45 Bold & Unexpected Lavar Ball Quotes

One is that he’s a super rich man and he’s not going to do anything that would effect his family’s money.

He is a famous college basketball and professional football player. He was very famous for his verbal fighting when he played in the professional football league.

Lonzo has been the star of the ‘Big Baller Brand’ since he was a teenager. He is the best basketball player in his family and was the MVP of the 2017 NBA college basketball draft.

LaVar’s words are a bit of everything: angry, humble, and boastful.

45 Bold & Unexpected LaVar Ball Quotes

-1. If you’re the type to spend five minutes a game watching basketball, you can definitely see why he coaches his son by the rule, and I do not blame his sons for this attitude.
-2. My question is, how long will this last? The three years after LeBron left the Lakers?
-3. And if you’re the type who has an opinion on coaching, you’re already out. The only good coaches are ones who don’t have an opinion.

He is the only person who knows his boys best and knows them better than they know themselves.

LaVar Ball, father of two sons, Lonzo and LiAngelo, and a son-in-law, former NBA player, LaVar Jr., said that when he arrived at the scene of their car accident, he saw a man taking glasses and a cell phone out of LiAngelo Ball’s car. This man wasn’t a cop, but he might have thought he was. He ran to get his phone to call for help. He would have done anything to help this kid.

He likes to do things and he’s going to do it. He’s not going to sit around and wait.

The kid should go to his father, who is actually the one who should be mad about the stolen laptop.

I could have saved you a lot of time and energy if you’d just read the article. LaVar Ball has to be on the top of the list, not only because his sons are talented basketball players, but because he’s proven to be the best salesman in the history of sports.

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The Ball family is a very strong team, and they stick together no matter what.

It’s been clear for quite some time that LaVar wanted to be like Michael Jordan, but instead of being a great basketball player as Michael Jordan was, he’s been a snake-oil salesman for years.

Loved by LaVar is pretty much the opposite of the “I like to be liked” approach that is common in sports.

The Lakers are going to play tough and physical and they’re going to play with a chip on their shoulder with the Lakers, and they’re going to try and take it to us and they’re going to try and make us feel like we have to play our best in order to beat them and like the Lakers are a little bit better than us.

According to LaVar, the main reason that people in the Asian-American community are offended by him is because he doesn’t let things slide.

LaVar Ball has two sons currently playing NCAA Division 1 basketball – LiAngelo and LaMelo – and has two sons who are currently playing in the NBA – Lonzo and Markelle. He said on HBO’s “Real Sports” that he wants both of his sons to be NBA All-Stars.

Since the Ball family is very competitive, LaVar has tried to set a high bar for Lonzo. If someone else can pass that bar then it’s good for Lonzo but he knows he needs to raise his own bar.

LaVar Ball just brags a lot about his sons, but the truth is that the sons of LaVar Ball are only winning in a small way. They have an interesting family, and that’s good for the audience, but not great for the sons.

When the Los Angeles Lakers fired Mike Brown, they hired Luke Walton in the hope of returning the franchise to its former glory.

Not everyone wants to go to school. Some guys might be blessed with being 6’10” and running and jumping better than anybody, so they want to be a professional athlete. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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“I’ve had to watch every single game, because I never get to miss LaVar’s game, but I just don’t think he should have said what he said. If you’re going to insult a country, you should know better.” – Stephen Curry.

He said there’s many people who make suggestions. He said there’s people who do things but, they don’t have control over the situation.

It was a great win for the Lakers, and it meant the world to Lonzo and Iman Shumpert especially. I’m a big believer in second chances, and this was a great win for the team after a disappointing loss to the Celtics.

LaVar Ball is going to teach Lonzo Ball how to play basketball. He wants Lonzo to be the best basketball player ever.

One of the biggest factors about why he would be a great head coach was because he’s one of the best players at his position.

LaVar believes he is a famous person because he is a successful businessman and father to Lonzo and LaMelo Ball.

The Los Angeles Ball family is known for being flashy. In the same interview, LaVar Ball said that his sons will be more famous than Shaq, and that if they don’t play basketball at UCLA they’ll be more famous than Michael Jordan.

Lonzo Ball helped his teammates improve their games by teaching them how to play.

The Big Baller Brand has become the top selling sport merchandise of 2017. It is the most popular athletic clothing brand and most sought after brand in the game. The brand’s website currently boasts that there is about one Baller brand suit for every two NBA players. Not only are basketball players the largest consumers of Big Baller Brand apparel, but every active sport has a big Baller.

LaVar Ball and his sons, including two-time NBA champion Liangelo Ball, were able to get a new car for Christmas but the family had a bit of a setback.

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He doesn’t have a high IQ, but he’ll make good basketball players.

The basketball coach he mentioned would certainly have an interest in recruiting the Ball boys.

When asked what he regrets, LaVar says he didn’t regret what he said about President Trump, and that he didn’t regret talking disrespectfully on the court and disrespecting the game of basketball.

There were plenty of headlines about the rift between LaVar Ball’s sons LiAngelo and LaMelo after LiAngelo was dismissed from UCLA and LiAngelo was arrested in China for shoplifting and marijuana possession.

LaVar Ball is not going to admit that his son is better than the other kids.

Lonzo Ball has a unique opportunity to be the best player in the NBA (he will never be better than Kevin Durant) so his style of play is going to get him noticed, especially once he gets to the pros to see how he responds to the pressure. His father is an egomaniac, and he’s going to use that to his advantage. And no matter what, he’s going to play hard.

You have to trust me when I say LaVar because he represents the whole country, so you need to trust me because he represents the whole country. He represents the country, not only his son.

I don’t know whether you’re a good basketball player or whether you’re a good businessman, but either way, you have a legacy. I don’t know what LaVar Ball is doing as far as legacy is concerned.

The way that LaVar is talking about this is that the pressure of winning is something that will destroy his players if they’re not prepared for it.

LaVar talks about the basketball skills of LiAngelo and LaMelo. The father talks about how LiAngelo is a perfect fit for UCLA.

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That was said by LaVar at the end. He was like “I’m not going to stop trying to get my dad back.” To me, that was a big thing because a lot of times, if you’re going through something like that, you feel like nobody is going to help you. You feel like nobody is on your side. So to hear something like that, I think it was very powerful.

LaVar Ball and his boys are not going to the White House, not for now. The President has been working hard to get LaVar on to the team.

LaVar Ball is not a fan of LeBron James. I’m guessing he’s not a fan of many players in the NBA. Ball wants the Lakers to be built around his son Lonzo. Lonzo is currently a backup point guard on the Lakers and is a rookie.

The father of the UCLA basketball team has a reputation for his use of profanity, but his words were more diplomatic than his father’s.

In the beginning there was only LaVar Ball (who’s now “the baller”), and the ZO2s were still an afterthought and never realized their potential.

If you have all day to watch every episode, maybe you’ll start to see what others see. I’ve had my fair share of watching all of them and just seeing the little things that don’t show.

LaVar Ball said that neither of his sons play very well and is an average player, which is why he has a different tone when he talks about their games.

In basketball, you can bring a team with as few players as there are in that league, but the players must have good speed and quickness. A slower, heavier team will have a hard time winning.

LaVar Ball has a point about a lot of things. But I think even in his own home, he’s a bit of a loser.


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