Hailey Baldwin Net Worth

Hailey Baldwin’s net worth is $2 million. She made money from modeling and acting. She is currently a model and actress. She is best known for her role in the romantic comedy A Million Little Things. She has been on the cover of numerous magazines and newspapers.


Hailey Baldwin, the American model and TV personality, is estimated to have net worth of $20 million dollars.

Hailey Rhode Baldwin is an American model and television personality. She is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and the wife of singer and songwriter Justin Bieber. She was born on 8 September 1994 in California.

Early Life

Baldwin was born in the year 1996 and her name is Hailey. She was the daughter to the famous actor Stephen Baldwin and an artist. She has 2 siblings.


Initially, Baldwin’s appearance was for French Connection. Baldwin’s first commercial campaign was with fashion brand, French Connection and she later appeared on more magazine covers such as LOVE and V.

In 2015, Baldwin appeared in the music video for “Ain’t Love Fun”, by American rapper Kanye West. In addition, she was featured in the music video for “Sober”, by American singer Justin Bieber.

In 2017, she was in the advertising campaign for Missoni, with the singer Rihanna. In the same year, she was in an advertising campaign for the brand of the Spanish underwear model Erika de la Vega, called “Erika’s Sexy Secrets”.

Aside from the fact that she is a great actress, Jennifer is one of Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite supermodels. She has been a muse for the German designer for many years.

In September, she presented two fashion shows at the New York Fashion Week: one for Jeremy Scott and Christian Dior Homme and the other for Prabal Gurung and Tommy Hilfiger.

The cover of “Elle” magazine for which Baldwin was photographed by Matthew Adams and styled by Samy Haddad in September 2017.

At $20 Million, Hailey Baldwin is making money and having fun!


Hailey Baldwin has shown off her best moments in a variety of ways over the years.

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She’s been on many magazine covers such as LOVE and Marie Claire. She also worked for the brands Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and many more. Baldwin attended Saint Mary of the Plains Collegiate School in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Hailey Baldwin has a net worth of $20 Million as of July 2022.

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