62 Entrepreneurial Sara Blakely Quotes

What are my favorites? I have a ton, because I have a lot of sayings and I can’t remember them all. I can pick out a handful.

She is the founder of Spanx, a company that sells stretchable clothing that helps to give the impression of a smaller waistline. Spanx also has many other products, including panty liners, maternity wear, and other products.

“The world was not good back then, and it’s not good right now. I don’t know — I don’t like to speak about myself — but I did not have a happy childhood,” she said.

I created an app that has changed the lives of millions of people. What’s amazing about it is how women really value it.

62 Sara Blakely Quotes

People with courage can do things when they’re scared. They can do things even when their fear is strong. Sara Blakely has worked hard to be a courageous person, and she has accomplished a lot in her life.

In order to be pretty at any price, I gave up dressing in order to be sexy in the eighties.

It’s one of those things that makes you feel great afterwards- when you’re done shopping, and you think, “Oh! I have this great system. I gave away three things.” Then, you open a box and you see that you’ve given away so much more than three things.

I think that as early as a child, we learn what we are good at and what we are bad at. We remain where it is safe.

It is vital to have good ideas, but the best ideas are not all that useful if they don’t get past the ideation stage. So don’t share your million-dollar ideas with just anyone. However, don’t hide them from potential investors.

So how can you identify your investors? While you can’t always anticipate investors, you can often find potential investors in a few places.

A person who is motivated by an interest in making money, spending money and gifting money is an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is a state of mind. They are driven to make money doing something they love, like running a small business or creating a mobile app.

As a CEO of a start-up, Sara Blakely first sold a $20 belt in 2004. She made $4 million that year. This was a great accomplishment for a young single mother who never went to college.

The word “Spanx” was funny so people would laugh at it, and they wouldn’t forget it.

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Sara Blakely had an idea to create a product that would help change the way women think about themselves – by using her sewing skills to create her own product.

– – You should take on a new challenge and then learn something new.

Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. The more you know, the more you will understand what you don’t know. Also, the more you know, the more different you will be from others.

Everything in our society is supposed to be purposeful, but I have found that in certain situations, people get stuck in the past, which is the opposite of purposeful.

I’d like to start a business that makes comfortable shoes. So that I can stop working!

Sara Blakely has found success by being a smart and hard working business woman. When she started her first company, she had to do everything alone. Now her company, Spanx, produces many products, has a large team, and is well-known in the business world.

It’s always a good idea to have a fear of flying class. I missed one of the classes, but it turned out great because I eventually took a flight, and I loved it.

If somebody can do something 80 percent as great as I think they would have done it myself, they have got to let it go!

Most of the reasons we don’t do things are because we’re afraid to fail. I just made a decision to stop doing things because of fear.

Being a mom has brought many changes to Blakely’s life. She shared with CNN in January that she has had no time to exercise as a mom. She has started doing yoga and has now lost 18 pounds.

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The hidden blessing is the gift. Sara Blakely got a start in business by accident. She was in college and found a pattern on her clothing she couldn’t live without. She took it to a store and they helped her make a prototype. She didn’t know anything about business or marketing. She then decided to pay it forward by creating Spanx. Sara Blakely then became a billionaire entrepreneur.

The father of Sara Blakely used to encourage his kids to fail. If they didn’t know what failure was, he would have been disappointed or sad if they didn’t take the time to tell him about what they’d failed at that week. If they told him what they failed at, he would have high-fived them and said, “Way to go!” He gave his kids the gift of redefining what failure truly was.

A few years ago we saw the start of the multi-billion dollar business of “fast fashion.” This is a trend where you might find a cute top but only if you buy it in two weeks. So think about what you want to create for years to come.

Sara Blakely explained that if you’re just soliciting feedback for validation purposes, it can stop your idea in its tracks. She said that if you go to a friend, co-worker, husband or wife for validation, it can stop your idea in its tracks. She said that if you’re looking to your friend, co-worker, husband or wife for validation, it can stop a lot of multimillion-dollar ideas in their tracks.

Success is not based on the outcome, but in the effort you put in. This way, it is about answering to yourself.

I didn’t want women to walk out of the dressing rooms depressed and wanting an alcohol.

Sara Blakely said that women need to be empowered to excel. – (1) Women need to be allowed to be in positions of power. (2) Women are naturally endowed with the ability to succeed. – (1) If women were to be able to use their natural aptitude for success, the world would be a better place. – (2) Women naturally excel at things like math, science, and art.

The statement is true because if we can make a man landing on the moon, we can make pantyhose comfortable.

29. I felt that by sharing my ideas with a group of women, I wouldn’t be giving my ideas a chance to be questioned by someone else. It could have made me doubt myself. I wanted to share my ideas so that if things didn’t go my way, at least I’d have a group of women to support me.

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A successful business is built through hard work and perserverance.

Sara Blakely is the founder and CEO of Spanx and the author of the book The Big Lie: Living the Life You Really Want.

I think I’ve said this a million times: I’ll use hair color as a temporary measure to change my appearance, or the color I wear or the style I wear are what are most permanent to me, rather than the color my hair is.

Many of our greatest successes in life are not what we achieved, but what we failed to achieve. And I would say that the most successful entrepreneurs are those failures. They are the ones who are willing to embrace the things that they don’t know or haven’t achieved in their life.

I don’t believe in giving up. And I don’t believe in failing. Failure is a bad thing and when you fail you have nowhere to go but up. I’ve been failing since I was eight-years-old.
I’ve been trying to make $1.5 million that I could use that I had been saving all along. I have been striving for that since I was a little girl. – Sara Blakely was born on 6th November, 1973.

