50 Motivational Peter Jones Quotes

Peter Jones is an old comedian who was a huge influence on me growing up. He’s a perfect example of the kind of humor that my generation grew up watching.

Peter Jones has been a very successful businessman since he graduated from London University with a first class degree in Business Economics and Finance in 1977.
In the last year he has developed a new mobile product which he is selling on eBay.

As well as these he has also been in the media for his music, recently for a project he did with an independent label, the first single from the project, ‘Shelter’ is a collaboration with singer/songwriter, David McComb.

There are no limits to what you can achieve when you focus on your goals, work hard, and stay motivated.

50 Motivational Peter Jones Quotes for Entrepreneur

One of the biggest reasons people don’t become successful is because they have too many bosses.

I always found private school boring, but I would escape through the back fence to walk the four miles to my father’s office in Windsor. I didn’t last very long, but it didn’t curb my ambition.

Peter Jones was a professional tennis player and had a tennis career from 1957-1972. He is mostly known for winning Wimbledon in 1962.

Know what you’re worth, what you put on your resume, and know if you can get clients who can pay for what you’re offering.

No one in the Middle East needs to pay for their children’s education.

Peter Jones is the Founder and CEO of Peter Jones Coaches. Peter Jones is a top rated coach for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. Peter Jones Coaches has more then 8 years of experience training Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners and has helped hundreds of people to build and grow their own business.

The key to a successful business is having the right people doing the right things at the right time and in the right way.

American Inventor is the best television show I’ve ever seen. It’s like if the best moments from The Howard Stern Show meets Monty Python. It all seems so random, but it works.

9. Being an entrepreneur is probably the most lonely things you can do.

10th of 50 Peter Jones Quotes

I am annoyed that we use the word ‘innovation’ in our business. I would rather see us refer to it as ‘doing something better than your competition’ as it is more accurate to what innovation means to me.

Peter Jones is very much into getting on his soap box about the problems of investing in China.

Don’t start a business that you have no interest in. Start something that you are passionate about.

 Peter Jones, the fashion industry’s ambassador for decades, has always been a bit of a charmer. I’ve always appreciated his work with the British Fashion Council and his efforts to make fashion fun and fashionable.

Peter Jones is the President of the Association of British Travel Agents, and he has some big-picture thoughts about the future of the industry. He’s thinking of how to keep his members employed, and how to stay competitive.

Peter Jones is one of Dragon’s Den’s original investors and the business acumen he has is second to none. He’s a great entrepreneur and one of the most trusted names on the show’s panel.

I was 28 when I started my career as a software developer, and I had never worked for anybody. I did it because I wanted to learn how to design and build software. I wanted to know more about the industry and how to get into it.

People who believe that you are born an entrepreneur are talking a load of bunk. It doesn’t make a bit of difference whether someone is born or bred. Everyone can become an entrepreneur with dedication, drive and hard work. However, the big difference between some and many entrepreneurs is that few are self-made.

Peter Jones says that if you’re trying to pitch ideas to investors, always strive to be smart. Wear smart clothes. And that people who pitch their ideas in T-shirts and jeans are not the people who have the best idea.

This young man, who started by using his phone to access information about himself, learned to use phones to direct his own life while still a child.

20th of 50 Peter Jones Quotes

Peter Jones once said this to me when I was starting up my company in the early days of my professional life.
He had just returned from his second year of a two-year Master’s degree program, and was beginning his first year of law school.
He said that when he had graduated college, he had been in awe of his degree and all the things that had been learned during his time.

I know that Peter Jones is fond of this show when it comes to reality shows in general. It is true that not many reality shows have that much success. However, “Dragons’ Den” will surely have a longer shelf-life – in the sense that it will be going on longer than other shows, although it’s unlikely that it will last as long in terms of its popularity. Peter Jones is not the main target audience of the show, which means that people might not stick with it for as long, but if there’s one thing that the program has going for it, it’s the length of time it will actually be on the air (it will run for at least two years).

In the movie the character played by Chris Pratt, Peter Jones is talking to his wife, played by the late Patricia Arquette, about the spoiled-child brat who ends up having everything.

