50 Moby Quotes About Life & Music

This is a quote from the song “We Are All Made of Stars” by Moby.

Moby is a musician and DJ from New York City who is known for his work, as well as his numerous songs and albums released over the course of years. His album Play broke records and became the highest selling electronica record at the time.

In the early 1990s he played an important role in the development of dance music and was an influential figure in the evolution of German and British techno.

Moby is also well known for being a vegan. He has also been an animal right activist in the past.

Moby found veganism and became vegan by reading an article in the magazine Mother Earth. Moby has a passion for photography and owns several cafes including a vegan cafe called ‘TeaNY’ and an organic café called ‘Little Pine’. He is also the founder of the foundation ‘Food Empowerment Fund’.

I’m not a leader, I’m a salesman. It’s a very different thing to be a leader. I’m a salesman and I’m really good at it but if I’m not good at it, then I’m gonna be a leader. That’s why I’ve been the leader for most of the years that I’ve been in this business.

50 Moby Quotes About Life & Music

I love NYC. It’s the city that made my career possible and likely the most amazing city on the planet.

Moby says he is a non-musician, and that he hasn’t thought much about what to play for this week’s challenge.

Moby’s statement is an example of what I call the “Pervasive Epistemology Principle.” The Pervasive Epistemology Principle: the limits on what we can know are defined by our knowledge of what is out there, rather than by any inherent limits to human cognition. This is the basis of everything from the most basic mathematics to the most complex theories.

In my opinion, Moby’s comment is pretty self-explanatory. I would definitely agree. There is a whole lot of difference between working in a recording studio, and being on a stage performing. The only thing the two have in common is that you are a musician. Moby’s comment would be like comparing working a cash register to being a cashier in a grocery store. You are both doing something music related, but are they related in any way? No! Both jobs serve their own purpose.

The white mass of waves rolling onto the shore reminded me of how the ocean is so much bigger than the land, and how that seems to be true for everything.

Moby claims that he is not attractive and he has done many things to change that. He would like to be 6’3” and to look like Orlando Bloom.

My appetite is more important than anyone’s suffering. My hunger is more important than anyone else’s hunger. I’m more important than you. I’m more important than the animals. The things I want more than anything else is the right to live in a world that has no more suffering.

Moby said that he doesn’t think of himself as a singer, and sings only when he doesn’t have anyone better to sing with and when he doesn’t want to bother finding anyone better.

Moby describes his music as “quiet” — a little hard to imagine if you’ve seen his live DJ sets, but in any case, it appears Moby’s goal as an artist is to be misunderstood.

10th of 50 Moby Quotes

10. The first thing that comes to mind is that dogs are loyal but not ashamed. They have an endless amount of enthusiasm.

I believe that to do anything that causes, condones or allows others to be treated like crap is unacceptable.
And that is all I have to say to that! Now, here is the thing. I hope you are now in fear of the French government, because if you are, you are a total wuss. If not, then here is a small example of what an ordinary French citizen can do if he so desires.

The only reason I give up meat and animal products, is out of a
dedication to a higher purpose: to live my life in accordance with
what I believe to be right, and to do so in a way that promotes and
enhances life on Earth.

I don’t think he knows that one of the first countries in the world to legalize gay marriage was England in the 19th Century. It happened over a hundred years before he was born. I wouldn’t count on it happening tomorrow though.

Moby loves vinyl because it has been growing in popularity. In the past you could only find records if you knew where to go, but now there are many good record stores and people have a lot of access to vinyl.

Meditation is not something like you have to do it a certain way or you will be a phony. Meditation is not something that is hard that you have to do as a way to see yourself as phony. The trick is to practice it, every day, any way you want to practice, and do it in the same way it is done in the book.

Moby always brings a stage show along with him on his tours in order to give fans a taste of a new experience.

Moby spent his time in school going to therapy for panic attacks — his most frequent symptom. He saw a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist in school, and also started seeing a psychologist. A psychiatrist would make a diagnosis, and he would go through the standard treatment; a psychologist would focus on his feelings and emotions.

Moby was a struggling musician his whole life and when he became successful he realized how easy it was for other artists to live in a lavish lifestyle. He then decided to stop being so materialistic and enjoy life to the fullest.

The man thinks he can run a business better than the businessperson, and so instead of hiring a businessperson, hires a businessperson.

20th of 50 Moby Quotes

“Luckily there are only a few people who buy music anymore, so I don’t really have to think about the business of it, and selling the music doesn’t affect my professional decisions.”

