50 Famous Dragon Ball Z Quotes

The series began airing in Japan on April 13, 1989 (with the 26th episode, “The Return of Cooler”, being aired on April 27, 1989).

Dragon Ball Z is a long running anime series in which Goku, a young man from the planet Earth, and his friends from a planet named Earth called Earth are going through training to become the strongest person in the world. They then travel to the planet of the evil Frieza which he has taken over to become the strongest in the universe.

You gotta ask them.

I will not allow you to pass!

50 Famous Dragon Ball Z Quotes

I know this is a Vegeta speech, but to be honest, I really don’t think that this applies to these two kids. I think they’re both pretty good, and I’m pretty sure that they can both use their techniques to their advantage. They’re both intelligent and kind-hearted, too.

This tournament has too many competitors. There are way too many. I’ve been here before, and I learned a very valuable lesson. If you go into any fighting tournament with the goal of winning, you’re an idiot. You’ll probably end up getting embarrassed right off the bat. But if you enter with the goal of improving your technique, even if you don’t win, you’ll find yourself learning something new every day.

Strength is the only thing that counts in this world. What else is it good for? You should just focus on building your strength and on mastering that.

And that’s the story of him getting stronger and stronger. Vegeta is a very strong kid, but it’s actually just a byproduct of him staying the course and working on what he needs to work on. In the end of the series, he shows a glimpse of his true power.

You are all so conceited about the fact that you’re all robots that you can’t even admit that we’re better than you.

He starts wars and then buys up the lands that are devastated by the wars he has started and then makes a big profit from the contracts for redevelopment and reconstruction! It’s a brilliant scheme.

I am not sure about this. I would like to think that Vegeta would be a bit less ruthless in this anime.

If you’re going to bring out your best against a Saiyan then you don’t need to be distracted by one of their allies or Vegeta himself.

What I fear is growing old without having a loved one by my side.

Frieza sent on a suicide mission to stop the planet from collapsing into the core. His mission failed. Now, the only way to save planet is to send Frieza back to his garden.

10th of 50 Dragon Ball Z Quotes

Vegeta says that he is not afraid of his new challenge, but rather like a true warrior he will rise up to meet it.

The gods knew that their fight against the humans was almost at an end. Beerus was preparing to destroy the planet when the first human began his rebellion. He had to fight many battles with the gods along the way, but his fight against the god Zamasu and the rebellion led by Goku was the most important. Goku and his friends managed to defeat Zamasu, but the fight against the rebellion continued.

Vegeta says that he died in a way that didn’t make sense and that he died by the hand of death. Vegeta feels that he didn’t make sense because he died from a fight where his most powerful attacks failed.

As we’ve seen, Goku doesn’t exactly get a whole lot of respect. However, Krillin is another that doesn’t have respect – not one person is afraid to tell him what they think of him. He even says this about their profession.

I hate pain but if you are going to go through pain, it’s better than just giving up.

I am a hard worker. I always focus on the task at hand. I work hard to achieve my goals.

20th of 50 Dragon Ball Z Quotes

The reason we don’t see war among the Zentraedi is because they have an idea of who they are and what they’re capable of. They understand that we are a threat to them. They fear us and try to live in harmony with us.

If something causes you to lose your way then you should know you way back to the path of good. Justice is when you find that path back to good. That is why gods give mortals knowledge. It is there that our hearts find what is good and what is evil.

Vegeta is being very lazy and is not training hard for Kakarot.

Gohan was showing us that power is only useful if it is guided with love. That’s why when he finally managed to control his transformation into Super Saiyan 4, he used his full strength only in order to transform himself back into Goku.

Beerus, the god who rules over all, loves everyone and will punish anyone who disobeys his order.

In the original Japanese version of Dragon Ball, Vegeta was never portrayed as a coward. His weakness was that he could not control his anger. He also could not control his hatred.

I don’t know what to do here. I’m really scared. I can’t even control my arms or legs. If I was ever in the same condition, I’d be terrified. This is a scary situation. I’m gonna die here.

Bulma says that if you have long hair then you can wear it down and go out in public and not fear any attention, but that Goku can only look like that if he is willing to put up with the teasing.

The destruction of Earth will not be a waste. This planet’s food, which is delicious, can be eaten. But the person who will eat this is Frieza, so please do not destroy it.

In an early episode Vegeta tells us that he doesn’t understand any of the history of the Dragon Balls (he hasn’t seen an episode yet) so we can conclude that this power is only available in the Dragon Ball universe.

30th of 50 Dragon Ball Z Quotes

The Super Saiyan, Kakarot, is fighting a pure-blooded Saiyan with a senzu bean. He used to train in the hyperbolic time chamber as well! It’s time for both of them to go down! The fight has begun!

Vegeta said that he will do it and even I will say this for you, Kakarot.

Anyone stronger than the god of destruction doesn’t exist.

In my opinion, this shows the Vegeta character in a new light. In the past, Vegeta was all about power, and was not capable of seeing other people’s point of view. However, in this battle, Vegeta was thinking of the future, of Planet Vegeta, of training his new army, and was even willing to change his ways. It was this change that was able to make him become a better person, a real Saiyan.

Hey guys! I got a great idea! Let’s trade! You take my spot and I’ll fight Hercules!

Vegeta always maintains his pride. He doesn’t care what others think of him. He will do what is right even if others do not agree with him.

Vegeta is fed up of the Saiyan’s constant battles in the circus, and he yells at them.

Frieza was saying that he likes to see his foes become terrified of him and he considers 3 things that he cannot tolerate. One is cowardice, the other is a bad haircut and the third is military insurrection. Frieza must be very pleased to see his opponents turn their back on him.

Gohan is a little kid, Vegeta is a bit of a tough guy. He shouldn’t be telling the little kid to shut up.

The most important thing is to maintain an open mind.

40th of 50 Dragon Ball Z Quotes

The “Dragon Ball” anime’s author and the director of the “Dragon Ball Z” movie said that the purpose of the destruction was to destroy the enemy’s power from within the enemy.

There’s one other issue with the “angel” theory. Angels are generally associated with God, and I’m not quite comfortable thinking God would be a huge fan of Whis and his actions. Not to mention that angels have, in many cases, been portrayed as somewhat evil.

I never hugged you when you were a baby because you were a brat. Let’s hug each other.

I would rather be a monster who just kills instead of a monster who does NOT kill.

Bulma was worried about him and thought he was dead. The fact that he had disappeared and she couldn’t contact him was a real cause of worry. Then, she heard that he had come back, but it was only to beat her up in a fight. That’s why he was sent out again to fight.

“If I win, you’ll be the new leader of the universe, if you like.”

But, it looks like Goku is willing to do just that if he thinks that he won. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just a character trait.

The whole time the battle between Trunks and the Super Saiyan took place, there was a special message that wasn’t being played in the background of the battle between the two.

No, let go. It is not a sing for the right cause. There are those who words alone do not reach.

48. Vegeta was determined to win and make a comeback to the Super Saiyan God.

 I’ve never really thought about the salty ocean. I guess I could see how the ocean is so salty.


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