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According to Net Worth, Peter Jones’ net worth is $60 Million.


Peter Jones is a British man who loves to work, and be creative.

He had been a dragon investor on Dragons’ Den, which is a business show on the BBC. He was the only remaining investor, after all other original investors were fired.

He owns a $30 million palatial estate in Beverly Hills and a $5 million mansion in Malibu. Jones spent a lot of money on clothing, jewelry, and other luxury items.

Early Life

He was born on the 18th of March, 1966, in Berkshire, England.
He was inspired by his parents and his love of tennis and business. At the age of 17, he began teaching tennis lessons, and soon enough started working for a company that sold tennis equipment.
He was a really good tennis player himself, so he loved to play the game.

After a few failed business ventures, Jones decided to take a break and get started on his own invention, an ‘autocar.’ He built the prototype himself and tested it during the summer of 2003. By the time the summer was over, Jones had finished building the first prototype. Jones then sold his first design to the Chinese.


There were rumors that Michael Jordan’s basketball shoe company was named after Jerry Jones.

He opened Tom’s on St. Helena Road in Windsor, based on the Tom Cruise film ‘Cocktail’ but he ran into financial problems and struggled to pay the rent and the staff before selling the premises to IBM.

In 2005, Jones and fellow Dragon Theo Paphitis bought a gift experience business from another fellow Dragon. The business had collapsed and it remained in the ownership of its former owner.

Jones worked for several years at another firm but then joined Celsius, an online recruitment agency and web development company, in London. According to CVs published by the company and other sources, the business is currently located in London and Paris.

Peter Jones runs the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy (PJEA) in the UK. He has set up the program to train people with the ability to turn an idea into a business. They focus on developing a set of skills that enable the graduates to become successful entrepreneurs.

During 2017, Theo and Russell were almost cheated by an accountant who forged hundreds of cheques over a two-month period. In April 2017, Jones and his Dragon’s Den partner Theo Paphitis were almost scammed by an accountant who forged a number of cheques.

Peter Jones’ net worth is $400 million as of July 15th, 2028. He had a birthday on August 15th and he turns 38.


Peter Jones is an award-winning photographer.

Favorite Quotes from Peter Jones 

You may also read it another way:

(a) I have to be wide (varied) because I’ve just opened a whole new line of business.

And then (b) a different, longer, less-common phrasing.

(a) The wide range of businesses I have started and I keep growing.
(b) I’m wide and I’ve got lots of growing businesses.

3 Selling Lessons from Peter Jones 

To have a healthy work-life balance, you need to know when it’s time to make the switch to the evening hours.

1. What Would You Like to Achieve? Set Your Objectives

A good way to begin thinking about your display is to think about the things you want to accomplish.

2. Give Yourself Enough Time

You’ll be happy to know that there’s a lot that you can do to make your display a success. You need to take the time to plan it properly. If you allocate a specific time in your diary you’ll be able to think things through and make sure things are as you’d like them to be.

3. Who Can Help You?

People are a lot smarter than you – use people
This is not your process – others have it

[2] How people interact with each other.


He is a founder of the restaurant the Peter Jones Group, which owns and operates the chain of restaurants the Fat Duck, the Frying Pan, the Hawksmoor, the Trotters, the Spotted Pig and the Blue Fin.

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