nicer car, and go on vacation more. If I weren’t married, I would have dated more girls.

 There are two ways to get a body. The first is by using a lot of steroids. The other is by spending a lot of money.

I don’t have any idea. But if you make it into a competition and people have to pay to enter, it would probably be a big hit, especially if they started getting prizes.

They would get their dream body instantly, but would still be working hard at it. They can’t help but wonder whether lazy people would finally get off the couch for the dream body.

Note that by using this form, you’re automatically suggesting that they do not get their dream body instantly, but still have to work at it to reach it.

16. They Get Distracted

I usually have headphones on and I can’t get out of my own head for long periods of time. It’s frustrating to have to keep shutting down my thoughts so my thoughts don’t shut down my life.

I think I’m distracted with myself and I have a lot of thinking and it’s like what is my purpose? And that’s what pushes me away because I’m trying to figure out my purpose and if I’ve found that, then it’d give me the courage to continue working on my own and try to expand that, because that was kind of the initial purpose of me having this.

I’m trying to start a web project, but I get distracted by Facebook, Twitter, reddit, and Hacker News on a daily basis.

It’s important to remember that the key to achieving your goals can be found within you. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by other people.

17. Short Term Happiness Prevails

I can understand, because when someone wants something for short term, it’s easy to get it. There’s no effort, no waiting, you just do it and it’s over. Plus most people prefer to be happy than sad.

I do. I think I understand.

Happiness can be achieved in a big way in a short time if you’re willing to sacrifice those small things in your life. The longer you struggle to achieve happiness through those small things, the more likely it is that you’ll lose it.

A lot of people would rather do something else and have satisfaction in a different way instead of doing the things that they should do. They would rather focus on things that they like to do and don’t have the motivation to do the things that they really should be doing.

People are happier doing difficult and more difficult things in the short term, but ultimately achieve higher levels of happiness later in life.

Time and space are in different dimensions.

18. They Follow the “Norm”

There is absolutely no way I’m going to do it. I’m a normal person. I want to do the normal thing and not go out of my way to do something.

____________ is the same as people who have a dream, then their dream is like an object, which is not normal; when you think of it, _______ is like a dream, therefore they do not take action on it.

You’re not going to get my vote if you promise a woman’s right to choose, a black man’s right to vote and a gay person’s right to love. I’m going to vote for you if you promise to make sure my son has a job.

I was born different and you will be different too. Your uniqueness is your identity and it’s something you should be proud of. But even when you die, you will still be unique.

19. They Can’t Afford it

This is one of the biggest reasons people don’t do what they want and one of the hardest things to overcome in life. But it’s not hard if you know what to do, and you have enough money to support yourself.

Because you just looked at it and thought that’s what it’s going to cost you. But if you can find a way to bring it down, you can often halve it and still get the same kind of end result.

It doesn’t have to be in order. I can start from any subject matter. It can grow and blossom into something else.

This is where you can see that there’s a lot of room for a lot of things in the real world. We have to build a lot of things that exist and are useful to us–we don’t have a lot of other choice.

I’ll start with a smaller team. I think that the team size must be proportional with the amount of work that I do. Let’s say that I’ll keep working in the team until they grow and I find the workload too heavy.

This is a great start if you want to take action on improving the fitness of your body and if you are worried about your budget. If you do this exercise, you will be able to get a better shape without paying much money for your gym membership.

Even if you believe you can’t work on it, that is far off from the truth. Your vision and goals will not stop and that’s precisely why you should make them a reality.

20. They Don’t Have Access to the Right Equipment

If you have the means to pursue something, and the time is right, then you will create something out of it. As this happens to people time and time again, they create the same situation again and again. If you want to change your future, then don’t expect the world to change for you. The world doesn’t owe you anything and you can’t expect it to.

We also have to take into consideration the cost of the equipment needed for the jobs and whether or not it was available.

One of the biggest challenges we might be facing now is that a lot of people have lost their perspective. A lot of people have got to a point where the future seems a lot more scary than it ever did before.


You’re never going to find true love here, and you’ll end up working at a shitty job and being overworked to pay off the credit cards that you spent to get to where you are today.

You’re just not ready. This is not your time. You’re not in the right place. You don’t have the right qualifications, and so on.

In Conclusion

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