33 Genius Henry Ford Quotes On Success, Life & Learning

Ford Motors’ founder was born when the company was founded in 1903. He died in 1947.

One of the most successful products out of the first four cars built at the Ford plant was the Model T, and it has been a massive success worldwide.

This is a collection of the best Henry Ford quotes.

33 Genius Henry Ford Quotes

You can not build a reputation on what you are going to do next.

2. The enthusiasm in the room is the best kind of fuel for your efforts to achieve greatness.

Execution without vision will lead to failure.

Getting started is the hardest part. But if you start, it’s really easy to keep going.

The most successful people know there’ll be times when they’ll have to put more effort than they think they can handle. That’s because they understand the importance of finding inspiration to push them beyond their comfort zones.

If you don’t learn in school, then the world will not know what you are doing next year.

7, Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, once said that whether you think you can do something or not, you will succeed in doing it.

No one has sufficient knowledge about the future to make statements about the future.

Learning keeps you young. To stay young, it’s important to keep learning and evolving.

10th of 33 Henry Ford Quotes

Competition is a tool. It is a way for people to drive down prices, and increase margins.

When it comes to success, many people think they can’t do or think they can’t do.

What was interesting about this quote was, the person who said it is Henry Ford, inventor of the Ford Motor Company and founder of the Ford Motor Company.

Quality means doing things right when your competitors aren’t watching.

No matter what you are facing this week, make sure you find a suitable remedy to the problem.

Experience is the key to success, and it’s your experience that will make you successful in whatever you do.

I am looking for people who have infinite capacity to not know what can’t be done.

An employer can’t pay your wages; you must pay the employer through the price of the services you are paying for.

If you really know your product and how to talk to your customer, then, by default, you can make as much money as your can handle.

20th of 33 Henry Ford Quotes

What we learn from any mistake is to never make that mistake again.

Work has joy. There is no happiness except when you can feel you have accomplished a certain task.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, but this time with more intelligence.

I have noticed the difference between hard and soft work. Hard work is when you are doing something you don’t enjoy. Soft work is when the work is not being done for your personal satisfaction.

The entrepreneur should work 24 hours a day, because it will be a great source of ideas and dreams.

The thing that I was afraid of doing, was to start to do an online course to help people in their business, and give them a chance to succeed. So that’s what I did, and it’s been going really well.

It is possible to do more for the world than the world does for you.

There is no one way to be successful.
Success is about not getting caught up in the expectations of other people while being willing to listen to the voice of your inner self.
You will never be happy if you keep the outer of yourself closed to the inner.
Be willing to get feedback on your life from the people around you and use it to guide your life.

More money doesn’t make you happy. You need to make money for something greater. And I get to pick my own happiness.

29th of 33 Henry Ford Quotes

The economy is not built upon the amount of money that businesses are making. It is built on the efficiency of the people who make the money and how effective they are at their jobs.

We are all bound to gain more wealth rather than lose it. We are all bound to see the positive possibilities for the future. We are all bound to see how much we can give for a dollar, rather than how little we can give for a dollar.

People should spend their time doing things that will make them successful. They should prepare everything to accomplish their goals. Everything else can wait.

There are many competitive people in the business world. You must be aggressive just like them. In doing so, you will be able to create and improve your business, in the process making it better.

When thinking, there is no other hard work, and this is probably the reason why so few people do it.


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