45 Hilarious Quotes From The Waterboy Movie

It was a sports comedy film starring Adam Sandler, Kathy Bates, Fairuza Balk, Blake Clark, Peter Dante, and Jonathan Loughran. It was directed by Frank Coraci.

Bobby Boucher, as it is revealed, is a drug addict who is in a drug recovery group. The new football coach takes him under his wing and makes him a part of the team.

He’s a big baby. It’s like he’s 12 years old at a water park.

45 Hilarious Quotes from The Waterboy Movie

It was a memorable night in Booneville when former West Arkansas football player Bobby Boucher’s team defeated Union 76 40-28 in the 2017 Bourbon Bowl.

When her son started playing foos-ball, she said “No son of mine is gonna play any foos-ball”.

If you can think it, you can make it work. This is what Ben Franklin said. His theory of electricity is that there are two kinds of electricity, static electricity and dynamite electricity. Static electricity is that you put a magnet near a metal object and it has static cling. Dynamite electricity is that you get a spark and it lights things up. If you can think it, you can make it work.

Lyle Robideaux is only slightly exaggerating. Since the Nineties, the Tigers have won exactly one game.

5. You are wrong. You must not be getting the message.

The first fight between Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis was the biggest event in the boxing world in 1995. Many people called the fight between Tyson and Lewis as a “Whoop-Ass Fight” because it was the first fight where Tyson got the best of Lewis. In the very first round of the fight, Lewis was knocked down and he did not get up. Tyson started whooping Lewis’s ass and he was bleeding all over the place.

Bobby is playing foos-ball and this is the only word he can think of to describe what he is seeing.

It’s wrong to cook with oil (especially oil that’s been chemically processed and filtered, like vegetable oil) instead of butter, cream, and lard.

 The next day, Klein was fired and coach Paterno was the new man in Happy Valley. He had to clean up the mess, and this was one of the first things he did.

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You’re not going to keep up to the standards you set for yourself if you think it’s alright to be a bully. If you think it’s alright to be a bully, then you’re going to be a bully.

Coach Klein said that he was really proud of his son and that he now had the confidence to be able to play basketball.

Bobby Boucher said that he likes Vicki because she is a good person and that she likes him back. He also stated that he liked her boobies and he liked those boobies too.

It’s time to kick some names and take some ass!

In his book, “Unstoppable”, the Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback writes that his biggest regrets about his career were the seven years he spent using crack and heroin.

This is a good line. Bobby may be the nicest player the NHL has ever seen, but he’s also got a bit of a temper.

Bobby Hayes was in the minor leagues and the guy he tackled had a Louisville Cardinals helmet on. He threw him back into the stands.

When asked how often he is in his mother’s and ex-coach’s company, Boucher said he is often with them together.

Bobby Boucher got in trouble for skipping school and was suspended for fighting. Bobby was a football player and was determined to keep playing even though he was in trouble.

Happiness is simply another word for feeling good. It isn’t always a result of sunshine.

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Bobby Boucher has a mother who, in her own words, does not like restaurants and is not a fan of him going to one. He likes taking Sunday afternoons off to grill and eat.

The medulla oblongata is the area of the brain that controls breathing and heartbeat. Anger and jealousy come from the medulla. However, happiness comes from the limbic system.

Bobby Boucher is a character in a short story called “The Night-Flower” by Edith Nesbit.

If you are going to coach at a high level, you need to believe in your players and not be afraid to be honest with them.

While he does look like an idiot now, that was his reasoning for getting involved in the fight.

The number of suicides in this country has gone up since the number of immigrants has gone up and the number of people using drugs – all of these are things that are happening at about the same time.

This was the first thing Mama said when she saw me. School was an important part of her life.
She got her diploma and a bunch of awards and certificates. She liked being there. And she was good at school.
But today, the whole school thing kind of scares me.

I have been hurt. I have been hurt.

West Mississippi Linebacker says he’ll be playing with your Mama tonight.

I like school and I like football and I’m going to keep studying and playing them both because they make me feel good.

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Bobby had a hard time when he saw the girl he likes.

Bobby Boucher is a great sports announcer. He also has a great hairline.

I have no idea what this means but it’s probably referring to the idea that I believe in the power of the stars.

33 Baby I want to marry you. Now you go on and be a man!

Deputy Dawg was a talking cartoon dog that used to play between the innings of baseball games.

“You should try cooking some crawfish for your dad next time. It’s really good when you boil them in butter and pepper.” Lynn said with a smile.

The kids don’t quite understand the social skills. That’s why they never have any friends, except for Mom and Dad.

If I were you, I’d start keeping that shirt tucked in. Unless you’re lucky in love, some day it’s going to come out.

The Patriots started the season 0-2, and they lost their second game last week. They still went into the bye week in first place. There’s a lot of pressure on Tom Brady, and it’s almost as if the Patriots have a fear of being 0-2.

You’ve just been diagnosed with a disease of the brainstem.

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Bobby Boucher was the first player interviewed by NFL Films. He played tight end and defensive back for the Lions during the mid-’60s. He was one of the few players who openly voiced his disapproval for the Lions ownership at the time and refused to play, which led to his being cut from the team. But, of course, he ended up having a successful career.

Guy Grenouille’s father was a wealthy businessman. He became a real-life version of the character Guy Grenouille, and Guy never spoke a single sentence of real life. Guy even got his own cartoon which was called The New Adventures of Guy Grenouille. Later on, Grenouille dies and his son takes over the old man’s business. His son is not a total moron. He’s smart and funny.

Bobby Boucher is very excited about going out with Vicki. He says “yes”, he says “yes” and he says “yes”. Vicki says “yes”, too. Bobby is going to a barbecue with Vicki. He is going to have fun and eat lots of cold sausage.

My grandma was saying that alligators are wild because they got all their teeth and no toothbrush.

In the second half of the ’96 game against the Cowboys, the Packers had a third-and-goal from the 3-yard line, when Rodgers, lined up as a flanker, ran a play-fake where he handed to wide receiver Donald Driver. But Driver turned his way, so Rodgers threw to him. And because Driver was lined up on a back-shoulder pass, it was a long, uncatchable pass.

Bobby Boucher is a very sweet man who has a great taste in wine. He’s really into wines like this one and he’s also a pretty nice guy.


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