7 Counter-intuitive Life Lessons That You Need To Know

Looking at life as it really is allows us to understand that life in all situations is not easy.

When you’re speaking to a foreign power, the truth is more important than anything else.

Through that process, we learn that some of our parents and some teachers are just as bad as we are. We even learn they are not perfect and sometimes they do things without thinking, and even things we wish they hadn’t. But at the end of the day, we learn that if all we do is focus on what they do wrong and what they are missing than we will never learn to be better.

7 Counter-Intuitive Life Lessons That You Need to Know

Life lessons that you need to know. There are some fundamental truths about living in a world that you are not a part of.

1. Fame. Money. Looks. Has nothing to do with confidence.

The biggest myth the government has about confidence is that in order to be confident you have to be a millionaire! Being a millionaire doesn’t mean you’ve become confident or that you are any more confident because you are a millionaire.

I’m paraphrasing. They’re actually saying that the opposite of winning the lottery is losing the money.

You can’t put a price tag on true confidence. It’s built on things you have control over. That’s not something that can be paid for or bought. You can’t buy true confidence, but you can make it. You can develop a true sense of confidence internally.

2. It’s not worth trying to get people who don’t like you to like you.

You are thinking that you will end up with nothing.

Not to mention the mental and emotional stress and chasing somebody who doesn’t like you. With the time and energy you spend on getting somebody to like you, you can be pretty sure to get at least three people to like you.

You are a beautiful human being, and let the rest take care of itself.

3. It’s better to be really good at two things than the best at one thing.

…and the other is a man who grew up in a poor part of the world where the government is essentially a dictatorship. But when he came of age, he was able to rise to become a very capable and rich man. Both of these men have something in common: they are both very smart.

Derek started out doing digital marketing for a few small businesses. However, after realizing that his skillset fit better when applying it to a bigger stage, he decided to start speaking more publicly. He was able to take this skill-set and spin it into a multi-million dollar business.

This is why you have to find your passion. But, the question is where do you find your passion? Well, in a world of 10,000 distractions, how do you choose to focus on that one thing? I have a couple of ideas to focus on.

4. The less you need something, the more it’ll present itself to you.

Some startups with very strong sales can have very strong sales without investors throwing money at them.

While you might see recruiters coming out of the woodwork, you’ll notice that the candidates they are coming to see will be hard to find. When the world’s greatest recruiter needs someone, they find their way to the last place you would expect them to be. When the opportunity is there, they’ll search the world to find you.

People who rarely get what they want are the people who need help.

5. It’s better to be selfish now so you can be selfless later.

If there is a speck in your brother’s eye, you should first take out the plank in your own eye.

When the oxygen masks drop they drop on the air-plane, so they have to take the masks before they check their children.

If you all get it now, it all makes sense.

I will continue looking after myself first and foremost.

You might want to help others, but that’s not going to be possible until you earn a good amount of money. Plus, you don’t want to make your life difficult.

You can use your wealth and reputation to make a greater difference in the world for children and young people who are less fortunate than yourself.

6. The day you accept the fact everything will end is the day you stop taking everything for granted.

Marcus Aurelius frequently thought about the shortness of life and the impermanence of everything. He believed that everybody and everything has a limited amount of time on this earth and this made him appreciate life’s gifts and appreciate everything.

It is more important to be happy and positive than worrying or complaining about your circumstances.

7. Help people that can’t help you today.

Guy used to meet with small time journalists and tell them stories, because he wanted to give the world a better understanding of his vision and his products, and he was interested to see how people would present the story.

I can give you an example, right at the beginning of the Bush administration, the first person [to] interview Bush was Walter Shapiro [of] The Washington Post. I saw Bush’s team calling Walter Shapiro’s office, calling them about four times in the week before he was interviewed. And then he was interviewed.

Apple isn’t doing so well, and journalists aren’t waiting to pounce on Apple’s next move.

If you help people because you hope that they’ll become best friends, it will not work out. Help people because you want to, not because you have to. Remember that there’s a difference between duty and responsibility.


Some of these truths present themselves too late in life and we could’ve avoided a mistake or two by being mindful of them earlier in life. I made the mistake of basing my confidence on silly things such as clothes and looks.

My grandfather and I are related.

Definitely if you’re talking about something really bad it’s easier to be confident about that if you can’t really relate to what’s going on.

There is much more to life than just survival. There are countless stories that you don’t know yet. Life is very complex.

The idea of Santa Claus is rooted in the Christian belief that a divine being will take pity on us and come down from the North Pole to give us gifts. But as a society, we have long rejected that belief, and Santa’s image has become a staple of North American culture. So, the best you can hope for is a great, if imaginary, Santa.

What are some counter-intuitive life lesson you’ve learned? I would love to hear from you.

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