30 Motivational R. Kelly Quotes & Lyrics

The songs of R. Kelly are very inspirational and the lyrics make it a great fit for your own inspirational hip hop quotes.

R. Kelly’s lyrics are great, but I’ve compiled a list of some of the most awesome quotes. Let me know what you think, and don’t forget to share this list with all your friends and family.

R. Kelly said that he is a genius.

30 R. Kelly Quotes

When God wants to teach us something, He uses different kinds of storms. Our storms will end when we learn to have faith in Him.

After the police raid on his home and found child pornography on his computers, R. Kelly was arrested and sentenced to ten years in prison. While in prison he wrote a letter to his fans, he wrote “Love Street” to give them advice on how to be a good person.

I hope that I am able to teach my kids about the struggle that comes with success. What is the difference between success and failure? I can’t say that one came without the other, but they are both very important to the development of their future.

You can do anything you want with me, my love, you’re my soul, I want to give you all of my joy, make you feel brand new.

9th of 30 R. Kelly Quotes

I learned a whole lot from my mama – about music, relationships, being a good person, loving people and the whole of life. Every single day I think about my mama. It is all I do.

I see the end is near when my future is not what I look forward to.

 R. Kelly is a living, breathing, three dimensional, real-world example of the importance of having an effective communications strategy. He has done very well with his, and is benefiting from a lot of free publicity. It’s going to take more than one “Osama” to bring this man down.

The more that we struggle for things, the more likely they are to happen. That’s the idea behind the “what if I’d applied myself” mentality.

R&B singer turned accused child molester R. Kelly says that there are people in this world that love to party, that love to love God, and that love to love people. He also says that there are people that make mistakes. So if you are one of those people, you can listen to his music.

I want people to notice that my writing abilities are real and that I’m not just stuck in one job, one neighborhood or one situation.

I don’t know why they said that. I think they were trying to bring up Ali
but I don’t think they did a good job because they didn’t do enough research.

R. Kelly says that music is like having three babies that share a womb. It’s like having twins, triplets, or eight-lets.

17th of 30 R. Kelly Quotes

There is no doubt that a leader is there because he/she wants to be in the position. However, how they go about it differs from one person to the other. What R. Kelly did is take a step further. He chose to go where others were afraid to go. What made him stand out was his bravery which resulted in him to face the darkness of depression head-on. He was there to do what others were not willing to do.

R. Kelly got famous because he was a great songwriter. His songs were always good and people loved ’em. Even though he was often criticized for his personal life, the music was always good.

R. Kelly said that his prayers changed what he had done and said to his family.

~~Niggaz get their hair cut because they got the pussy power.

R. Kelly’s statement shows that he believes that people who are weak are the ones who are the haters. These people hate people who are successful. This includes people who are powerful like himself. Kelly believes that weak people are those who don’t have power. Because they are weak, they are haters. So he thinks that weak people are the ones who are haters.

The truth is I don’t love myself. I know I am not a good human being. I know I can’t help other people. I’m a selfish person. I want to be loved by other people, but I can’t. I am not good.

When a person gets found not guilty by the court, they’re actually found “not guilty.” It does not matter if the person is found not guilty in a murder case, drug case or a DUI case.

It seems that when it comes to R. Kelly, he is not an exception to the rule. In fact, his lyrics and music have made it very hard to be honest about his past and the crimes committed against children, women, and of course, his fans.

In his own words, he says this song is about people who have to make tough decisions. They’re younger, so they think that life is short, and they start thinking about partying and having fun. But as they get older, they start realizing that they will have to make life-changing decisions, like choosing a college or a career. It’s a song about appreciating the people we love.

26. “You know, I’m no different from a fireman. You got to run into a fire no matter how big the blaze is.” – Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

R. Kelly said that the forecast today is love.

28th of 30 R. Kelly Quotes

I’ve been living in silence for so long. The only things I can hear is the sound of my own voice. I need to share it.

R. Kelly believes he can fly, he believes he can touch the sky.

His mother was not rich and he was a street performer. He was shot. He performed in front of lot of people and got to know a lot of people, and got famous. The one thing that could go down in the history books is that he has touched a lot of people.


It’s not that we don’t like R. Kelly, but we simply wanted to share some of the best hip hop quotes from the great R. Kelly. Hopefully, that will motivate you to listen to his music and also learn more about him.

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