10 Ways To Make Your Workplace Better For Women

If you look to hire people who are skilled, you will get the best talent out there. This means that you will be able to find the best employees for your business.

Many organizations are making the move to have more women on their team. If you’re looking to hire more women, these 10 tips will help you go about it in a way that benefits you and your company as a whole.

1. Offer Better Pay

You also need to make sure that you have fair compensation packages prepared for all your employees.
There is a difference between fair and equal.
You can’t give everyone the same wages unless you’re hiring everyone on the same wage.
But the point I want to stress is that, you must make sure that you have fair pay rates for everyone.

If your company struggles to find qualified women, make sure your pay is a good enough offer that people will like.

2. Find New Talent

Be on the lookout for women who could be leaders once you have hired individuals for your company.

It’s important for supervisors to be able to look past the loudest voice, to understand everyone’s competency and work towards providing the best product possible.

I know that my team is really getting things done. Take time to observe them in action — they will really let you know who is doing what and why.

3. Recognize Bias

Women in STEM are not held back by bias in the workplace. We encourage them to go into these careers and we need to make sure that they are able to be successful.

When thinking about promoting a female with the same or better qualities than a male counterpart, avoid making generalizations about each individual.

4. Hire Female Supervisors

It’s vital to have strong female role models as leaders in your current business structure because it’s important to have more women in leadership positions.

Having multiple female managers in the company would help your other female workers feel more included and that they can move up within the company. This is a great indicator for a company as to whether they are truly inclusive and represent your employees better.

5. Understand Different Work Styles

Employees are open to different types of work styles and are also allowed to work in the workplace of their choice.

Many situations involve teamwork.
You have to get the team to work together.

In this type of team environment, the boss could possibly ask you to contribute more to the team’s success. This could possibly lead to more work and responsibility.

Specifically, some people are good at “big picture” thinking, like understanding the fundamental idea behind a concept, while others are better when they can dig into the finer details.

6. End Male-Dominated Culture

If you truly care about people, it’s vital to eliminate the culture of a workplace that makes people feel second-class.

A male dominated workplace can hold meetings in sports arenas or golf courses. This can be intimidating for women and make advancement difficult for them.

The way that I understand all of this, is that the men want to create an environment in which women are safe to be themselves. They want to create a place that is safe for women who are not the same as the men. This is where the women need to be reminded that it is ok to be themselves. The women need to be reminded that they are not less than a man. They need to be reminded that it is ok to ask them things and to seek them out for guidance and their own ideas.

7. Promote Family-Friendly Policies

A female friendly office is one that has better policies so men can be happier and stay longer.

While it’s great that most employers nowadays offer some type of paid leave for new parents, it’s also important to remember that the men in the family aren’t always the ones that take it.

As a company, you can offer flexible schedules and incentives for childcare to help retain these talented women.

8. Encourage Diversity Across the Board

Leaders are trying to make work more diverse by encouraging diversity of all types of people (including women) in a company.

Companies that make it a point to hire people from all walks of life, and people from different ethnic backgrounds, or from different religions.

You should always put effort into making everyone who is involved in your game feel welcome. Support for your game and yourself will grow from this.

9. Get Outside Help

In order to create an inclusive environment, you’ll need to create a diverse work force.

You can invest in your own resources as well. There are different companies that will help you develop courses, presentations, and even virtual reality projects to help you work more effectively with the diversity in your company.

10. Celebrate Differences

Be sure to take an interest in the differences among people at your company, not just ignore them. Too many company presidents worry about bringing up this difference in fear of offending someone.

Diversity is a wonderful thing in all aspects of life. This is why it is important to embrace diversity and not try to pretend that everyone is the same.


Leaders and people who help others can encourage more women into the workforce and bring down gender disparities.

The idea of making a workplace attractive to everyone means that you have to pay close attention to everything that happens in your workplace, because no matter how great the company you work for, it’s not going to be perfect.

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