I feel like having money makes me more of who I already am.

The following sentences are from a fictional novel in which a first-person character explains a theory of money. The theory is that money is simply a commodity, like a cup or a loaf of bread, which can be bought and sold. The character’s first-person narrator is a young woman who is starting out in the world as a journalist.

The company was really struggling after the sale to Spanx, so it was really tough to build a company with no business plan. They ended up selling the company and went on a long search for their next venture.
As a result of their search, Blakely and her husband bought a plane, and her husband was their test pilot. She decided to start a business to do the same thing. She wanted to make the first plane a joy to fly, so she added joy back to the experience.

With zero experience in the fashion industry, she decided to make an undergarment that did not exist for women.

Even though Sara had a lot of support from her family, she still felt alone. During a trip to a conference with her mother and sister, however, she got her first real view of what it was like for other women who were working so hard to succeed. This gave her the confidence she needed to pursue her dream of inventing a new way of making and selling bras.

I’m an entrepreneur. I differentiate myself by creating an online marketplace that gives consumers the power to choose quality and value. I make my mark by providing the tools for customers to find the right products and services.

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I have always said, hire your weaknesses and have your strengths, because that’s how we get better.

When I design fashion clothes, I want people to feel glamorous without putting any effort into their looks.

One of the things that Sara Blakely talks about is how a mistake can be a positive. It can be a positive if it helps you to look at something differently, or it can be a positive if it makes you realize that there is something else you can do.

I do not want to do things the same way everyone else does. I want to be unique. There is nothing wrong with being unique. I want to live my life by this quote.

Failures are life’s way of letting you know that you are off course. Trying new things and being afraid to fail are more important than what you learn in school.

There is no doubt that Sara Blakely is the lady who invented spandex. She got the opportunity to sell her product at a fair price and is credited with the invention of the first woman’s undergarment. She is now a businesswoman and entrepreneur who has been recognized as the first self-made female billionaire in America and the first African-American woman billionaire in America.

I think failure is just life’s way of nudging you that you’re off course. Failure is nothing more than the life’s way of nudging you that you’re off course. Not trying means not trying to make everything work or doing everything perfectly.

Sara Blakely wears many different styles of clothing. She can combine pieces from different designers. Sara Blakely loves wearing items from a gumball machine. She says that the price of her ring can vary.

It’s important to be willing to make mistakes. The worst thing that can happen is you lose your way and become memorable.

Sara Blakely created her first online business by cold calling potential clients on the phone at Neiman Marcus. When she presented the company with her proposal, they signed on quickly, seeing the potential in selling on the web. Blakely’s first online business was Neiman Marcus. She cold-called potential customers on the phone just like she had cold called businesses when she was selling fax machines for seven years, making the pitch to sell their products on the internet.

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50. Fashion is like a duck that quacks when it is told what to do. It is being told what to do by people who want you to wear designer labels and get a ‘glamour picture’ taken. It just makes me want to rebel against being ‘taught’ how to wear the clothes.

The truth of the matter is that the less you know, the better.

Sarah Blakely said that she gets an energy from making things more effective, better, and easier to use.

Sara Blakely is the Founder and CEO of Spanx. She’s been called the “Queen of Spanx”. She was the first to make the body shaper.

After having a mental snapshot of where you are, where you are going, and what you are moving toward is incredibly powerful.

The entrepreneur has revealed that growing up she was taught that hard work was the only way to get ahead. The mother of three also remembered how her father would come home and celebrate the successes of her children.

My story is that not everyone is suited to succeed in a business career – or a career in any other area of society. Not every woman is cut out to be a CEO. But we can be successful and that’s what I decided to do.

Sara Blakely was born and raised in rural southern Indiana, and was a tomboy. She used to play with Legos and dolls. She was into motorcycles and riding them, and she painted her nails blue. She decided to go to college first because she thought it’d be a safe move.

– The average American woman works more than 50% more than the average man. – The average American woman spends 10% more of her income than the average man. – More than 40% of American women work full-time but earn less than the average male full-timer. – The average American female spends 40% of her leisure time on household – related activities (vs. 20% for male). – The average US woman spends an extraordinary 8.5 hours a day on household-related activities.

[Sara Blakely][1] is the founder and CEO of Spanx, the $2 billion-plus lingerie company, and her husband, Mark, is an extremely picky eater. On the rare occasions he allows himself a snack, Sara says he’ll order a mud pie at the nearby T.G.I. Friday’s, a chain of casual restaurants that specializes in fried foods.

I think a lot about how my mortality can come at any time. I find it motivating to think about it.

Creativity is essentially having a very clear vision and working your way to getting to the point where you can achieve your goal.

You can learn to think creatively at any age.

Here are some thoughts to help you think creatively.

When she was just a girl, Sara Blakely struggled with a disorder that caused her to wear too-tight clothes. Because of this, her mother decided to get rid of all of her clothes in the house. This was a major obstacle for her; but, she realized that having more time to herself, the opportunity to think about how she wanted to live her life, gave her a new view of how to tackle obstacles in her life.


Sara Blakely is a great businesswoman and entrepreneur. She’s started several companies, including Spanx, Spanx Inc. & Victoria’s Secrets. She’s also one of the richest women in the world.

This is a free collection of some of the most inspirational Sara Blakely quotes. I’m sure you will find these quotes helpful for your daily life.

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