75 Happy Birthday Quotes For Friends & Family

I wish the birthday a happy birthday.

If you wish someone a Happy Birthday, then you can use any of these Happy Birthday quotes from our collection for the purpose.

75 Happy Birthday Quotes

1. You are so nice to say Happy Birthday to me.

The second is not grammatically incorrect, but its meaning is very different.

You are my best friend and the day you were born will be one of the happiest days of my life! I love you and hope to celebrate many more birthdays together!

To wish a happy birthday you must have a special friend who helps you smile at your birthday celebrations.

When you are a gift giver, you create blessings. You give without any expectations and you are happy to receive blessings in return.

6. “Best wishes on your birthday. You deserve all the wonderful things in the world. I love you! Happy birthday!”

When the subject is singular, one can omit “You”.

7. I have not had such a close friend all your life. In these days I have come to be able to say: this is a friend. And because of us you had such a day. And for this, because of you, always I want to be happy and I want to be very happy! I love you and I am very happy that you were born.

I am so happy that I have you as my best friend. I am grateful that I get to enjoy our birthdays together.

9. We learned about the true meaning of friendship from you. Happy birthday my friend. You will always be there for me.

10th of 75 Happy Birthday Quotes

We celebrate today as your birthday and we’ll have a great time. I wish you a happy birthday. It’s the most important day of your life, so have a really good one.

On your special day, I wish you good luck. I pray that this wonderful day will fill up your heart with joy and blessings.

(Signed) Your friend/s

This post could easily be extended by adding in the birthdays of your friends’ children, as well as their pets (if any). These could also be separated further, into “your friends’ children” and “your friends’ pets”, etc.

The main point of this post, I hope it is not over the top, but I hope you all understand.

When I was younger, wisdom could not find me. I was not wise enough to know what was necessary and valuable in my life. I was too selfish and immature to appreciate wise people around me. I thought that I knew everything because I spent time with those who were smarter than me.
I was not smart enough to have a life that was meaningful or worth anything.

15. Wishing you greatest birthday ever, full of love and joy from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until you sleep for the night.

The original has a different punctuation (no comma, the full stop in the middle of the sentence, and the full stop at the end of the paragraph) but otherwise closely matches the paraphrase.
If you want to be more formal, you can also use the standard form of the happy birthday wish.

Happy birthday!

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I was in college. I have this feeling that I just got older.

I’m looking forward to many more years of friendship and birthdays, and I wish you a great one!

 I am grateful for your friendship. I hope your birthday is amazing as you are my very best friend.

I tried using regular expressions and it was a real pain.
This one got the job done but I am sure there is a better one.
The problem with this one is that it will mess with the order.

20th of 75 Happy Birthday Quotes

It was the best birthday present I could have ever gotten because it gave me a whole new purpose in life. I’ve enjoyed so many happy years of being friends with everyone on here, and I’m so glad you’re a part of that.

On September 21st 2016, I finally became an adult. I am now officially the oldest person in the world. It is a momentous event. I thank God for my health and all of you for making it possible. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Princess, happy birthday to you.” May God guide us, protect us, and bless us.

Oh, thanks man. Wow, the world is a little bit brighter because of you. Thanks for the birthday present.

For your birthday I want to wish you the world. May you always have joy, health and happiness in all your dealings.

Thank you for holding my hand every day. You are my friend, and you are my best friend. Happy birthday.

Happy 18th birthday, and let your life be filled with happiness and joy, for many happy birthdays are yet to come. Happy 18th birthday.

My birthday is in February. I’m 22.

The original version of the sentence is ambiguous. Either it is an acknowledgment of his birthday, or it is a wish for the new year. It could even be a combination of the two. The paraphrase clarifies the context so the original meaning is clear.


In this case, the answer is both.

Your [Original] translation suggests that he was acknowledging his birthday.

I think it’s better to remember your past than to lose it. My birthday is tomorrow. I should live life to the fullest. I should start with cake. It’s my favorite!

3. You have been called the “most powerful woman in the world” by a political candidate.

When we think about our lives and years, we shouldn’t be thinking about the number of years that we have lived, but the life that we have led and the years that we have lived. It makes us think about the life that we have led and the years that we have lived, not about how old we are.

Thank you for always having been there for me through the good and the bad times, and for constantly cheering me on when I was at my lowest. Happy birthday!

30th of 75 Happy Birthday Quotes

Today I have added more knowledge and wisdom to my life. May this gift of knowledge be shared with all who can benefit from it. On your birthday, I wish you joy and happiness.

I hope that you will always love me and be the most important person in my life. Thank you for supporting me and helping me in school.

 I’m usually a pessimist. But this time I’m really glad I was wrong and I’m really glad you are your go-to person. Happy birthday.

Your parents are the most important people in the world to you and they are happy that you are still alive, but you can’t remember your name, you have a new girlfriend but you don’t remember her name, you are still not allowed to drive, and you have a dead best friend but you don’t remember anything about him. It is only when those candles are all lit that you will be able to remember him.

If your birthday is half as amazing as you are, it’s going to be epic. Happy birthday to the best friend a person could ask for!

