Naomi Scott Net Worth

Net worth as of 2015 is estimated at $2.5 Million and is continuing to grow.


As of July 30th, 2020, Naomi Scott’s net worth is estimated to be around $19 million dollars.

Her real name is Naomi Scott. She is a British actress and singer from England.

After the live-action Aladdin was released, Scott became a Disney princess fans’ darling and got the nickname, “Jasmine the Princess”.

Early Life 

In her early years, Naomi Scott played a multitude of roles, from a boy playing a girl to a girl playing a boy, and from a girl playing a boy to a boy playing a girl.

Her academic career has included a degree in computer science from the University of Warwick in 2002, a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Glasgow, and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Warwick in 2006.


In 2011 Scott was spotted by British singer Kelle Bryan, better known as a member of The Eternal. This led to both of them working together more closely.

After appearing in ‘Life Bites’, she was cast in the Disney Channel UK series titled ‘Life Bites,’ starring alongside Sarah Harding and Michelle Ryan. In 2011, she appeared in another Disney Channel UK production titled ‘Life Bites – Just for the Record,’ along with Katie McGrath, Sarah Harding, Michelle Ryan, and Jack P. Shepherd.

‘Love’s Lies’ is a song written by the singer- songwriter, Leona Lewis. The song was released as the lead single from her second studio album ‘Spirit in the Dark’ (2011).

She was seen playing Princess Jasmine in Aladdin’s production by Guy Ritchie and distributed by Walt Disney Company.

He also starred alongside Kristen Stewart and Djimon Hounsou in the Elizabeth Bank-directed American action comedy ‘Charlie’s Angels.’ The film also has Elizabeth Banks, Patrick Stewart, Ellen Page, Djimon Hounsou and Eiza González in starring roles, and is based on the ‘ABC’ crime drama series of the same name.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Naomi Scott is worth an estimated $3 Million as of July 2020.

Naomi Scott was born in 1981. She is a talented actress.

As of January 2020, Chris Sullivan’s net worth is $7 Million.


On the red carpet, for the first time since her pregnancy, Naomi Scott was on her feet. She was also on-stage in a revealing dress, her long figure showing to all. Naomi Scott’s new movie “The Greatest Showman” is in theaters on December 25.

Favorite Quotes from Naomi Scott

In her own words, Scott has said she is responsible for the actions of her character, and that she is aware of people’s opinions of her. She has also said that she will be herself around the rest of the cast.

Naomi has always been very vocal about a series of issues, including education and the environment, she loves animals. She wants to see the world and has had the opportunity to travel quite a bit already. She also has a pet dog and is planning on having her own children someday.

Naomi Scott started singing at age 11, when she decided to take community singing classes. She’s now been performing in front of audiences for almost 15 years. Naomi Scott’s “I Say A Little Prayer” is sung with a soft, soulful voice.

They are wonderful parents to a young family, so it’s wonderful that they are on the road to happiness together. Naomi is great and she helps her parents out with their business. That’s the reason she is on the top 10 lists.

3 Life Lessons from Naomi Scott

Naomi Scott’s net worth has grown significantly. She is currently ranked as one of the richest actresses in Hollywood. She has an estimated net worth of $40 million dollars. From humble beginnings she has managed to gain success, fame, fortune and prestige. This will give us the motivation to work hard and strive for our goals.

1. Be Realistic 

I would like to say that social media is not the way to go at all. We should connect with people that will be better for us.

2. Know Your Destination 

Courageous people have faith in themselves to do the journey, in this case to succeed in the interview.
I want to do well in this interview. I will do well in this interview.

3. Decisions 

As you get emotional again, you are going to lose several times. Keep on sticking to the decisions you made and don’t think about the losses you have faced.


The British born actress is known for her acting skills and has given stunning performances in many films and television series. She has also been seen on the American entertainment industry having gained popularity when she appeared in the 2010 film The Great Gatsby as Daisy Buchanan. She became the first British actress to play Daisy Buchanan on the big screen.

Kelly has a lot of interests outside of her acting career. She has a production company called Kelly’s Company, which has an award-winning line of children’s clothes. She also has a career as a singer and musician, releasing her first album ‘Heartbreaker’ in 2013.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Naomi Scott is worth an estimated $3 Million as of July 2020.

Naomi Scott was born in 1981. She is a talented actress.

As of January 2020, Chris Sullivan’s net worth is $7 Million.

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