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He made his fortune in the 80s and 90s through movies like Beverly Hills 90210. He made over 4 million dollars in 2014, which puts his net worth at around $35 million.


He started acting when he was 15 and now he’s been in many movies like “Charles in Charge”.

Baio is best known for playing the title character in two television sitcoms. The first being ‘Charles in Charge’ in which he played the role for a short time, and the second being ‘Happy Days’ in which he played the role from 1974 until 1985.

As of July 2022, Scott Baio’s net worth is estimated to be $4 Million (in 2019).

Scott Baio and all the other celebrities who are living on $1 million a year have a lot of money.

Early Life 

As much as Baio is one of the best actors, the way he presents himself is that he is a tough guy. He is considered to be a bit cocky and not very good with girls – but he seems to be fun and carefree and would try to be the best he can be.

Scott was an unruly child and his parents were concerned. His parents arranged for him to take singing and dancing lessons and send him to auditions.


Baio’s big break came when he was selected to play the title character in the cult youth gangster musical, ‘Bugsy Malone’ directed by Alan Parker.

In the movie, the main character was a high school hockey player who was struggling with alcoholism. His best friend, who was the coach, noticed his problem and helped him overcome it.

He began playing the role of Dr. Jack Stewart on Diagnosis: Murder. He was a leading character until he retired from the show in 1995. He later returned and played the role of Dr. Jack Stewart again in the television movie ‘Diagnosis: Murder’ in 2005.

His career took it’s last step in 2006 with a horror comedy called ‘Cursed’. It starred Nicolas Cage and Tara Reid, and the movie bombed at the box office. It’s still in the horror-comedy genre, but it didn’t do well.

He was also the subject of a VH1 reality series; Scott Baio is 45…and Single (2007), and Scott Baio is 46…and Pregnant (2008).

Scott Baio, as of July 2022, has roughly $4 million in net worth.


Scott Baio, the actor who starred in “Happy Days” is now on his fifth wife (since 2012) and the first wife who he married after the divorce of his previous wife.

Favorite Quotes From Scott Baio

I don’t read into all this stuff. I don’t understand much about politics or the media. I’m not a political person. I have a job to do, I have a wife and child to take care of. So I don’t pay attention to things that I don’t know much about.

Scott Baio has two cars. One is a Mercedes Benz. The other is a Ford.
But, this is not what Scott Baio meant.
It’s a joke about an ex-girlfriend and what she said to him when they broke up.

Scott Baio doesn’t believe in iPods and says that if he had one, it would likely contain only Sinatra, The Beatles, some ’70s hits, some ’80s hits, and that’s it.

In an interview with The Inquisitr, Scott Baio was asked if he was willing to star in a Bollywood movie. He answered by saying he wouldn’t take part in any film unless the subject matter is socially acceptable.

3 Life Lessons From Scott Baio

Scott Baio taught us many lessons when it comes to success; not only did he teach us how to be humble, but he also taught us how to be successful.
He taught us to give the audience what they want to see, and to be comfortable in your own skin.
He taught us to never give up.
And he taught us about the importance of being honest and owning your mistakes.
And as you can see, Scott Baio left his mark on the world.

1. Pessimism 

To see the glass as half empty is to have the view that the glass is half empty. To look at the glass as half empty means that it is impossible to view the glass as half full. It is impossible to pour because it is half full. To view the glass as it is half full is to have a view of possibility. To not view the glass as it is half full means that the only alternative is to pour more. That is what is means to be righteous.

2. Movement Of Return 

There is something that prevents the movement of return and that is the belief in doom.

3. Don’t Feed Negativity 

Negativity is a virus. The more you feed it, the bigger and stronger it becomes.


Scott Baio is a very famous and successful American actor and entertainer. He has been in over a hundred movies and many television shows including Scrubs and Happy Days. But his most famous role was that of Chachi – a role that he portrayed decades ago.

He played a character on the TV show Happy Days, but was only around for a few episodes. The ‘Happy Days’ fans just kept coming back, so the character was made to be a recurring one!

As of July 2022, Scott Baio’s net worth is estimated to be $4 Million (in 2019).

Scott Baio and all the other celebrities who are living on $1 million a year have a lot of money.

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