50 Famous Marie Kondo Quotes About Life

Marie Kondo says that if you can not pack your life in a box and put it in a closet, then it is not an essential and it should be discarded.

Marie Kondo is a Japanese author, TV show host, and organizing consultant. She was also awarded for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Competition Program by Primetime Emmy Award. If you think you need organizing tools, Marie has some tips that will help you maintain your home in order.

She’s a renowned Japanese organizing expert and host of TV shows, like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, where she teaches people to declutter their homes.

This is where I get my motivation to be motivated. I have to be really motivated to get my things clean. For the longest time, I’ve wanted to get some of my books organized.

50 Famous Marie Kondo Quotes About Life

As per Marie Kondo, people need to maintain a limited number of things at one time. A cluttered home will ultimately lead to dissatisfaction.

It is the same with people. Not everyone that you meet in life will become your close friends or lovers. There will always be a few people that you will not be able to get along with or find it difficult to like. But these people will help you to learn who you appreciate and who makes you happy, which will help you to appreciate people that you do like.

People feel that they have sorted everything, but when they actually look for something, they realize that they haven’t.

I’d like to say that we are friends now, but I don’t know how true that is. In fact, I don’t know how to like you. We will always find each other in the most disagreeable situations, and I will always find you in the most absurd ones. We will never understand each other, and this is precisely why we are friends.

One of the things that I think of when I live my life is the presence of things that inspire joy. I try to embrace all of the joy that I can find in my life.

As it was said in the article “Marie Kondo is the Japanese consultant who advised Oprah Winfrey to go through her things,” the method she described is to sort the things as they exist in the house. But instead of keeping them in the right places, as she said, the owner must sort and tidy, which can be a nuisance.

To be honest, I find this to be one of the most useless tips in this book… and it’s something I didn’t even notice at first. It’s about living life with new and old things in your life. It’s about changing your lifestyle habits acquired over many years. This is something that I’m working on currently.

If you feel like you have too much, and your possessions are not what you want them to be, then it’s the perfect time to get rid of them.
If you’re feeling like you want to take the next step with your decluttering, check out our 5-Minute De-cluttering Challenge. You’ll just need to get a few things together: a trash bag, markers, and some trash-free clothes.

10th of 50 Marie Kondo Quotes

The memories in our past are valuable. But the memories in our present are just as valuable because they represent who we are right now. The space in which we live should be just for the person we are becoming now. No room for the person we were in the past.

Cleaning is cleaning, and it’s a wonderful thing to see after a long and dirty time with all the things you accumulated. We, as individuals, are responsible for our mental disposition: we choose to see things in a positive light and be optimistic and enthusiastic.

The most beautiful thing about owning a home is that you will always have a place to store all the things that you are currently not using. If you have a lot of stuff, it will be like having a garage for your belongings. That is why it is very important to clean off the extra stuff. You don’t want to clutter your home but you can live with less if you know what extra stuff you don’t need.

Marie Kondo makes the suggestion that she has for living a “simple life” is that we focus on the things we love and that we want to keep, instead of things that we do not want and trying to get rid of it.

Make sure that you have everything that you need and that you are using it properly. After using something for a long time, it’s best to make sure that you aren’t using it. If you’ve been using something for a long time, it may go on to get cluttering the house. Even if you are only using it for a short period of time, as mentioned above, it may go on to become clutter for someone else to find.

Two things prevent us from letting go of the old things in our life. One is our attachment to the past, and the other is our fear of the future.

  It is very important that we acknowledge what we have, so that we can truly put our things in order. We should put the things that are useful and happy to use in our lives.

When my room is clean and uncluttered, I have no choice but to examine my inner state.

When your family members have tidy homes, they tend to take their belongings with them when they move in the future. Make sure your family know
that you are fine with their mess and that you don’t mind having to clean up a little bit before you start getting rid of the things they don’t need.

20th of 50 Marie Kondo Quotes

People should move forward with the time, the society, the world is going through. And they should move on with the time, with the life. And that’s not the only reason to do so, but it is also what I want to say.

