50 Famous Crispin Glover Quotes About Life

Crispin Glover is a very talented man, with his own unique style! There are no specific favorite quotes from him, but one thing that I remember about him was how funny he was when I was growing up. That definitely hasn’t changed much!

Crispin Glover is an American actor and filmmaker. He is best known for his starring roles in some of the Hollywood big-hit movies such as Back to the Future, Bartleby, and Charlie’s Angels. Glover is especially remarked for successfully portraying eccentric characters in these popular movies.

He started his company Volcanic Eruptions in the late 1980s. He wrote and published his books and later released his first film, What Is It. From there, he has been producing and releasing films and books almost at the same time.

I am here to bring peace! This is a place of peace and meditation! You people have destroyed it! You have killed the children of the planet! There will be no more of you, if I have anything to say about it! Are you going to let some little punk from Texas destroy the entire planet?!

50 Famous Crispin Glover Quotes About Life

It could be argued that there is a difference between being an artist and being a psychotic, and to me, this is more than a fine line of difference. I see it a bit too much.

2. Crispin Glover said that he’s never tried to stop what people are saying and he likes it when people are saying things and that it’s interesting.

The peacock is a magnificent bird with a proud and long neck, bright eyes and beautiful tails.

While it is a beautiful animal, I’ve never seen one.

A cat eating a lot of fruit doesn’t make it hungry. It makes it happy.

I want to say, for what it’s worth, that a lot of film, not only classical films, are very emotionally laden, like for example, the great westerns, or even like my favorite films like “The Pianist” or “The Artist.” I know people have certain objections to film music, but it tends to be melodic, and melodic music tends to be more expressive than instrumental music.

No man should ever say that sugar is good or that it doesn’t lead to diabetes.

98 percent of the time, I feel like this movie is not telling the truth, which can be a distraction.

Film-making is an intensely subjective art form, just like writing. The same can be said about visual art. There is no such thing as a ‘realistic’ picture. Painting, drawing, sculpture, photographs – all are inherently subjective, personal pieces of art.

10th of 50 Crispin Glover Quotes

As of now, Ireland is the number one destination for Irish Americans to retire, with nearly a quarter of all Americans living abroad calling Ireland home.

Beethoven’s music touches you in a special way because there’s a very strong emotion behind it. And Tchaikovsky’s music also really touches me. Both of those composers have very strong and powerful emotion behind them.

Many things are a result of business interests, not necessarily a “push”. For example, some countries have better resources than others, and there are many things that are controlled by business interests. Therefore, they are able to influence a government. However, there exists the possibility that a government might refuse to listen to business interests, and this should be protested.

Glover has said that his first memory is of watching ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’, which was one of the first TV series to be shot on video, and that was the last time he was on TV.

It isn’t clear if he said this in an interview or if he said this when playing a role in a film.

I know what he means. There’s an imbalance of power. It’s very easy for “business interests” to control things in this culture. I know there are a lot of companies that spend a lot of money trying to get the best actors and musicians, and it’s so easy for them to use money to influence your decisions.

Crispin Glover has already told us that he has had several opportunities to be a supporting character on a sitcom or a TV show that is set in his real life.

“I like eccentric.” The lines that Crispin Glover doesn’t follow are the ones of science fiction. “Eccentric”, also means different. Crispin Glover is a very eccentric actor. He is doing something very odd, something different and he’s really good at it.

As he says, he was never really comfortable with the public eye. He was more comfortable in the shadows.

Crispin Glover was one of the most popular actors of the 1990s, but he’s still in the spotlight today with a few interesting things to say about film, cinema, and television. In an interview with Charlie Rose he explained how he got his first acting break, and why he decided to leave his role in “The Royal Tenenbaums” after the 3rd sequel.

20th of 50 Crispin Glover Quotes

The chateau does have a formal garden–it has about 20 acres. It has an aristocratic heritage, and having peacocks is something that is often done on aristocratic properties–or was historically done.


I agree with @HåkonHægland that the difference in word count is not significant. I think the “real” sentence is the right one, even when it is longer.

Crispin Glover was interested in working with me because we would both be playing characters that we could spend a lot of time on, and spend a lot of time in character. And I had worked with him before, so I’m familiar with him and his character, and I kind of understand his world and what he would be feeling in a situation like that. So I think we found a really good relationship there.

