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Lisa Marie Presley’s net worth is estimated to be $50 million. Her husband is Michael Lockwood and they are reported to be doing very well in the music market. They have two children together who have their own careers.


Lisa Marie Presley was born on the 8th of November 1945 in Los Angeles, California. It was reported by Forbes that she is worth -$16 Million.

Lisa Marie Presley was born on July 1, 1967, in Memphis, Tennessee, to American singer and actress Priscilla Presley and her late husband, American entertainer Elvis Presley.

Jessica Simpson has risen to fame through her career in the music business. She has released a total of four albums, including one with the band, ‘N Sync. She has been married four times, including Nicolas Cage and Michael Jackson.

Early Life 

As she did before, she began doing modeling, appearing in many magazines, and modeling swimwear for a few years. She later gained fame by becoming a member of the pop group, The Beatles, along with John Lennon and Paul McCartney. She also started her own modeling career, appearing many times on magazines.

When Lisa Marie Presley saw Queen in California, she attended her first rock concert. Freddie Mercury gave the scarf of Elvis’s to Lisa Marie because she wanted to do it.


Lisa-Marie sang a part of ‘Don’t Cry Daddy’ with her dad on his 20th death anniversary. She was very emotional when she sang a few lines. ‘This song is dedicated to my father’s memory,’ she said before she started.

Her debut album ‘The Whom It May Concern’ got great reviews, and it debuted at the 5th spot on the Billboard 200 chart.

“Now What,” she dropped her second album in 2005. It was produced by G-A-L of the G-Unit. It was basically a collaboration with other artists, such as, “Breathe,” with Snoop Dogg.

A few years later, she released her next album, ‘Storm & Grace.’ The album turned out to be one of her best albums, and it sold more than 9000 copies in its first week. The album featured 11 songs and it debuted at the 21st spot on the US Billboard Rock chart.

Lisa Marie Presley’s net worth is down $16 Million since she was last listed.

As of June 2020, Lisa Marie Presley’s net worth is -$10 Million.


In this video you will learn all the best highlights of Lisa Marie Presley’s career: From the music to her marriages and the controversies of her life. Plus – she talks about her family life, her children, and her legacy. You’ll also learn about the impact Lisa Marie Presley has had over the years.

Favorite Quotes From Lisa Marie Presley 

Lisa Marie Presley says she’s a tomboy and is flattered by her name being on the list. But she’s not interested in being a model.

While it’s unlikely that her father, Elvis Presley, would have used a hairbrush to sing, she was right about the image she created for herself. Her hair was long, flowing, and tied at her shoulders, and she had a large brush in her hand. This style became her trademark and was used on the covers of her first three albums.

Lisa Marie Presley was a performer that really broke through the music industry and became a major figure in the music world. She began performing at the age of five and even got a recording contract at the age of nine. She then went on to have five albums released during her career.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Lisa Marie has written some books and is working on new audio books. Her books are all non-fiction and are very, very informative. I highly recommend them. Lisa Marie’s latest book is called “The Elvis Factor: The Secrets of Elvis Presley’s Amazing Self-Restraint.” I am going to have to get this book.

Lisa Marie Presley is one of the most influential and talked about persons in music history. She was an extremely talented singer, songwriter, dancer and guitarist. She was born on January 30, 1951 to Mike, a dentist and Dixie, a housewife in Memphis, Tennessee. At age 17 she moved to L.A. in hopes of finding a job as a model and dancer that would lead her into the music business. Although she did not find much success as a model, she found her way into the music business. She moved to Hollywood and got involved with the music business. There she met several musicians who encouraged Lisa to pursue her singing and dancing talents.

2 Motivational Lessons From Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa Marie Presley has a net worth of more than $30 million and earned that much by selling millions of albums and records. Let’s see what you can learn from Lisa Marie if you are a singer with a dream of making it big in the music industry.

1. Don’t Take Things For Granted

Learning is the most important thing in the world. Never stop learning.

2. Be Careful 

Don’t get too comfortable and comfortable with the spotlight. I think you can be happy with that, but I don’t think you should be comfortable.


Lisa Marie Presley grew up in a very dysfunctional family. She witnessed her father’s divorce from her mother and her mother’s drug use.

She has worked on different humanitarian causes including assisting disabled children, helping elderly people and working on different charities.

Lisa Marie Presley’s net worth is down $16 Million since she was last listed.

As of June 2020, Lisa Marie Presley’s net worth is -$10 Million.

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