Let’s be real. Our clothes are lazy, and our socks are lazy, and our shoes are lazy. We put them away where that’s convenient for us, and then they go in that little cupboard where we keep stuff we aren’t using. So they don’t look at us or talk to us all day. They just hang out, taking up space while we pretend they aren’t there.

There are only three things that spark joy – books, cats, and a warm cup of coffee. I hope I am not too attached to the last two.

The main reasons we hold onto belongings is either because we don’t want to let them go or because we’re afraid to lose them.

If it is the house of the past, it should be cleansed by the same spirit that the present needs. It cannot be separated from the present.

It is very effective for storing. It’s best when you can see everything in your living space. It works very well with small spaces.

Folding is an art. It is a way of showing love for the clothes that you own, and thank them for all the good they have done for you. Don’t think about the folding because it is not good if you don’t fold clothes properly.

If you can say “I really like this”, even if it isn’t perfect, and if you like yourself for having it, then ignore what others say.

When you don’t have much time, you need to throw away things that you no longer need and to save as much time as possible. This is time-saving and productive.
When you truly cherish the things that are important to you, you must first discard those that have outlived their purpose. To throw away what you no longer need is neither wasteful nor shameful.

We need to change the way we think by changing our habits before changing the way we do things.

30th of 50 Marie Kondo Quotes

You are not giving up your past experiences of your identity.
You are not throwing away your past experiences of your identity.

Presentation of a gift is a social exchange, where you should not feel guilty about using a gift as an excuse to spend money.

We are hoarders. There is no need to worry that you can do everything.

You will save time and money by eliminating the possessions that you don’t need.

It’s easy to feel annoyed when someone doesn’t clean up after themselves. The problem is often that when they come and clean up they leave nothing behind, even the little things! (Like maybe they weren’t happy with the result). So I have learnt to take the good from the not so good and I’ll take that in to my space and I’m much happier.

If you were to say that you treasure something so deeply that you have forgotten its existence, it would be quite sad. But if we were to treat it as if it had feelings, it would certainly not be happy. It’s better to let things go free. Let them leave that deserted isle and take the path back to your life.

I think that it is important to set a good example for the kids. We try to be good role models and show them that our house is a place of peace and comfort.

Life is much more than just the sum of your possessions. You can’t start a new chapter of your life if you haven’t finished your old one.

40th of 50 Marie Kondo Quotes

I think the main reason so many people fail at decluttering is because they’re surrounded by clutter. They’re not alone on this, though. It’s the opposite for Marie Kondo too, as she’s surrounded by clutter but still manages to declutter her own home. So it’s okay to have clutter but don’t let it take over your life.

There are three approaches we can take toward our possessions: look at them now, look at them some time, or ignore them until the day we die.

While most people don’t consider themselves messy, there are times when it can feel that way. Being messy isn’t a choice it’s a symptom. A symptom of being overloaded and stressed. When our schedules get too full we stop cleaning our homes. If we don’t clear the clutter inside our homes chances are we will feel overwhelmed by our stuff. Marie Kondo’s method of organizing is designed to help us live in spaces that are clean and clutter free.

I believe that the question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.

If you love and are passionate about the product or service you provide, your life will become dramatic when you finally organize your life around the things that bring you joy.

It is easier to get rid of things when you have a clear reason for doing so. It is much more difficult when you do not have a compelling reason.

We are not living in the past nor are we living in a golden age of joy and excitement. We are living now and it is important that we experience it to the fullest.

People who can’t throw out their stuff can be classified into just three types: people who can’t throw anything away, people who can’t put stuff back in the place where they found it, and people who have both a place and a way to deal with everything.

When we have tidied our house to the hilt, we should not stop. The ultimate goal is to create a lifestyle that people around us will value.

I really enjoyed the show and wanted to read the book as I wanted to find out more about the principles I’d just witnessed. I thought Marie Kondo’s approach sounded pretty sensible indeed, especially her comments about people having too many things!

This is about reducing clutter and organizing. It’s about having a clean, tidy, and organized house to start with. And the idea is that having fewer objects around you makes you feel more relaxed and less stressed out.


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