You would think, in an ideal world, that if you were in a really good film and did a really good job, whether it was a big film or not, you would get hired a lot; but that is not my experience. …

Theory 5: You can have a lot of things wrong with your work, but you can always correct them; it’s usually just a matter of knowing where to start.

I’ve always been a very private person. No matter what I’ve done, I’ve always tried to keep my private life private. I don’t really like other people knowing what I do in my life.

Crispin Glover says that he rarely gives away anything or spends money unnecessarily. He bought an antique car on eBay and he said that they are the only things he is frivolous about.

The Nazis did indeed have some pretty good propaganda, but the problem with the Nazis is that they were actually trying to do things and spread a message, and the U.S. is just trying to be “clean,” and is just trying to make things look cool.

Glover said actors with Down syndrome make great choices of what to portray, as it is easy for them to identify with a character. He said people with Down syndrome don’t get caught up in the idea of what an autism should be.

Crispin Glover says he’s learned a lot from working in the film industry because he works on his own films as well, rather than working in projects that other companies are producing.

30th of 50 Crispin Glover Quotes

Crispin Glover says that his finances are invested in several different things, including his art, films and other publishing projects.

I believe that there is no one that should only be doing what they want to do, but rather find out what you are passionate about and then go after it. There will always be ups and downs to life but if we do what we are most passionate about then we won’t regret it.

Crispin Glover was a very hardworking actor. He knew that he was going to be successful and he was just going to keep working and not worry about the opinions of others.

What we see when we see Crispin Glover’s acting today is very much a result of his early work. He’s been studying the work of directors like Godard, for instance, and trying to pick up on the ideas that Godard and other directors of this period were expressing.

This is an interview with the actor Crispin Glover. He says the Occupy Wall Street is, in fact, an example of legalized bribery. Glover is best known for his roles in movies like Weird Science and The Princess Bride. He won an Academy Award in 1991 for his performance in Stop Making Sense.

The movie is mostly set in the future, but I think the idea that Glover could play a man who was born in the 1980s is brilliant because he would be this guy who grew up in the future. Glover was born in 1965, the year the movie is set, and if you have kids, you will see the 1980s, which is the time period when the movie is set.

I’m excited to announce that I will be reprising my role as the “Vincent D’Onofrio-esque” character in the new film, “The People vs. George Lucas” to be directed by Terence Malick. I have a few things to say about this film that no one has said or written yet.

Glover did more than leave it alone. He became an activist. He became a voice. And he became a father.

Glover talked about how he was treated as a child and how his role in “Child’s Play” helped him and how his role in “Silkwood” affected him. Glover also talked about how he was treated as a child and how his role in “Silkwood” affected him.

40th of 50 Crispin Glover Quotes

He’s one of the few filmmakers that’s managed to successfully do this. It’s a nice way to do it.

Glover used to write a book titled Rat Catching. It’s one of his earliest published books.

We have a camera in our hands that records everything, everything that we do, everything and how we look, how the world looks. And no matter how we look at it, we are always doing somebody else’s point of view.

I remember my first time to Paris I was kind of intimidated by it, but after about a week I started to like it and to take advantage of it.

He has schizophrenia. I think this is something that is so common. This is an illness. So the thing is that people think that he’s crazy for being insane. Like, he’s not crazier than what I’m doing. He’s in the same game.

The actor is passionate about finding his own thing, but he’s also eager to work with people like Michael and Charlie. This passion comes through in Crispin’s role as a writer in Danny Boyle’s upcoming movie, Trance.

I think it is important to understand how the media works. It is easy to get carried away when you are not aware and realize how biased and malicious some sources can be.

I found this page that points to some interesting quotes.

What’s interesting is that I was raised by a single mother, so I have a similar sentiment about staying to myself, but it’s not as intense.

I like getting older, because when you’re in your twenties you’re really forging for your future, and things take shape later on.

I’m still seen as an eccentric; it’s hard to take it seriously. You don’t want to be seen as a crazed actor anyway. It’s not cool. I think audiences are aware of that. If they take you seriously, you’ll have to deal with it.


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