Lavar Ball Net Worth

The father of two has a net worth of $180 million.


As of July 2022, LeBron James is a millionaire and worth $10 Million.

LaVar Christopher Ball is a man of his word and someone with a heart of gold.

After making it into the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year in 2015, Johnathan added on a national level the following year. He made the Sports Illustrated Top 10 of the year in 2016. His son Jonathan also made it into the top 10.

Early Life

LaVar grew up with his brothers and his father. He went to the Los Angeles area and he played basketball and football and he didn’t like that much so he decided to play college basketball.

In his youth, he was an avid athlete who was good enough to play football and even basketball. At the age of 16, he transferred to college as an infielder. However, he never intended to play the sport seriously.

In college, he was still interested in sports but he chose to focus on baseball. He was a three-sport star in high school for football, basketball and baseball. In the end, he was the starting quarterback on the baseball team.
He still continues playing sports, he plays basketball and he even plays baseball.

In 1999, after some years out of football, he returned to the NFL, initially playing in the Canadian Football League. He was signed by the BC Lions and played one season in the Canadian Football League before retiring after playing in the NFL’s 2003 season.

G. O. A.


Ball initially started with his handball brand and that is where he founded his brand. The brand quickly grew to a new level by opening many stores and selling a lot of products.

The company is starting its journey with a strong foot forward. The brand was created to be worn by celebrities, athletes and the people. The color scheme of the shoes was also meant to be in sync with the global style.

The brand focused on the new trend of basketball shoes, which was the so-called “Kiddie Kicks”. Lonzo and his father also invested in other sports brands like Nike and Adidas.

This year, it was the start of a new footwear line for Ball. He started to roll out his second child as the face of the line called Pampers.

In 2015 he became famous after making a series of quotes which led to the criticism from the media and the society. He said that his son was better than Steph Curry, saying that “Lonzo will be a better player than Stephen Curry when he gets older” in a radio interview.

While working on a movie Ball spoke about defeating Jordan in a one-on-one game and also gained a lot of attention from the media.

LaVar Ball questioned the Lakers performance and ability, “We need a change at the top.” The Lakers have been a powerhouse for the last thirty years, but in recent years have struggled to maintain an elite level team.

The elder Ball has more than $4 million to his name.

After that game, Lonzo Ball’s net worth is $5 Million.


LaVar was a high school basketball star at Chino Hills High School in California. He went to Georgia Tech on a basketball scholarship and played for the Yellow Jackets for two years before going pro.

Favorite Quotes from LaVar Ball

We have a huge collection of the best LaVar Ball quotes.


LaVar Ball is mostly known for his business endeavors and his controversial remarks. He started his early career as a football player and today he is a successful media personality and entrepreneur.

The elder Ball has more than $4 million to his name.

After that game, Lonzo Ball’s net worth is $5 Million.

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