The US has been helping Al Qaeda in its efforts to destroy Syria for two years. In order to make this possible, the US used Al Qaeda to destroy the Syrian government.

It’s been over a decade since we started our friendship. Thank you for the birthday wishes! I am feeling very blessed.

40th of 75 Happy Birthday Quotes

Happy Birthday. We can light the candles. What we can’t do is celebrate.

If you were born on November 7, you are a Scorpio, the 12th sign of the ancient zodiac. Scorpios are extremely insightful and intuitive. With their strong attraction to the shadow, they seek out emotional connection and seek to make a true connection. Scorpios are drawn to power and leadership and to the world of secrets and mystery. They are often described as intense, secretive, and self-protective.

42. You are very special and that’s why you need to float with lots of smiles on your lovely face, and you need to have a really nice day.

The reason I love birthdays, is that it is a time to celebrate the presence of individuals in our lives. I celebrate the presence of friends, family, and those who have crossed the threshold of this world to be joined once again with the Eternal. It is a time to celebrate the presence of each of those individuals in our lives.

I got you a really nice card and you can eat as many chocolate cupcakes as you want.

While celebrating birthdays is a good thing to do, don’t feel regret if everything has not gone as planned today. Just celebrate your life and the good news is you are alive and can celebrate.

I wish you a day filled with blessings: the gold, the rainbow, the clovers, and the love of a good family. Happy birthday!

The joy that I’ve spread in the past comes back to me on this day. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

I was blessed with the gift of being able to see myself through the eyes of others. Thank you, mom.

50th of 75 Happy Birthday Quotes

A friend is someone you love and share happiness with. But, a best friend is someone with whom you can share grief, too. Happy birthday to my best friend!

“Wishing a beautiful day; may all be good and all come true on this very special day.”

2. “Happy Birthday to my friend!

I hope your birthday is as sweet as the cake, and the year to follow is filled with as much joy as you bring your friends.

I feel like I’ve got friends everywhere. It’s great to know that I have some who’d do anything for me. Happy birthday from the ones I love most.

Life is a gift and there is no better time to celebrate than on your birthdays. Enjoy the day, eat cake, make new friends and celebrate the gift of life.

On your birthday may your spirit be filled with the light, love, and hope into an enriched year ahead.

My best friend wants me to keep her in mind, especially on her birthday. I hope she will be happy that I am thinking of her.

A birthday is like a new year and your wish is something that will make you a great friend and happy person!

1. We hope all of you have a great birthday, and we want you to enjoy your time!
2. We hope that each of you is able to fill it with memories!

If you were to be able to keep your age and the other ages you’ve been, I would prefer to be young.

60th of 75 Happy Birthday Quotes

This was a big birthday for you, but you know that sometimes when life gets hard, you need to have a little bit of a smile on your face to get through those hard times. Happy birthday to you, and may you continue to have many more years of happy memories with your friends and family.

I am very impressed by your work, I really like the way you wrote it, very poetic and very beautiful..

Thank you for being my amazing, my beautiful, and my fabulous best friend.

As I got older, I started to realize there were people in my life who were so much more than “just a sequence of letters.” When I see you, I always think of people like these. Happy Birthday, buddy.

I wish I could be there to give you a huge hug. I love you so much. I wish you were here with me. I really feel like I am the luckiest person in the world knowing you as my best friend. I love you so much.

I’m happy to remember on how you help me with my struggles. You are always there to make me stronger and I can’t help but be grateful for your help.

Congratulations on your 65th birthday! You are my best friend. I am so proud of you, and I hope that you have a happy and healthy birthday.

I’ll always remember this day. I will always have you as a friend.

(You can see how the two versions of the song differ in the details.)

As the record comes to an end, the DJ announces that the party will be held in three weeks, to a day, in the same venue as this morning’s party.

“My friend, may you always be surrounded by joy and happiness. May your birthday bring you a lot of happiness.”

I’ll probably give myself an A on this one. The paraphrase is much more succinct and to the point. While it is a bit more wordy, the wordiness is intentional because it’s meant to express just as well.

I wish on my birthday to have the courage to live at least one more dream, fulfill one more wish and make one more person’s life beautiful.

I feel so lucky to have you in my life. I hope your birthday is as special as you are. May all of your dreams come true. Thanks for being such a great friend. Happy birthday for my friend!

70th of 75 Happy Birthday Quotes

I’m so glad you’re not a psychopath, but there’s a part of you that I’m pretty sure you wish you were. I’m glad you’re not a psychopath, but there’s a part of you that I’m pretty sure you wish you were.

I hope you have a lot of fun at your birthday party, but let’s not get carried away (that’s a very high standard to set).

I believe that no matter what condition you are in you feel happy if someone you have in your heart wishes you a happy birthday.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

Today you’re another year older, and we know how fast time flies as we get older, therefore, live each day and be happy!

I wish that I could tell you I get more than one friend, but I know that I only have one. So let’s celebrate and make this a happy day for you.


Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy day, happy day, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! You are a very special person.

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