In a few cases, the author did not use this pattern, choosing to reword the sentence instead.

He doesn’t wear glasses himself, and he’s not particularly bald, but I agree that he has been on the forefront of popular culture as a creative voice for the last two decades.

I think the biggest problem with humans is we are not aware of our stupidity (or we do not care) or we do not care to figure it out.

Moby is like a pop culture philosopher who teaches us all that everything is just noise, and what’s important is how you hear it and who’s voice is in your head when you do so.

Moby says that he would be getting laid a lot more than he is now if he was a sex symbol.

Moby is a serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of the record label and publishing company Mute, and an author. He has been making music for 30 years.

“It’s a sad fact that so many people around the world are desperate for the right to vote”, but here in America, people stay home on election day.

Moby doesn’t believe that shooting a cop helicopter with a bazooka is a healthy thing to do. So what is a healthy thing to do? Well, he believes that it’s healthy to shoot police helicopters with bazookas.

Moby said that he realizes that he doesn’t like touring, and he’ll never complain about it because no one wants to hear about a relatively successful musician complain about the hardships of staying in a hotel.

I can’t believe that George Best is dead. I just can’t believe it. I just can’t believe it.

30th of 50 Moby Quotes

Moby likes performing at an extreme level, but he’s not very good at it.

I feel that what fascinates me about addiction and obsessive behavior is that people would choose a altered state of consciousness that has been proven to destroy most aspects of your life, and that only a brief moment of happiness could be found.

The first time I saw Moby was at a record release party in New York. I was walking around and saw Moby, and I thought he was cool, but I didn’t connect him to music. Then I just saw this guy having this band, and it looked like he was just making music, like he was just making music and that was it. I didn’t realize who he was at first.

Moby explains that New York is a melting pot of music, including many different types of music. For example, homeless people play punk rock and reggae music on the streets. The diversity is what makes New York City so amazing.

I don’t think any one is interested in selling records, or that they don’t want to change the world. But I think that the industry is so screwed up that people who want to make change are pushed out or never get the chance. I don’t have a solution, but I’m very glad that there are people who are trying to help.

It’s funny that as a musician I spent time and money learning how to play and write music and then I made a ton of cash to promote it.

One of the nicest things about licensing music to movies or advertisements is that you can reach a lot of people who normally wouldn’t hear music.

There are many artists that I like, including Donna Summer, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, etc… But Moby doesn’t like Donna Summer, so it’s not a good marriage for him.

I believe that the most interesting ideas and the most interesting companies come from people who have tried and succeeded in different fields.

40th of 50 Moby Quotes

Keep working, like I said. There’s a difference between being too busy to work and not knowing what to work on. The two extremes are just fine.

I drink coffee like I drink romantic partners, cold and bitter. I love to cause anxiety.

Moby says that there are still too many musicians who think they can make money in the 21st Century by having a massive marketing campaign. He thinks that this kind of thinking is delusional. There is no more money to be made in the music business. The best musicians of the world now make almost $10,000 a year from playing their music.

Moby has been busy making music, working, and playing poker. He even opened up a record store in London! He has also been nominated for several Grammys over the years, including two for Album of the Year.

Success is a terrible teacher. It usually breeds a degree of hubris. When you fail, that’s when you learn.

Moby also had a major influence on the development of electroacoustic music. He was the first to use a digital synthesizer and he has always been one of the first people in the scene to experiment with looping and layering sounds.

Moby is a young American musician and DJ, best known for recording experimental music and for co-creating the soundtrack to the video game Braid. In this episode of the podcast we discuss the ways in which music has inspired his work.

Moby, if you’re worried about being a public-figure musician, I think the easiest thing for you to do is to just not be a public-figure musician. Because, after all, you’re not the first to be a public-figure musician.

While visiting East Berlin, Moby noticed how the old buildings looked like they’re falling apart and the new buildings looked so shiny, and he thought that after the Berlin Wall fell, people’s expectations were high for the city.

I love Moby because he’s one of my favorite musicians and I feel like the way he writes songs makes a real impact on me. I think he’s also kind of a cool character too, with his weird hair and his giant forehead.

I couldn’t agree more with Moby’s approach to music. I enjoy listening to all sorts of music — from hip-hop, to jazz, to classical. I don’t think it’s right to say that only certain types of music are good or bad.


I hope you enjoyed the quotes from Moby and his songs. This artist has a lot of songs that you might like, including “New York City.” You might also like his song “A Walk in the City” by Moby.

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