30 Of The Greatest Prison Break Quotes

Prison Break quotes are the best.

A brand-new season of the popular Fox TV show has begun.

Over 10 years ago, Michael went on to rescue Sara from her terrible situation.
The movie had been shot, and Michael’s character was to be killed.
However, Michael had not been shown on camera at that point.
Nowadays, people would say he’s a ghost.

But I don’t think it meant anything.
Like at the time, nobody would have thought it did.
It was just a joke for the viewers because everyone knew that Michael was going to die.

The show follows a married couple, and their kids, who is a high-level federal agent who is undercover with a criminal group named The Cartel. Each episode follows their cases and their investigations. There is a lot of humor and action in the show.

Prison Break is told through the eyes of an engineer who breaks out a friend who was going to be executed for a crime he didn’t commit.

We have to wrap up the plot by tying everything together.

It’s possible to write a season finale that would be better than the finale of the original series.

The 30 Best Prison Break Quotes

Without the faith that we have, where would we be without it? It’s the only thing keeping us going.

It is better to prepare yourself as much as possible, but once you start the journey you need to have trust that you will succeed and will not fail.

When you have a relationship with somebody who doesn’t love you and you still have a chance to quit this relationship, don’t shut down. You never know when you’re going to make the right decision to break it off. You want to make sure you have a solid excuse. You want them to quit loving themselves before you give up on them.

The reason you and I are in this mess in the first place is because we don’t say the things we want to say, we don’t say the things we should say. We stay silent. So now, plainly, simply, I want to say that I love you both very much.

There is a part of everyone who has been conditioned by something else to “think” some way and to act in some way.

The news that Michael is spreading is a lie. The fact that he is so sure of himself, that he really thinks that no one cares or listens to him proves that it’s a lie.

This video demonstrates 4 ways to keep your mind positive, so that you can see the good in your day.

Hope is a good thing for a human to have. If you’re in a situation you’re unhappy with, hope can give you a reason to change that situation. Hope can also help you feel better in that situation when you feel like the bad situation will never get better. It’s like a little ray of sunshine.

Michael Scofield said that when he was a child, he didn’t sleep at night because he thought that there was a monster in the closet. But his brother told him that there wasn’t anything there except fear. Fear wasn’t real. He said that you have to face it, and you just have to open the door and the monster would disappear.

10th of 20 Prison Break Quotes

When you are in a relationship with someone, it’s very good to be friends. When you are trying to get a girl or a guy to date you, it’s better to be more “enemies”. That way, if they have a bad day, you are their friend that can be there for them. It can also protect you if they decide to mess with you or be jealous.

My philosophy is that you should not get attached to things you know may pass away. They may become obsolete or become a thing of the past.

When Sara Tancredi was told she was going to lose her best friend…She became a part of the show, the love story, and the friendship between two very different women. She’s the oldest of the group with all the memories of the group, the good and the bad, and her return to the show was a great moment for the show.

It’s a very clear difference in the way the two men want to be punished for their crimes. One wants to be punished and is ready to do the work. The other wants to be punished by society and wants to avoid doing the work of his punishment. One has a plan to break out of his prison in order to go on a quest for revenge and freedom. The other has only a vague idea of what he wants to achieve. In the end they meet.

It was difficult to tell whether I was the only one who thought like this or whether everyone thought like this. The words of a man who came to a point where he could no longer stand the pain of it. It was true, this pain, and I was happy to be the one to face it.

I’d be honored if you would consider me for this position. I’m one of your greatest admirers.

This is a joke we always say. It’s basically saying we’re not as violent as, I don’t know, the drug dealers.

It was important that Michael did not die in prison only to have his son never know him, his daughter never know her father (and who would not know her father, after all).

I don’t even think about what you’ve said. I’ve never wanted to be with you, you know it and I know it. Maybe I should have done a better job keeping you out of my life, but I did the best I could with the tools that I was given. I don’t regret one minute of what I’ve done, because I know I’ve done the best I could with what I had.

He was in here a man. And this, he still has enough strength to leave here as a man.


20th of 30 Prison Break Quotes

Michael Burrows’s “break out of a Jamba Juice” is about breaking out of jail, and I don’t know what a Jamba Juice is.

I’d been thinking about the concept of being ‘in the news’ for a while but hadn’t written a word, but with a little bit of help from a few people, here’s the first draft of what I’ve got so far.

It concerns a character – a “super-human” – who starts to feel increasingly uneasy about his existence.

People who kneel to God show respect towards him and are obedient to him.

Some inmates don’t trust many people, including the guards.

If you have a problem with my suggestion, feel free to put it into my suggestion box.

C-Note made that because Darwin had already won in the scientific community.

When Michael fights against the world, the world will always lose.

The cross is a pretty obvious way of showing that the wearer is a Christian (as opposed to someone who might be a Christian without living the way a Christian lives).
The use of “living by it” is a reference to the biblical concept of sanctification.

I am a person, a person with thoughts and emotions. I have goals and dreams and problems. I read people, and you, my friend, are a coloring book.

I feel a warm handshake is so much better than a cold shank.

The captain runs the prison during the day, but I run it at night.

It is true, faith is everything when it comes to winning a game because we have faith in ourselves.
However, it is very important that we do not get lazy, we are not only expected, but we are required to be in top form at all times.



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