When it comes to business, the way your do things is more important than the money you make or the products you sell. When you’re creative and innovative you’re able to take on more challenges.

While it costs money to invest, the personal investment pays off in the future. You have a relationship with the person, too.

It was the 1980s, a time of the Borg and McEnroe era. When I was growing up in Maidenhead, I spent hours hitting balls against a wall, imagining I was beating them both.

The more people you meet in your business, the better. It helps if they are influential and have an opinion on your business.

I’ve got a lot of the friends that I’ve had, even though they’ve changed over the years. I keep in touch with a lot of the people I went to school with, the guys from the clubs and all that.

I think the whole point of Peter Jones’ comment is that “young people” have a whole lot to learn from business. Especially those from poorer parts of the country.

The best business models are those that connect your customers with your brand and help them find ways to make more money doing what they already love.

30th of 50 Peter Jones Quotes

Peter Jones worked for Ligo Systems, a company which was a pioneer of the IBM compatible personal computer and a manufacturer of a home computer called the Ligo. Peter Jones designed microprocessors and some of the first ever commercially available personal computers as we know them and this led to him winning a Nobel prize. Peter Jones is widely considered to have revolutionised and helped create the modern computer and is a vital figure in computer, science and engineering history.

Mr Jones said he started up Computer House in 1991 but it didn’t go too well. He had taken risks by giving his clients credit and by building the firm up.

With the help of his family, Jones started Jones Sports Club in 1973, when he was just 16 years old, in the north-eastern town of Middlesbrough. He rented a hall and rented a tennis court and started teaching students how to play tennis. He taught all day and at the end of each day he would go home and his father would cook him a meal. Eventually, the academy’s success allowed him to buy a house and move to London.

The government must understand the real route to employability is more than a university education or on-the-job training – it’s hands-on experience from an early age. It’s about growing up in a culture of lifelong learning, and learning through hands-on experience the skills and attitudes required of high-skill, high-wage jobs.

I want to become a success, and I am trying to achieve this through education, and I’ll continue to lobby government to try and make it happen.

Peter Jones is the cofounder and CEO of ThePlatform (formerly Zeebox), a leading media company that makes apps and websites for TV.

The business world is more than an academic exercise, and cash flow is a major issue for small businesses. Peter Jones talks about the importance of cash flow and ways to save money.

I believe that Peter is a good person who doesn’t play political games. And I think that he has the same method of dealing with issues as I do.

He has always been able to say “feedback” instead of “failure”!

When his dad asked him to play with a rugby team, Peter was excited at the prospect of making new friends while playing the sport he loved, but his height made it hard to fit into some positions.

40th of 50 Peter Jones Quotes

Peter Jones believes that if you want to make your own decisions about where you work, what you do, what you earn and what you buy, then being able to make money is an important factor.

This is good advice for the 21st century, as it shows that we are beginning to learn to live life by our own rules and our own principles, and not how everyone else wants us to live.

I hired people to do things to a standard that I had not achieved myself. We were the ones who made us the best that we are. I knew what I was looking for and would only hire people who could provide what I was looking for.
I hired people because I knew they could do a better job than I could do. They had more skill, expertise, and dedication than I could have ever achieved on my own. I hired people because I wanted to make myself better.

When Peter and I first discussed this show, he mentioned that he was born in London and grew up in Maidenhead. I don’t know if this is true, but it’s possible that he got this impression from a television show.

I wish for my children to be respectful and kind. I wish for them to be their own person and to be happy.

There have been many good and successful fashion designers come out of the UK, including Karen Millen, and the fashion industry is growing very fast.

It seems to be a very difficult subject for him, because I’m not sure if he’s trying to hide behind the whole “it is what it is but no one could’ve predicted this” comment. He might be trying to hide behind that too, or he might have to do a double bluff and say ‘I’m just a good actor’ or ‘I’m just a good writer’.

Britain is a country of opportunity, but we have to make a strong case for it. Young people who feel frustrated and aimless are often the ones who give up on education, work, and on building a life.

When you know that you are not going to succeed in the business that you are in, try something else. You never know, you might end up better off.

Entrepreneurs should be respectful to teachers and educators. It’s not easy to teach and we should be grateful for all the knowledge we’re given from our teachers.


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